Karuizawa is the most famous and most high-level resort in Japan. It is near in the edge of Nagano Prefecture famous for the Olympic Winter Games to locate Karuizawa from Tokyo. Many people visit the climate summer in a natural, rich plateau of the altitude 1000 meters at the season of summer as it is cool. A lot of celebrities set up the villa in Karuizawa, and spend several months of summer. This becomes a symbol of the celebrity in Japan of one. For instance, the Hatoyama street is called from there is Prime Minister Hatoyama's of Yukio present villa by the name.

 The relation to the royalty is a deep locality. If it is Japanese, everyone knows the thing meeting at the tennis court in Karuizawa a present emperor and the empress. There is "Business mansion in Nasu", too and summering is sometimes visited in here Karuizawa. The population increases up to ten times during the season of summer though Karuizawa is population that are fewer than 20,000 people.

There are various enjoyments in Karuizawa, and it never never gets tired. There are a lot of facilities of the church, the museum, and the historical attraction, etc. that should be seen. If it is sports, it is possible to climb a mountain ..tennis and the cycling.., and to ride a horse. The price is improving a little though there are a lot of fashionable restaurants, too. This enables a rich celebrity to eat slowly besides a general tourist. It is necessary to taste rich feelings by all means if coming to Karuizawa with great pains. "Oga hall" of the concert hall in Karuizawa that Mr. Oga of Sony donated is famous. A famous inside and outside artist is invited in a lot of facilities besides this Oga hall and the concert is held during the season. I can feel the artist familiar in a hall so not large.

Beautiful nature remains in above all in Karuizawa though there is the big like this enjoyment in Karuizawa. Happy time can be spent by being enclosed naturally ..this.. only by strolling, and even enjoying oneself over tea under the shadow of a tree of the garden.

It is shopping for prince outlet not to be able to forget another one. The outlet of the prince in here Karuizawa is the most famous though there is ..Japan.. outlet ..how many places it... A lot of well-known brands have opened a store in the outlet of Karuizawa by about 200 shops on a vast site. It turns round all very shops during a day and it doesn't cut.
Shinkansen and the expressway of JR that was the rapid-transit railway opened at the Nagano Olympics, and the access from Tokyo became very convenient, too. When it is an expressway in case of Shinkansen for about one hour, it will be possible to visit from Nerima in Tokyo in about two hours. Therefore, a lot of tourists enjoy the visit shopping on the weekend. The number also of cases of which the foreigner who visited Tokyo sightseeing comes to Karuizawa only by a day has increased. There are some famous shops in Karuizawa besides the outlet even if it is small.

A lot of tourists visit the autumn tint see in autumn. There is four seasons in Japan, are many sightseeing spots that enjoy the fall foliage in autumn, and the autumn tint of Karuizawa is also very beautiful. All towns are beautifully dyed to the autumn tint though "[Kumoumaike]" is famous. The autumn tint of the golden color of the larch can be seen at the end of the autumn tint of red and yellow. The larch is a tree that represents afforested Karuizawa for the shelterbelt after the war.

It can enjoy skating in winter skiing, snowboard, and it. It is located on the edge of the east, and there are not too a lot of snows though Karuizawa is in Nagano Prefecture. However, the cold enters the coldest class by the Mainland in the town that has the population of abnormality to some degree. It falls in temperature exceeding -10℃ on a cold day of winter. Therefore, the falling snow is a [rasara]ed snow quality that is called a powder snow. The car cannot run if it is not a studless tire at this time. It is necessary to note it when coming from Tokyo by the rent-a-car. The wood stove and the fireplace are set up in a hotel in the hotel and the pension, etc. and fashionable restaurants. It can enjoy leisurely hours while seeing the flame.

There is famous Mt. Asama near Karuizawa in the active volcano and smoke is spouted now. It is possible to peep at the boiler at the volcano entrance by climbing to the top of a mountain when the activity is calm. Because the activity level is high now, it is possible to only shortly climb it. A good hot spring also is, and can heal a tired body in Karuizawa. There is "Hot spring of Kusatsu one" of the most famous hot spring in Japan if a little stretching one's legs. It is possible to go from Karuizawa easily.

If you visit Karuizawa many times It might be able to know one of the reasons. why the celebrity in Japan spends summer in Karuizawa Shopping alone is not decided to a cool, beautiful nature and it in the charm of Karuizawa. It is because there is meeting a happy person in Karuizawa. A lot of charmers gather in Karuizawa. There are a lot of people who settle down without satisfying it in summer alone in Karuizawa, too. The resident who lives so far is people who had the character of simple "Shinshu". Shinshu is a name that Nagano is old. It begins to make a free, gather by various people naturally beautiful, harmonize, differ from any other places of Japan, cultural, peculiar atmosphere. The number of happy friends will increase if you visit Karuizawa many times. And, the time enhanced more will be able to be spent.
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