About Karuizawa
Karuizawa is the most famous and most high-level resort in Japan.
It is near in the edge of Nagano Prefecture famous for the Olympic Winter Games to locate Karuizawa from Tokyo.
Many people visit the climate summer in a natural, rich plateau of the altitude 1000 meters at the season of summer as it is cool.
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Finally cold weather is on the way.
Toward the end of the year, busyness is also a production, so please take good care of yourself.
2018 /11 /19   More
I have not heard back from you.
It has already been in November.
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The rainy season has ended earlier this year, but since July we were doing the rainy season. And now it has become a terrible temperature ....
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It's been a while since I entered the rainy season, but this year's rainy season is cold in the morning and the night.
Care is required so as not to lose physical condition.
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I felt busy, I completely forgot to renew.
It has become warm recently, but I think it will rain a lot.
Please be careful not to disturb your physical condition.
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The coldness until this morning seems like a paragraph,
It's warm today, is not it.
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It is cold this winter.
It was warm until about November middle version, but after that coldness came at a stroke.
In Karuizawa, this morning the temperature was 9.6 ° C.
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Suddenly it was snowing in the morning of the 20th.
The next day, it seems that the road freezing was seen, it seems there was an accident.
Because it is dangerous, please drive safely in the morning commuting.
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In October, the weather was bad and the work we had planned was not successful.
The typhoon that arrived on the 22th left Karuizawa a little after the nail and left. I saw some fallen trees, but some were broken from the root. I remembered the typhoon damage in 2007
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It is raining all year, and summer and autumn will not do anything.
It gets so bad that I feel bad feeling very much.
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