Resort Wedding

Many couples in Japan held weddings in Karuizawa every year.

There are some unique churches in Karuizawa,. Great chefs provide food in hotels and restaurants.

Beautiful wedding dresses and designer flower bouquets, etc.

Karuizawa has the environment and atmosphere for Weddings.

Karuizawa is a popular place for weddings in Japan.  Many foreigner and local VIPs come here for relaxation.

As a result, many hotels and restaurants could provide great services. 

Due to these, one might be able to enjoy great services being provided especially in the weddings. 

There are many foreign couples visiting Karuizawa recently.

Seeing them taking pictures happily made us feel fortunate and blessing too.

The fresh green that is bright in Spring ; the fragrance from the plateau which is refreshing in Summer.

Splendid colored leaves in Autumn ; Snow-white snow and stillness in Winter. All seasons are very attractive.

Presently, Karuizawa Tourist Association is promoting "Wedding in Karuizawa " to overseas couples now.

Please do hold a wonderful and a memorable wedding ceremony in Karuizawa.


From May to August, Karuizawa is very crowded. There are many wedding ceremonies held by Japanese in June. As a result, please make reservation at least half year ahead.

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