2018 /12 /13    More
Until last week, I was delighted with warm weather,
Earlier this week, snow fell and cold became severer.
It seems that influenza is beginning to get popular in Nagano prefecture, so it is necessary to manage physical condition firmly.
Greetings always!
"I am indebted to you this year as well and thank you next year."
Well then, everyone, please have a good year.

2018 /11 /19    More
The season has already changed to winter.
Meanwhile, there were various things.
In the summer of this year, it rained a lot and it was not very clear,
I think that the temperature was high.
In autumn, the 18th bypass, the bridge construction of the rented apartment, the road was a big mess.
It is where I went into winter almost at a place where I got divided one after the other,
I think that this year's November is warm so far. It is said that this winter is a warm winter, what will happen?
Fortunately, gasoline and oil are in the downward direction. I want you to go down like this.
Then, please be careful with your body as cold is approaching.

2018 /7 /17    Read more
The heat of this year is pretty, Karuizawa recorded 31.4 ℃ at 13:39 on July 17th. Although it may be a long time since the beginning of July, the heat exceeding 30 degrees Celsius may be a while, but let's supplementarily refresh hydration to avoid thermal shocks.

Activities of bears are active this year, so be careful.
Please take all possible countermeasures against bearings as well.

2018 /6 /19    Read more
In the rainy season, it is a great opportunity to blow off the damp moisture.
Open the window and put the wind inside the room, the inside of the room will be fresh with the fresh air.
The green smell fills the room and it is very comfortable.
Well, there are some people who say it is warm this year and some say that it is cold, but why will they become that ... apparently they seem to have various factors for each person.
In other words, it is a wallet or a heart ... It is frustration with people .... Is it different warm or cold whether the weather is different?
Kurosuzawa of the rainy season is just right to see the beauty of nature, but the rainy season has come and the lively Karuizawa is also good, so please come and find a good place in Karuizawa.

2018 /05 /15    Read more.
Although GW is over and Karuizawa has regained tranquility,
Temperatures during the day are easy to spend, but the temperature will go down slightly from midnight to morning.
I would like you to be sunny for the rainy season now.
Let's expect from the coming weather.
"Karuizawa half marathon" will be held on May 20th.
Traffic regulations will be implemented so please check the section that is regulated.

2018 /2 /9    More
I forgot to update completely and January is over and February has reached the middle of February.
I was afraid of the cold weather this time, but it is always Karuizawa.
However, there is little snow this year. It is supposed to be snowing and sore at any moment. I will tighten my mind as the future may be the actual snow.
Let's get involved this month as well.

2017 /12 /21    Read more.
From now on, frozen roads, frozen water frozen, and something freezing will come around.
Please be careful.
Well, it is only a little later this year.
The year-end and new year will be variously busy. Please drink too much please eat too much.
Although it is a little early,
I am indebted to various people this year.
Please have a good year.

2017 /11 /22    Read more.
By the way, there were many warm days until November in mid-summer, but when it came to late, a tremendous cold came. It is -4, -5, and -6 ℃ in this place, and I feel that the coldness is severe even in the usual year.
Please be careful not to let your condition go down.
Please stay warm.

2017 /10 /30    Read more.
Since the inside of the house was damp with moisture, I would like you to make it fresh in the future.
Well, in Karuizawa also in November, the cold will strengthen.
The autumn leaves of this year are falling pretty well by the typhoon at a good time, so I do not expect beautiful things, but I think I would like to expect it in the place that is still left.
In addition, the frequency of use of heating will increase from now on, so please pay attention to the source of fire.
Since then, a fun fun winter comes, so please be careful not to disturb your physical condition.

2017 /09 /17    Read more.
It is almost time for September to finish.
From October there will be some people entering a new busy situation in the second half.
Everyone who came to Karuizawa, could you refresh?
Somehow, there is only rainy impression this year.
It was a week of Bon Festival that was hot.
It is very hard to enter this winter as it is

2017 /7 /26    More
Well, the iOS version "Karuizawa bus where?" "Karuizawa sightseeing application" released in June and July malfunctioned. Changed so please download the latest version and use it. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you in the future.
New Karuizawa on August 16 and Fireworks display of Old Karuizawa on 20th.
Please do look it by all means. Perhaps that time it was already cool, it would be autumn ...
Well then, have a good summer vacation.

2017 /6 /23    More
Even in Karuizawa, there are many sunny days and it is hot during the day.
The difference in temperature between daytime and nighttime is getting less and less every day.
It may be better to prepare for the summer soon.
If you come to sightseeing in Karuizawa and the destination is not decided, you will feel a waste of time, but at such time, if there is a model of the sightseeing route ...
So at such times, the Karuizawa Tourism Association website has introduced a variety of recommended sightseeing routes? Did you know that? Please see below.

2017 /5 /31    Read more.
The weather in Karuizawa is hot on a sunny day. As usual, the night is chilly, but as soon as you hear the cry of cuckoo and Hototogis cry, it will be relieved from the cold and relax. 
During this period, animals are active movements, bear's sighting information, on night roads, foxes and deer are often found. Especially the child fox is in a hurry with the car headlight, the backward appearance of escaping to the side of the road is very cute. I hope it does not fit a traffic accident.
It may be a very luxurious time to cycling active Karuizawa of flora and fauna. On weekends run cycling in Karuizawa and relax and stressful divergence is also good.

2017 /5 /21   

2017 /5 /8    Read more.
Monday will be a bit depressed, but especially after a long break.
How was it who went abroad on the mountain to the sea?
It will have been fun.
After the Golden Week in Karuizawa it gets quiet, and the warmer temperature is stabilized in general, it becomes easy to spend.
During this period, bear wakes away from hibernation and actively starts, so please be careful how you enter the mountain. I heard that it is good to wear bells and radios.
Well then, please enjoy Karuizawa in the future.

2017 /4 /26    Read more.
I think that spending relaxingly in Karuizawa in such a golden week will surely be a refreshment. Various events will be held this year in Karuizawa, so why not try participating by all means?
The event,
Please check from here.
Probably, because there will definitely be a traffic jam, I think it is good to have some plan width and plan some plans. And at any rate, please keep in mind safe driving.
Buses are convenient for moving in Karuizawa. Diamonds are disturbed, but stress is relieved just by not driving. By all means, how about watching around Karuizawa by bus transfer this year? While doing a proposal, why not try advertising the "Where are you bus?" App ... .... Since the iPhone version has also appeared this year, please use it by all means.
Well then, have a good Golden Week.

2017 /4 /17   

2017 /4 /2    Read more.
Something, I heard that the shooting of drama was done in Karuizawa, and I heard that it is being done, but since I do not see TV at all, I do not know, but often the rocket bus is stopped, electricity is like this I've seen something about it.
This year's GW, surely good effects will appear in the summer.
Well, it is the beginning of 2017.
Everyone please take full care of yourself and survive the spring.
Well then, with this! It is!

2017 /2 /23    Read more
The coldest thing is the second half of January so far.
At this time the lowest temperature fell below -15 ° C.
After that, repeating the -10 ° C range, there have been days when the temperature extends in the positive direction. Today, the temperature is 13.3 degrees Celsius.
Please be careful not to disturb your physical condition.
Well, the iOS version has joined the "Karuizawa bus where?" Application.
With this, smartphone correspondence is also finished, it became application widely for everyone.
Because the navigation screen of iOS version "Karuizawa bus where?" Is using icons for each route so as to make a difference with the Android version, it is easier to see,
I am waiting for the use of iphone, ipad users.
Well then, this weekend!

2017 /1 /16    Read more.
There were various, but it is already in the middle of January already, so let 's leave the various days of the New Year someday and touch even cold waves ....
It was a cold I completely forgot, but as I worked outside I got a kinky head, and after that I became sluggish (laugh)
I caught a cold at the end of last week and I got it right! When I thought, this cold! It is truly Mr. Karuizawa teaching the severity of nature.
Please be aware that various cold troubles such as freezing of roads and freezing of water supply will occur.
Oh, that's right. An iphone application is added to "Where is the bus?"
I think that it will be released a little more, so by all means iphone users, please use.
Karuizawa thread
@ Karuizawathread
I will let you know.
Well then, I will excuse you from the cold cold Karuizawa.

2016 /12 /2    More
For those who are busy, how about being relieved a bit at "Christmas Candle Night / Karuizawa Plateau Church"? Care of the heart is important.
"Christmas Candle Night / Karuizawa Plateau Church"
Karuizawa Takahara Numerous lanterns and candles will light in the sacred forest of the church.
In the middle of the forest, "light crossroads" are illuminated with gentle lights and are enveloped in a fantastic atmosphere. "Christmas music worship" and "handbell performance" are also done, and share the joy of Christmas in the church.
Karuizawa Takahara Church
[Period / Time]
12/1 to 12/25 18: 30 to 21: 00
※ Please confirm the opening day of Christmas music worship, handbell performance on the following official website.
[Contact Information]
For details please visit the official website
It is a month when the opportunity of sake increases something.
Please take good care of yourself!
Well then, this time around!

2016 /11 /4    Read more
Karuizawa Prince Hotel ski resort was opened on November 3.
I guess long-awaited open to win a dozen port fan.
Since the end is also expected congestion of the road, please come with safe driving with a margin.
When running,
"Karuizawa Winter Festival 2017 / Karuizawa Winter Story 2016/11/26 to"
Since you come, stay tuned! !
Please see the [[http://www.karuizawamonogatari.jp/]] for more information.
So, this week is Enough!

2016 /10 /14    Read more.
Today, during the day, even 13 ℃. But was also prepared jacket early too cold, we did not have time to wash down sunny autumn is too small this year. It does not If you do not Wash and dry at a rapid pace ....
Well, also it will enter the season of buckwheat this year.
Soon I feel that I want to eat the new buckwheat.
Since the rain was too much, but a little worried, anyway, I want to be a full stomach with buckwheat.
Also because there is a famous soba's in Karuizawa, find the pros and cons soba who was on his own, why not come to eat the new buckwheat? Since there is also a shop that he doing better fairly famous, it seems some people are in the annual that come to eat the new buckwheat in Karuizawa.
Maybe spirited out and visit the appropriate Karuizawa well-established store in the fall of appetite.
So, this week is Enough!

2016 /9 /30    Read more
Followed by rain in Karuizawa, pouring at night and comes out in like fog, but there is no sign of completely out of the sun, it also has come out the weather forecast that this after also typhoon is heading to Japan.
This remains, If yours is getting cold, is a worry from now and what would happened to the leaves.
Autumn is sunny and crisp, go out to empty under somewhere in the fine autumn day, I want to eat also delicious.
September is completely hitch updates of this site, but between is I have open, let the fall of event one to introduce.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Karuizawa fall foliage festival
September 26, 2016 (Mon) - November 3 (Thu)
The color of the leaves is also gradually coloring the beginning, became a full-fledged fall foliage season. Fun event lots during the period! I would like to welcome a large number of people. Also in the "refreshing Karuizawa campaign (below)", inn discount, museum discount, taxi tourism special course, also benefits, such as post-gift offers.
Tourism Economic Affairs Division
Phone number: 0267-45-8579
FAX number: 0267-46-3165
E-mail: kankei@town.karuizawa.nagano.jp
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Visit now, autumn leaves to look forward, this week, in this month.

2016 /8 /26    Read more
Karuizawa after all, what the place seems to day, such as one week a little summer?
It was a very half-hearted summer.
Although you may only I did not notice ... (laughs)
Well, such in Karuizawa, Orimashi cloudless, is hot.
It might be a summer vacation last of fine weather.
Because it is a valuable futon dry weather, please everyone.
So, this week is Enough! !

2016 /8 /5    Read more
Arrived in Karuizawa, the next morning, which was soundly asleep, what How about taking a morning in a cafe?
In the morning, a meal in a relaxed manner, incidentally was drinking, then, go to the hot springs.
(But please keep in a corner of the Mr. Shosuke Ohara the head.)
It is a way to spend an ideal summer resort!
Well, what the peak in the number of visitor this week next week the week after next?
Gradually, and we are looking at like we made many pedestrian traffic, is the more I think it came to the city.
Unplug the power of the shoulder, anyway let's relax. Dopey is the best way to enjoy Karuizawa to spend.
Please to enjoy the Karuizawa of summer production!

2016 /7 /22    Read more
Will come also students who have rushed into another summer vacation? Then, we have also increased gradually traffic volume in those who people of society who also Irassharu gradually using a paid vacation.
Since it has been said that this year the likely summer becomes hot, but please recover the strength to come to the summer resort.
Now, let's introduce some such Karuizawa event.
■ Karuizawa firefly Tour Festival 2016 / Shiozawa village hidden village of Karuizawa
Shiozawa village of firefly, which has been inhabited since ancient times to the village hidden. We will also hold a firefly appreciation meeting this year with the cooperation of local volunteer "Shiozawa meeting of firefly". It will be the dark streets at night, but around the venue so that you can watch safely we are everyone volunteer guide of "Kai Shiozawa firefly". In addition sales of larvae of free rental and beetles of lanterns at the venue, it is also available, such as firefly tour cafeteria. On top of everybody invitation alignment, please by all means go out.
July 2, 2016 from Saturday, July 24 (Sunday) Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays only held up to the (canceled in case of rain)
Parking Doors open at 17: 00 / closing time: 2100 / Guided tours: 19:00 to 20:30
The meeting place
Cafe "Ruhe" (Ore Toy Museum adjacent)
※ 19: 00 Guests staying in later, please set to direct "firefly tour venue."
Watch area
Shiozawa district woodlands area firefly tour promenade
Parking Lot
Muze Forest (Karuizawa picture book of the Mori Art Museum / Ore Toy Museum) Parking
※ Please note that closes the gate of the parking lot to the closing time time.
Free parking, guide assistance Free (reservations required)
Please pay attention to the exposure of footwear and skin because the promenade of the forest of the firefly is full of forest road is natural (unpaved). Wear clothing such as hard insect bites long pants, please come as much as possible in the boots and easy to walk sneakers. Please refrain from such as sandals.
Let's protect the manners of firefly watching (Shiozawa firefly Kai Everyone)
★ also in order not to get run over a firefly wrong Try not to set foot on the grass.
★ for where the appreciation of the firefly can there are many dangerous places and private property and dark, "appreciation of the outside firefly tour held period," "Watch of without a guide," "Access to non-firefly tour route" Please refrain from.
★ Shiozawa to enjoy safely to more people in the district, we have set the ornamental period of firefly with a free guide. The firefly tour guide tour held period (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 2016/7/2 to 2016/7/24) other than the day, thank you not enter to the venue around.
★ Shiozawa firefly tour is continuing source of warm support of everybody in the region, to hold. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
An inquiry
Phone: 080-5140-1418 (Karuizawa Nature Club secretariat)
※ confirmation held on the presence or absence due to bad weather is not compatible with the phone. Please be sure to check the WEB site below.
Details and the most up-to-date information to the official site
Shiozawa Village Experience Eco-museum official site http://ecomuseum.visitor-center.jp
Twitter (Kai Shiozawa firefly @ hotaru4030) https://twitter.com/hotaru4030
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/shiozawanature
■ 31st Shinano Oiwake Mago song along the way 7/24 (Sun) 9: 00- held
Edo period in Karuizawa, there are three of the post town of Karuizawa Kutsukake-Oiwake, it was crowded with travelers passing through the Nakasendo. Among them Nakasendo and Oiwake inn was a branch point of the northern highway is, Hatago 71 hotels, there is a teahouse 18 hotels, etc., it was the most crowded town in the 3 inn. Festival with the motif of the daimyo of reminiscent of the Edo era at that time is the "Shinano Oiwake Mago song along the way."
Even the neighborhood of well-established store and opened the stalls, you can enjoy gourmet this year. In the local entertainment, children's jazz gymnastics Kids Karuizawa club, for us to show off a spirited good dance.
Photo contest was reborn
In addition to the conventional Mago song of the way the day photo, established the "Four Seasons of Oiwake" category. We also recruit photographs were transferred Oiwake of wonderful nature and in the past year.
July 24, 2016 (Sunday) morning 9: 00-
At Oiwake inn-Asama Shrine
Guidance of entertainment
Shinano Oiwake Mago song along the way matrix
Nakasendo folk song festival
Local entertainment (hula, kids dance, songs, etc.)
Elementary school students planning events
Child mikoshi
Parade by the West Elementary School Brass Band
Oiwake inn Local Museum Tatsuo Hori Literature Memorial Free open
Nakasendo flea market, etc.
For more information to the official website

Since there is also the end of the event at the weekend, please join us.
So this week is Enough! !

2016 /7 /14    Read more.
It is a shower. It is proof that the end of the rainy season is approaching.
The end of the rainy season is a place can not wait what time to become the.
Since it has been said that heat wave this year, hot to is a mistake that seems, do you exactly become how much the maximum temperature? Your hand I want you to soft.
Well, this weekend, Nakakaruizawa Nagakura summer evening fireworks display will be held.
The following is the detailed.
-------------------------------------------------- -----
Literature of Nagakura shrine Heian era of Nakakaruizawa "Engi formula [Engi comp" even venerable shrine its name remains. Mori is Shigeru' are over 70 species types of trees, is valuable among them beech, giant trees such as Azusanoki.
July 16 (make traffic regulation around Nagakura shrine than 18:30.) (Sat) fireworks display 19:30 from around
※ postponed in case of rain 17 days (18 days).
July 17 (Sunday) Yasaka Shrine Gion Festival (Nagakura Shrine Corporation) portable shrine and children sumo other accepted 8: 45 to
-------------------------------------------------- -----
Everyone please outing the whole family.
So, this week is Enough!

2016 /7 /7    Read more
Well, it is the rainy season of the year, as I wrote in the previous article, I have decent falling night, the crop would be all right.
However, it has exceeded even 30 ℃ today, yesterday, physical strength has been deprived.
So as not to summer heat, food stick of stamina is required.
The pool, the river will be a premonition of great success this year.
Where to go to be First of all do not forget the heat measures! !
So, this week is Enough!

2016 /6 /29    Read more
Well, not far from Karuizawa "Onioshidashien" it is, seems to 65th anniversary this year.
Come from Karuizawa, but please carry a foot for those who Onioshidashien.
Look was a rumbling lava, why not try to feel the earth of breath?
That the 65 anniversary, is so pack of photo was 1000 yen! !
Since it seems limited as soon as possible! !

So, this week is Enough!

(You can see the space dose on the front page, but it is currently being tested in a room.)


2016 /06 /21    Read more
In the firefly of the village of departure, still, firefly seems are flying, how long I do not know the figure that the watch is, I think that can be seen around June full every year.
So, this week is Enough!

2016 /6 /16    Read more

Well, today, not far from Karuizawa, of the way in the Ueda station, "Raiden walnut village"
Employees have bought me from (I was me have also bought the other, but, in addition to what can not introduce gone to eat, I have been angry from the employees. It is very Angry.) , Let me introduce the Shichimi. Photograph is it. Very fragrant well, soba, udon noodles, pickles, it will fit various and may be in other ~.
There is something delicious is a lot in the "Raiden walnut village". I'm selling here, pickled plum related is marked quite a high score even in my plum life, we decided that here if pickled plum. Also, what products to elaborate also lot of ingenuity in addition to it a lot, not try to buy those delicious carrying certainly once foot How? Surely you'll be find the taste you are looking for you.
So, this week is Enough!

2016 /6 /8    Read more
Entered in June, it is the time that firefly is seen in Karuizawa.
In Karuizawa, townspeople protected by two places, it seems that an increasing number of fireflies.
The firefly looks good is raw warm day the wind is not.
Wind one day or a cold day, you have to be quiet in the back of the leaves.
Time is the peak is about night 8:00 pm to 9.
Fireflies is around June 20
Heike is around then in early July.
You can check the occurrence in the HP and Twitter.

Notes of when to tour
Flashlight is not allowed.
Flash not of the camera smartphone.
So annoying to people around portable lights also, let's be careful.
Quietly, enjoy the light of pale firefly.

· Departure firefly village of

- Shiozawa of firefly
Also will be held tour
So, this week in this month.

2016 /6 /1    Read more
Well, it will introduce such as of June event information a little bit!
Umbrella Sky
In elm terrace of Nakakaruizawa, rainy season of the period (6 / 1-7 / 10), is excited
UNA colorful umbrella of arcade "umbrella Sky" will be decorated.

Karuizawa also is the season of roses.
Enjoy the beautifully blooming roses in a dark green.
* Karuizawa Lake New Town in Karuizawa Lake Garden
(Rose Season 6 / 10-7 / 18)
Period within, harp concert Garden tour antique city the other, there are a variety of events. For more information on HP

* Karuizawa Taliesin in the English Rose Garden
(Festival of English Rose rose 6 / 17-7 / 3)
6 / 17-7 / 3, "the world in Karuizawa 假屋 Saki Shogo" annual will be held.
Others also events will be held. For more information on HP

- Picchio bird forest visitor center is open in August
The visitor center to the base, you can, such as the experience nature experience tours and flying squirrel watching.
In "Grosbeak Cafe" in the center, and to imitate the cries of Grosbeak you hear "a cup of coffee please ♪", you get it is in the form of a bird cookies

So, this week is Enough! !

2016 /5 /20    Read more

2016 /4 /28    Read more
Karuizawa cherry season you have just before a little, but still, you will be able to see a lot of flowers.
It is blooming tulips Spiraea, in June Berry at home.
Because the fox and raccoon dog seems to be actively action, but please caution in night driving.
Since the congestion always get up, please act with a margin in time.
Please by all means you come with safe driving.
So, please spend a good Golden Week.

2016 /04 /15    Read more
Well, I mean it was also approaching Golden Week this year,
Free guide of "Karuizawa tourist guide system" will be performed in the following schedule.
Karuizawa tourist guide
Free guide
5/2, 16, 6/6 (both Monday), "Wakaba Festival Sponsor"
The old light Ginza tourism Hall starting at 11 am and 13
Duration: about 1 hour
Pre-registration required
Please gather 10 minutes before.
Stop during heavy rain
To Contact Us Karuizawa tourism association 0267-41-3850
In addition, only after the Golden Week holidays, but on May 21 (Saturday),
"Concert to make everyone (3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake charity vol.7)" will be held.
All the donations ticket revenue will be sent to the victims.
Date: May 21, 2016 (Saturday)
13:30 Doors open / 14:00 Opening
Location: Karuizawa Ohga Hall (7-minute walk from Karuizawa north entrance)
2016 March 21 (Monday) ticket sale start all seats free 1,000 yen
Preschooler also features complimentary admission. 1,000 yen in the case free of charge, of your seat on the Ohiza.
Karuizawa King Hall Ticket Service 0267-31-5555
The Terrace Sakuma 0267-46-0465
Dolce 0267-46-0214
Holly 0267-46-2692
Petit Lapin 0267-46-8022
Stop Garden 0267-24-2525
Hioki instrument Saku Hiramise 0267-68-7703
Hioki instrument Ueda shop 0268-24-5111
If you come up to send, because the congestion of the road is expected, please your visit as soon as possible.
It does not have a parking lot in the hall. Please use your nearby pay parking.
URL: http: //www.ohgahall.or.jp
Contact Us:
3.11 Charity Concert Executive Committee
090-6129-1611 (Hirano)
090-9668-6152 (Kobayashi)
090-3498-3466 (Takayama)
090-9457-5467 (Furukawa)
Do you not try to spend a pleasant season in Karuizawa how?
So, this week is Enough! !

2016 /03 /04    Read more

Well, I think that will come an increasing number of spring events from this month, still, please be careful in the snow of late winter.
Please, by all means enjoy the spring of Karuizawa Since the spring wind is feeling good.

So, this week is Enough!

2016 /01 /15    More I read.
Well, it is finally the year will change in 2016, likely to be various and very year.
Anyway, it is what you want to note only to health.

Also it seems finally cold has arrived in Karuizawa, what a place called the future winter production?
Than a year this year, everyone thank you.

So, this week around here is! !

2015 /12 /22    More I read.
Well, a big mistake and this week has finally thought alien to the Japanese that everyone long-awaited Christmas, the big event will come.
Meanwhile, whether it is Christmas, a song called "Christmas Eve" of Tatsuro Yamashita, Will in the street corner are already ringing? Recent any existing media Mii, I do not know because it is old of rural life does not go out even in the city.
Well, but this is the "Christmas Eve", those that this song is from the hit, on Christmas Eve, is justified is that you are alone, Moya is nonsense such as Christmas Eve to spend in lover and two, and head will fall to the overwhelming popularity of this song you've said to tighten.
Please, welcomed everyone good Christmas.
Beyond Christmas event anymore, it is late. Hectic year-end is always either Why so much busy .... There is no trial that became free time at the end of the year it just was suddenly reminded .... Somehow spare end of the year I just pray to nature and please give us me.
When you return pretend this year, in the "bus where?" Business, equipped with bus routes also increased, in the Android app thanks like, download proceeds, the home page has increased access.
The people who were indebted to we are very grateful. Thank you.
Next year also, so I would like to variously activities, by all means, thank you.
So, it might this year be the last of writing.
Everyone, please welcome the good burnished.
So, this week, around here at! !

2015 /12 /04    More I read.
It is a now a cold production.

2015 /11 /27    Read more.
There is a strong wind today.
It may be chilly after this.
To be in first snow, intense way down the middle of the night, where it was piled it was pretty piled up.
Soon, icy road would come out, please be careful.

2015 /11 /20    See

2015 /11 /13    to see

2015 /10 /30    I see more

2015 /10 /23    I Read more
Photos only


2015 /10 /09    to see

2015 /10 /2    More I read
, this week around here is!

2015 /9 /28    Read more.
Than GW, than Bon, congestion is severe, the number of people it is was great.
I've seen is that the crowded so much it was a long time. I was surprised.
Well, the Silver Week is also the end, but now only to wait for the autumn leaves from now,
What about this year's fall foliage? Already many things that has fallen leaves of trees, but we are a little worried ...

Still, this year Yamakuri is like a good harvest, Bears also might be a bit reduced also to come to the house.
Sightings of bears can be found growing number, but still yet, What damage is small?
It must also note the movement of the future of the bear.
From now on, I think quiet Karuizawa is coming, but in fact the weather is good, more of the time now is movement
You or cheap.
To summer too hot, because the winter is too cold, it will spring and autumn also say the best season.
Come, in the autumn of Karuizawa, please try to spend leisurely.
So, this week around here is!

2015 /9 /18    I Read more
Well, what do what about Karuizawa of weather?
It was a rain in the forecast today, from morning until about noon, I was a good weather.
~ Troubled unreliably even look at the forecast recently. Kana Karuizawa only such of?
For those who live in Karuizawa today, we will inform the doors open date and time of the landfill.
Article based on public relations Karuizawa page 5
Title: (2015/9) during the holidays will refuse collection date, etc. will change.
Full Text:
  September 7 from (Monday), the doors open date and time of the Jin landfill
It will return as follows.
* Weekdays until 8:00 for 30 minutes to 16
* Saturday until 8:00 for 30 minutes to 12
* Sunday, holiday closing time
● For Doors open day of the Jin landfill
19th (Sat) until 8:00 for 30 minutes to 12
20th (Sun) closing time
21 to pm (Mon) 8:00 for 30 minutes to 16
22nd to pm (Tuesdays and holidays) 8:00 for 30 minutes to 16
The 23rd (Wed) closing time
● For garbage collection day
19th (Sat), 20 (Sunday) Wagomi collection is not performed.
21 (Mon) from 29th to (Wed), and combustible waste
Only packaging plastic I collected as usual.
So, this week around here is!

2015 /09 /11    More I read.
But terrible damage also seems was not to say this, what a blessing in disguise?
Since the damp had been followed, we pray that the day when it was dry and now a little crisp.
It would be a fall production will come of appetite.
The Karuizawa is processing a lot of meals, it has been chosen eaves.
Why not to meet the appetite in Karuizawa?
  Please to enjoy a nice autumn in Karuizawa! !
This week around here is!

2015 /9 /4    More I read.
To this day, - I want to spend Innovation Bo in the open cafe ....
Well, fall of appetite will continue to accelerate in the coming rapid pace.
It does not uncontrollably only appetite. It is fun to walk to eat delicious things in Karuizawa.
Some of the events ....
■ [WEB limited special project] activity of autumn / Amici Adventure Karuizawa
Amici passport, Amici action (up to 9/27), the person who uses the tree trekking
In "2015 Fall Sports & saw outdoor feature" of Karuizawa Tourism Association official website
Contact 1 300 yen per person off!
Holding period and time
9:00 to 18:00, until November 3 (variation Yes due to sunset time)
Amici action is ordered and open until September 27. Details of business conditions Please confirm the HP or facebook.
Please tell at the time of accepting the "Karuizawa tourism organizations saw featured in 2015 in the Sports & Outdoors autumn's official website."
Application · Contact
Reservations required! Please come directly to your favorite your time within the business hours (final acceptance 17:30)
For more information, such as a fee to the official website
■ Karuizawa Marche / Hoshino area
Day time
The first of May to October 2015 and the third Saturday and Sunday in August every Sat., Sunday
※ rainy weather stop
Hoshino area fir tree Square (Yunomae lawn open space of dragonfly)
It is being opened recruitment.
Hoshino Resort Co., Ltd. Karuizawa Marche responsible addressed
TEL: 0267-45-2121
FAX: 0267-45-5121
E-mail: info@hoshino-area.jp
Visit the official website
Please, enjoy the Karuizawa of autumn!
So, this week around here is!

2015 /8 /28    More I read.
In the coming month or two, "War! Cold!" Or, or "~ I will chill" ....
Cold, so peaked in January February, we what is! If you think, but please try to experience the January-February of Karuizawa! !
Well, still Do spared summer to go in such Karuizawa, you'll be waiting a lot of events -.
In addition, there is a place you want to introduce several this week, but in much of busyness, I would like to next week.
But is a short ...
So, this week around here is!

2015 /8 /21    More I read.
When you look back in August, but onset was favorable weather, from the time it has reached the beginning of fall,
It becomes autumn wind, it became cool. But as the summer retreat of the plateau it was the best climate,
Apparently Is it such because the lower bound also became cool, audience of tourism and I think that was small.
But, surely, maybe ..., September will become a great climate, you want to think autumn leaves's spoiled for beautiful ....
Street trees is already healthy, such as the start of the autumn leaves name is, and here and there the trees to the eye
The vitality of the name of ....
The other thing is let's go and exhilarating to forget.
Well, still, the subsequent summer of events, and some introduce yo ~.
★ Shiraito light up & held until the projection mapping 2015/8/30!
The attractions of Karuizawa light up the "Shiraito" will be held again this year.
The beauty of the night unique waterfall that can not find in the daytime, Please enjoy this opportunity.
   Karuizawa Shiraito Falls
  July 31, 2015 - every Fri., Saturday and Sunday of August 30, 2015
  However Obon period of August 7 to 16 is held every day
  19:00 to 21:00 (safety check for, lit until 21:30)
  ※ projection mapping, nine times conducted every hour 00 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes / the 1st
  Ferris Free (toll only: ordinary car 400 yen)
  Shiraito Highland Way 0267-31-0070
For more information to Shiraito Highland Way official website
★ Karuizawa International Choir Festival 2015 held (2015/8 / 21-23)
2005 is the Karuizawa Ohga Hall was opened in the land of Karuizawa.
It began in August of that year "Karuizawa Choir Festival" is,
From 2013 and "Karuizawa International Choir Festival" it was renamed.
The repeated number of times thank you, it celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014.
Concerts and ensemble contest by national and international choir this year,
He held a variety of workshops by teachers active in the front line, many of the participants enjoy the music,
It aims to be a place of dispatch to deepen.
Holding period
 August 21, 2015 (Friday) to 23 (Sunday)
 Karuizawa Ohga Hall / Yagasaki park administration building / Karuizawa St. Paul's Catholic Church
 Mail: karuizawachorfes@koyukai.info
 TEL & FAX: 042-683-1465
Application of the ticket details to the official website
★ Harp Solo Concert "playing of bliss" Fukumoto Shinobu in Wakita Museum of Art 2015
Performing Artists
  Fukumoto Shinobu (harp)
  August 22, 2015 (Saturday) 15:00 to 16:00
  Wakita Museum 2F exhibition room
Admission fee
  In immigration ticket, you can listen to your anyone feel free to.
  Wakita Museum of Art
· Train Nagano Shinkansen, Shinano railway "Karuizawa Station," a 10-minute walk away and get off to the Old Karuizawa Ginza district
· It is approximately 10km car Joshinetsu road from the "Usui Karuizawa Inter" the 18 National Highway to the old Karuizawa direction
 Yubinbango389-0102 Nagano Prefecture Kitasaku-gun Karuizawa old road 1570-4
-Site parking spaces will not be available, please use the nearby parking lot.
• The unavoidable also available if you want to change the part of the performance content in circumstances Please note.
Why not be join us?
So, this week around here is!

2015 /8 /14    Read more
Heat of Karuizawa temporary, the hushed become completely, have become cooler in.
Beginning of fall is past, the wind What is better that and went changed to autumn wind?
On behalf of selling the city, it will come out healthy when hit in the chilly air?
It is that there has been Kai came in Karuizawa. Come and change this coolness in appetite
Please back at the figure which was slightly larger. (Or so the good ...)
Today in my traffic congestion, not come up with a good idea.
After all - I'm is affected me congestion to desk work (serious or!)
Well, we will introduce a weekend of events a little.
    ★ old Karuizawa Suwa Shrine August 13 (Thursday), 14 (Friday), 15 (Saturday) and Bon in the precinct (from 19:00)
    ★ arrow only Saki park fireworks August 16 (Sun) 19:30 fireworks start from time. ※ light rain or shine, rain the next day
    ★ old Karuizawa Suwa Shrine August 19 (Wed), 20 (Thursday) summer festival, children sumo drums, dancing.
    ★ old Karuizawa Suwa Shrine August 20 (Thursday) shrines and Fireworks go up beat. Fireworks scheduled to begin from around 20:00. ※ light rain or shine, rain the next day

But what Try also going everyone?
So, please spend a pleasant night's sleep, the cool Karuizawa! !
This week around here is! !

2015 /8 /7    More I read.
And because you At this time, Why do not you staying? It was cool of the night (it was cold yesterday I mean.)
You should sleep soundly in the air.
This year, Mr. Kotsuki-do gave me opened cheerfully.
Tea to coffee, parfait is compelling. It aligned Even ice cream and meals.
Come once, but please go to visit. To store the smell of Showa is, it will be the moment to be relieved.
Well, summer Karuizawa still, is yet to come.
By all means, but please go and enjoy the summer of Karuizawa. (I I'm winter fun.)
So, this week around here is! !

2015 /7 /31    More I read.
Well, in that you spend such a own way of time, and to drive the road congestion, caused the frustration and impatience, or take on a result of cracks in the important relationship. Also, you'll If you like liquor is not drink and the operation. To use the bus is I think a good choice.
For example, take the bus to Oiwake direction from Karuizawa Station, you can walk To hang out, spent by or entered the cafe, even the evening I have a little congestion, and because it is a bus, and by the Karuizawa Station attaches someday. Then we take a dinner. This freedom unrestrained Burari journey. The - somewhere TV or program not be like a mood?
To help when such is, it is "Karuizawa bus where?". And a little ... to download the Android app is soaked packet on the road. If you think that is, let's open the home page [[http://www.thread.ne.jp/kta2/busdoko.html]]?
Who does not care about the download of apps Pake unlimited or if you are in Wifi environment, Come Android app [[https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.thread.karuizawalbus Please try Download]].
In for Android app [[http://android.thread.ne.jp/bus/karuizawa]], because there is a home page that explains how to use, but please refer all means here.
Because it is placed in a flyer station and major facilities "Karuizawa bus Where am I?", Seen by holding the QR code of flyers to the camera. Or, to use to download the app. Because the bus stop there is also a place where are put the QR code, please use by all means.
August to rush from next week, the Karuizawa coming finally congestion becomes violently, please enjoy in a relaxed mood laid-back! !
So, this week around here is! !

2015 /7 /24    Summer vacation!
This summer, Karuizawa It is still hot during the day.
To heat stroke, and sunstroke .... Please, go firmly to hydration.
The morning and evening, if you sleep with the windows open, let's sleep firmly over the futon.
Such I do not excellent physical condition already Nebie ....
Crowded summer, especially since the road conditions also changed suddenly, thank you to please drive safely.
Especially Speeding in back road is dangerous. Safety check will carefully ask.
When visiting the Karuizawa with summer vacation, and I think you eat whether mass seeping everyone appetite?
Subsequent cleanup is very. And garbage also out in large quantities.
In Karuizawa, it is open or to give up the rest of the garbage treatment plant only this next term.
  Karuizawa Jin garbage treatment plants, from 7/18 (Sat) to 9/6 (day), Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday
It has doors open.
Doors open time, 8: is 30 to 16:00.
For more information has been published in "public relations Karuizawa" July 2015.
Fun fun summer vacation, please try to spend comfortably the whole family in Karuizawa.
You can in a kit good think! !
So, this week around here is! !

2015 /7 /17    Rainy season also is the second half.
In the rainy season also drilled and little more, students who summer vacation! Sounds good. What there is a long rest, and rest is also a month when it comes to working people, since losing their jobs, because is out now, but please enjoy a lot.
Well, there was a faster fireworks in Nakakaruizawa on Saturday of last week. I if there CM is a long time ago that the tension of the summer, involuntarily, I have thought of going to buy a mosquito coil.
Even so, because was a climate that can not be said seems very summer, and for a change I think that it is just or good. It was no longer so much even the smell of incense recently. .... To that smell it says further liven up the atmosphere of the summer
In a variety of purpose, I think that it is come to Karuizawa, but Karuizawa people in the know, you know that there are a lot of historical and cultural buildings? Come If you are interested in building, in Google Play, please try to search for "Karuizawa building". Since the app will hit that "Karuizawa cultural property historic buildings map", here in knowing the details, because the navigation is also attached, you can also watch carefully until the structure is carried out by all means it ~. But you must have one point note. Because now in the building there is a place that is a privately owned, by all means, to take a look, and from ripple word, but please look. Because you'll just surely good people people you live in Karuizawa, you'll be showing us in detail.
Middle and high school students, ~ wonder if done even final exams? Anyway I do not stay sharp until the end, but please spend a good summer vacation.
So, this week around here is!

2015 /7 /10    s Rainy season break, early summer bright day during the rainy season!
You get a sweat temperature increases. Soon, It is summer production. I may me dawn the early rainy season but ....
When I hear the summer, but it is fireworks? (To connect to arbitrarily branded by article)
Even in Karuizawa "Summer is the season of fireworks" are just to many of the fireworks display held with.
So, .... famous far from
It was I should have to last week article, but will immediately introduce! !
● Nagakura shrine fireworks
Doo-out July 11 (Saturday) from about 19:30
Where Nakakaruizawa Nagakura shrine
Other light rain or shine (rain the next day)
● Yagasaki Park fireworks
Doo-out August 16 (Sunday) from about 19:30
Where Yagasaki park new Karuizawa
Other light rain or shine (rain the next day)
● Suwa Shrine fireworks
Doo-out August 20 (Thursday) from around 19:30
Place Suwa Shrine old Karuizawa
Other light rain or shine (rain the next day)
Now from the weekend, but please impressed with fireworks to sear the night sky as "more and more"!
Since the bear activity has also become active, when passing through the nearby woods and Lin, and the tin
But please walk while attention to bear us it with! !
So, from Karuizawa early summer bright day during the rainy season to feel the summer, this week around here is! !

2015 /7 /3    Sika
If you actually see a deer, and then surprised at its size.
Especially males, is surprisingly large there is a fine corner.
Along with it, it is any traffic accident in Karuizawa.
If you see one animal, so you have the flock enough can be said to be always near, we must be careful.
What I often see is a mountain pass to climb to Karuizawa direction and down the Karuizawa Inter.
Night and early morning, you can see the herd in the forest, you can have standing in the road.
Male deer immediately with a large angular Once around the curve, there also had been confronted and to protect the flock, was multiplied by the sudden braking. I was surprised really.
Also we saw among the forest of departure and Minamikaruizawa.
Karuizawa in nature is rich, is a refreshing plateau.
Animals also sika deer in addition to foxes and raccoons, bears, monkeys, wild boar, etc. There familiar.
When you come by car, but please please run even at night slowly.
Animal we have been working actively, so you have jump out on the road. (^_^)
Oh, it from, "Karuizawa Shopping Plaza summer The Bargain!"
The period is July 1 to July 5. I MAX 80% off is so.
Weekdays AM10: 00 ~ PM8: 00, Saturday AM10: 00 ~ PM9: 00 Sunday AM9: 00 ~ PM9: 00
It has become. Is if not! !
So, this week around here is!

2015 /6 /26    Smoke from Mount Asama ...
The passage of the "Shinanooiwake"
♪ also smoke stand three muscle this morning yo to the mountain of Asama dare out Komoro ...
Yes it I'll and, I might be this the is normal.
However, because little attention is necessary, I let's also thinking If when things ^^

Rain has been falling this week, but many is the night. Get off Shitoshito from the night through the morning, by the time the sun rises it is often have gone up. And so the feeling is good in the situation that it is easy to spend during the day. By all means, do you Karuizawa stroll How about while feeling the Asama of breath?

Over whether such Karuizawa here what weeks, I've introduced the red bus of Belvedere line, before the end up the red bus, there is a Kumano Sumeragi-dai shrine. Proceeding to the Okusha There is a small company. This company is a so called Sanada Inc., pray for victory in the differences that attack the Matsuida Castle in the first battle of Yukimura Sanada.

In the long history, Yukimura Sanada that shows the standing cans, I was surprised at the fact that has also left a mark here in Karuizawa. Sanada Yukimura Desae, and Na he hit was also the Son of man is that I felt uneasy to first battle, you have dwarf even a little sense of intimacy.
How is it? I would have wanted to try once done? Shrines and temples I think indispensable place in the trip. (I wonder if young people are different?) Brand name, as well, why do not add the one page in your history with went to a little minor place?

Well, also it will go soon to the second half of the rainy season. Let's go to the healthy to blow the the damp rainy season.

So, this week around here is! !

2015 /6 /19    Asama small eruption ...

Asama recently, sometimes in smoke Tanabii that it has raised the eruption alert level to 2, since it had been activated had been found, we have spent without any particular problem.
At the time of the eruption of 2004, is a glimpse of Mount Asama of harshness, I've come to like the Asama, this is eerie to reverse too quiet. Let's watch with care a little.
Let's introduction of so correspondence was interesting this time of mass media. As far as to see the writing of twitter, the reporter only to wearing a helmet, the rest of the staff, such as not fogged, there was interesting writing. Well, I do not collect absorbing it ....
Well, but is the rainy season of the year, it is very easy to spend in Karuizawa. Without so many rain, is the sun coming occasionally very refreshing. Also I feel like less this year moisture. If you thought, yesterday, today and rain is pretending, I feel that has finally become Rashiku rainy season.
And, we were released, "Karuizawa bus where?" App finally last week on Friday. Karuizawa bus is complicated, whether which bus goes where, the people were Rashi have emigrated that no idea to what time to come, also, also those of local residents, we know the current location of the bus at the time of traffic congestion, and more Many if it is possible to take the bus, but also because I think whether a little help to ease traffic congestion, by all means, but please use.
Although it is the bus, there are times when this next term, commonly known as red bus towards the lookout line is suspended service due to bad weather. Therefore certainly is for traffic safety, "Karuizawa bus Where am I?" And use our, and check the Karuizawa of bus service situation but please try to stroll the Karuizawa ^^
Rainy season also production, let's survive the rainy season energetic enough our attention to the physical condition management! !
So, this week around here is!

2015 /6 /12    Fog in the white ....
Once upon a time, Mari heaven and earth sang, but there was a song called "Love summer day", it will come out "morning haze" is. This song is probably as what was not a celebrity daughter talk of tennis and the was Niki per Izawa, we suddenly you think, Dari hum every time fog exits remembered this song. (This story, here I might have wrote a long time ago ...)
Today, let's introduce the application being created at our company.
"Karuizawa tourism application" of the spin-off application "Karuizawa bus where?" That the Android app (iPhone, the direction of iPad can also be found from the URL) to release the.
Karuizawa in circulation bus route, bus stop, it is an application that you can check the current bus position.
But we will report to release during in the "Karuizawa tourism application twitter account," Well, you can try a little publicity in order to increase the number of downloads do you say what (laughs)
Soon, the temperature at the time of normal also becoming stable high, making it easier to spend.
As a way of enjoying this fog, and entered the forest of fog, Toka NHK boy drama series Play, and the Toka suspense theater pretend do a large adult, I think that's pretty cool.
(It is a representation not transmitted to the young people. I'm sorry.)
Even if in any case, and enjoy the "soon summer Shin-zakari" in Karuizawa or take.
So, this week around here is!

2015 /6 /5    Outside the rain ...

In Karuizawa, it raises the temperature, during which time it was momentum that or try to reach a little more at 30 ℃.
Meanwhile, it seems to be coming to an end also soon strawberry hunting.
Although it is suddenly, Do you know about some Karuizawa Park?
One in there is a Yukawa hometown park.
Play equipment, but there is a facility of about not be introduced, such as dog run,
This time we will introduce a combination of forest and leaves of the one big tree.
Even in ordinary park, but there are slide and jungle gym,
This is also what kind just slide them has 44 pieces also Kumiawasa~tsu.
Super Tsuruya is also located next to convenient.
Still, if you have those who do not is that it went,
Although it is Karuizawa rainy season just before, how about you? Such as a walk in the park leisurely?
So, this week around here is!

2015 /5 /29    Now warm.
When warm, the more those who come to the touring bike. The freedom carefree touring riding a bike in good weather, I guess good things very comfortable. By all means, please Anything safe driving! !
Well, I also lived in Karuizawa more than a decade, but still, there are a lot of things you do not know. In fact, spin-off application of the "Karuizawa application" that runs on Android since the beginning in June, "Karuizawa bus app" will appear in the Google Play.
With various research and try to add a service route to this app I learned that there is a bus route that runs from the Harvest Club and the "Kumano Sumeragi-dai shrine". I tried to immediately contact, we can allow additional willingly route.
Since it is already in test operation, everyone but please look at all means. App release of is since the beginning of June, but can be already available from the browser. Please try to access the following URL!
Oh, Oh, there is a case of time zone and Mampei hotel blind the bus is coming to Harvest club, so please use after confirming it is to look at the following URL.
The ^^ We are various wrote that it came up today
Along No. 18, next to the Family Mart super ya profitable near Karuizawa Station, we found that "N95 mask"! This mask is a super powerful, when a few years ago, a powerful flu was popular, now in various topics.
To the now buy at a convenience store, it is a surprise. Since seems us to block the various things floating in the air Toka's virus that variously scattered, price is higher you a little, as for the emergency, I might be good to keep buying.
World There are many, but the thing by all means, Karuizawa may be in front of the rainy season. But please try to once needed.
So, this week around here is!

2015 /05 /22    Spring seminar also began to squeal.
Well, what did you think I was participated Karuizawa Half Marathon last week? I would not than was Hashire comfortably in Karuizawa just woke up from a cold winter? By all means see you please come next year.
Along No. 18, next to the Family Mart super ya profitable near Karuizawa Station, we found that "N95 mask"! This is an ultra-powerful mask.
A few years ago, when the powerful flu was popular, I also I have Stock Now become a hot topic on the net.
At the time, it was pretty high. . . There, it is the now buy at a convenience store! !
As for the emergency, and keep buying good Kamo~tsu.
By the way, 760 yen in three three-dimensional type (excluding tax)
Super guard professional one 570 yen (excluding tax) is like.
I though a little high - (^^;)
So, this week around here is! !

2015 /05 /15    Early summer of is hilarious ....
If you were to come to Karuizawa, a little more or do not want many things to know that of Karuizawa, such as history?
When it comes to your use of the "tourist guide system" when such, fuller Karuizawa sightseeing you can enjoy.
Some are divided into course, because there is fun to each, please check the details come from the following page. Since one week before it is available you need to apply to, please note.
One of this week, let's introduce the tradition of Karuizawa.
There is a tradition called "the 10th night" (the hotel Ya) in Shiozawa district of Karuizawa. This is, every year at the traditional event ancient in Shiozawa, which is carried out by children in the evening of November 10, hit a garden in the village home in straw gun that was bundled with a rope the straw for the purpose of preventing the mole and evil spirits Te is Liaoning customs. At the time of this event
"The 10th night, the 10th night, the 10th night I mon good, noon dumpling in the morning Sobakiri, evening have to eat in the Bukkake was bamboo, it, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, it's it is so hit and chanting "he said. Currently, the district to do this event in town is reduced, it is said that only a few districts in addition.
This week, after the typhoon has passed, the summer sun is Mashi insertion. From now on, but please be aware of the rise of a little temperature. Moisture, only to become a you have one hat, so you might spend comfortable, please Rashi has been devised.
So, this week around here is! !

2015 /05 /08    Quiet Karuizawa
Well, it will be held in Karuizawa half marathon next week weekend May 17th. Because it takes a traffic regulation in many places in the Karuizawa, but please keep in check in the relevant site from among the so as not to be frustrated now. The following URL, detailed regulations take road is because it is published in PDF, check please.
 Now it comes with a momentum more and more, the trees growth. Please enjoy the early summer of Karuizawa.

2015 /04 /30    It has become after a long time of update
It was soon begin congestion of roads this year. Driving a car requires a broad mind. Forgive First of all, even something
Everything will go well and you start from the fact I'm sure ^^;
Well, if you say that Karuizawa spring of this year, but in April but it was warm in March there was a little cold of return,
Which flower also I think in flowered a little early? So, since there are many flowers blooming in Karuizawa,
Please, try looking for a flower that just celebrated its bloom.

Currently, the Karuizawa has not held a variety of events under the heading of "Wakaba Festival".
Shinanoji nature trail hiking - grass light traffic bus -
Gift from nature! Take a negative ions throughout the body
Since it offers a 2 course of walking trails and a hard course, you can freely enjoy hiking at your own pace.
Travel Date April 29, 2015 (Tuesday and holidays) - June 7 (Sun)
Entry fee adult 2,000 yen Children 1,200 yen
Snacks (Oyaki two or edible wild plants buckwheat, wild plants either of Udon + char grilled)
Walking trails
Karuizawa Station = bus = peak of Chaya - Kose Onsen (about 7km) = bus = Karuizawa Station
Hard course
Karuizawa Station = bus = peak of Chaya ~ Koasamayama - Kose Onsen (about 12km) = bus = Karuizawa Station
Application destination
Kusakaru Transportation Co., Ltd. TEL: 0267-42-2441
This event, ~ it is recommended to be able to enjoy nature of Karuizawa trees bud.

It is a good anyhow, but so there is a model of cattle called "Yoshiko" "photon's" on the back of Zenkoji.

2015 /1 /26    have New Year is dawning ...
January of the beginning but now a little cold, then, not very cold, today (1/26) is a warm cheerful. Was also melted ice that was left here and there.
At this left cold wave does not come, but will not be the warm thoughts, in my sense, it is a warm winter. Live in is very grateful to those things are at.
Completely missing the New Year mood, everyone that Tsuppashi~tsu seriously mode. Please take care to your body please Since it is the season of cold.
2015, It is good to be a good year.
See you! !

2014 /12 /26    I will continue to give me soon also in 2014
I became indebted are a wide variety this year.
As 2015 will be a good year for everyone! !
Until then, I'll see you next year! !

2014 /11 /7    Is November.
Soon is the end also leaves. Leaves of fallen trees I feel somehow colder. View calendar and today is first day of winter. Insects also, very busy in preparation to enter into hibernation. Oh, still Rhaphidophoridae's is doing great in the house. This insect only is this time actively moving. Cats Thanks are running around the middle of the night also chasing the Rhaphidophoridae.
Since the temperature will be the road to danger in the freezing and snow and become negative, please Anything safe driving.

2014 /10 /21    Even in late October and ...
Well, Karuizawa Autumn, is held during the 9 / 27-11 / 3 Karuizawa foliage festival. For more information 
Please see the [[http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/event/10300/]]. 
The Why not try fun in Karuizawa stroll moments of autumn?

2014 /9 /19    And to say it's also mid-September ...
It is such a fall of Karuizawa, but's the fall foliage season, but soon .... Expected since no stick, no senses, ^ ^ but please Nde fun foliage season relying algebraic six sense; 
Get ready for the expected cold will be needed when traveling. By all means, please enjoy the season of autumn fun.

2014 /9 /1    Is in September.
It is the appetite Speaking of autumn. 
There are many shops in Karuizawa. 
There should surely shops that will satisfy your appetite. 
Come, why when a refreshing wind of Karuizawa, You can try to satisfy the appetite? 
In addition, in.

2014 /8 /21    It is a sign of autumn soon.
Towards the autumn now, such Karuizawa is also likely to be a lot food events, art. 
By all means, please participate in the event that you like by checking. 
It gets closer to fall, animals will also be active. 
Accommodation surrounded by nature, observation of animals is, ~ ~ ~ I'll might become irresistible fun to love animals slowly. 
Next time, peace! !

2014 /08 /11    Is the top season.

2014 /08 /22    Rainy season was opened.
Please pay attention to sunstroke and dehydration in the city when it becomes hot now. 
Tonight of Karuizawa or whether sleep well, While it is a bit worried do you spend the night pleasant ... To cool. 
The tennis court in Karuizawa, students or they will continue to need training camp? Here and there, a young, cheerful voice had echoed. 
By all means, but please try to play tennis against the wind of plateau. 
Next time, take care! !

2014 /06 /26    Rainy season production
I feel the rainy season this year, such as not up much temperature will. 
I think that good if you come in short sleeves, bring a light sweater, it is to correspond to the morning and evening. 
So, I am also the end June. 
It will be end of the rainy season in July not wait. 
So, this week will be enough for this!

2014 /5 /23    Cuckoo, Hototokisu
And Why not try to come to explore the Karuizawa to find clear skies? 

So, this week Enough!

2014 /5 /2    Is May .
Well , GW is also the start of the second half . Traffic congestion each direction is expected from tomorrow .
Please come in safe driving the person of your car please . In addition, customers who use , please come as no accident the public transport .
Enters in May , the wind of Karuizawa has changed things very comfortable .
I think that everyone also satisfy kit. Are concerned about the look of the sky . Weather of the mountain will change suddenly , do not forget the rain gear ready for it! !
" Karuizawa cultural heritage historic buildings map " is the application , which details the building of Karuizawa that was created on the basis of Karuizawa National Trust supervision . Please download all means . From here [[https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.thread.karuizawabt]] download (it is English-language version . )
Please spend a good GW! !
So , this week will be enough for this ! !

2014 /4 /25    Sakura does not bloom yet .
Karuizawa today , sunshine is warm strong . Also wind , feel that we have finally warmed up will . Minimum temperature this morning is 1.2 ℃. It was the lowest temperature of about -2 ℃ recently , it is warm today . I starved weather like is willing to match the GW ^ ^

Your heart I think this is one of the floating on air It is GW rush ?

[ Events ]
Popular with souvenir ! Karuizawa No.1 beer " Karuizawa Kogen Beer " Free tasting held !
Period allows for free tasting for sale at each store a " Karuizawa Kogen Beer " series .
With tasting , brewery staff will propose a recommended " Karuizawa Kogen Beer " to you .
Please enjoy the taste of beer unique in Karuizawa limited .
Holding period

Four days on Tuesday, the 6th ( Sat) - May 3, 2014

Karuizawa Yoshimitsu head office
Karuizawa Resort Market ( Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza in )


0267-66-1211 ( Pre-registration required)

I Please spend GW cheerfully .

So , this week will be enough for this !

2014 /3 /28    New school year just around the corner!
Well, I'm already over even March. 
Students who I am plunged into the new school year Once in April. 
I think it is also the admission or often, please spend at ease in the chest hope by all means! 
The more severe, coming of spring is a thing I am glad winter if Kibishikere. 
Bud of grass came out vigorously from the ground this year. 
Karuizawa nestled in this strong nature, it is ideal for enrichment program! ! 
Or in anticipation of this weather today already, in Karuizawa high street, people are walking here and there. 
And perhaps, it might be crowded this weekend. I Please come in safe driving by all means. 
So, this week will be enough for this!

2014 /3 /20    Please note the change in temperature

2014 /3 /14    Have look like a spring

By all means, please try to experience the early spring of Karuizawa .

[ Events ]
-------------------------------------------------- -
Curling experience of spring ( spring break & Golden Week )

The curling experience meetings that have gotten very popular in Karuizawa Ice Park
Will be held also in Golden Week and Spring Break !

May 6 ( Fri.) - March 21, 2014 ( Tuesday)
Of Day / 3 / 21-3 / 28 , 3/ 31 , 4 / 26-4 / 29 , 5 / 3-5 / 6

Curling lesson 60

Taught how to throw a stone , and handling of the brush , even in the end game .
Location: Karuizawa Ice Park
( It will be from ¥ 2,380 ※ 4 May) per person ¥ 2,310: fee
※ rental guidance fees , curling shoes and brush is included in the price .
※ capacity is about 10 people each time .

Click the following link for more information and other Conferences .

Attire at the time of curling experience
Please prepare the following for injury prevention and protection against the cold
· Clothes easy to move warm
Hat of knit and fleece
· (OK even gloves ) gloves
, Socks
Than < Reference > Ice Park Facebook page
[ Dress / 284112618398933 of [https://www.facebook.com/notes/ Karuizawa Ice Park / curling ]]

Inquiries and reservations until :0267 -48 -5555 Karuizawa Ice Park TEL.
For the latest information , please refer to the Karuizawa Ice Park official Facebook page .
-------------------------------------------------- -

While I would like to say farewell from the minus temperature quickly ,
This week , Enough ! !

2014 /3 /7    March

Next week , I want you to become a little warmer .
Cold will now be frozen over in the body suddenly from around -7 ℃.
Face that is out of the futon will be colder if it is less than the -10 ℃.
I want you remained -5 ℃ minimum temperature , -6 ℃ around the world .

[ Events ]
-------------------------------------------------- -
31st Zen-Noh Japan Curling Championships ( men and women )

March 2 (Sun) - March 9 (Sun)

Nagano Prefecture Karuizawa-machi : Karuizawa Ice Park

Participating team
1 . Hokkaido ( Hokkaido )
2 . Aomori Junior ( Aomori)
3 . Chubu Electric Power ( Nagano)
4 . Sapporo International ( Hokkaido )
5. Team KARUIZAWA ( Nagano)
6 . Yamadakikaikogyo ( Hokkaido )
7 . Fujiyama team (Yamanashi )
8 . Teams Hiroshima ( Hiroshima)
9. LS Kitami ( Hokkaido )

1. SC Club Karuizawa ( Nagano)
2 . Teams Obihiro ( Hokkaido )
3 . Ogihara team ( Nagano)
4 . Kitami Institute of Technology ( Hokkaido )
5 . Aomori Prefecture Association ( Aomori)
6 . Teams Tokyo ( Tokyo)
7 . Okayama CA ( Okayama Prefecture )
8 . Nayoro Association ( Hokkaido )
9 . Karuizawa CC ( Nagano)

Schedule , such as pairing , so available on the website of Japan Curling Association , please refer .
Japan Curling Association HP
31st Zen-Noh Japan Curling Championships special page

Tie-break and qualifying you can watch for free , but each game of the final tournament Saturday and Sunday will be paid . I can be purchased in e + -like ticket . ( ¥ 3,000 adv 2500 yen / one - day match )
※ I do not do the sale of advance tickets in Karuizawa Ice Park . I need your help to e + -like inquiry about the ticket .

Ice Park official site

-------------------------------------------------- -

Cold has become severe .
Please be careful to health management .
In addition , snowmelt in the daytime , so you freeze , please be careful to drive a car .

So , this week will be enough for this ! !

2014 /2 /28    February will end .
Footsteps of spring or will hear soon ?
Or is still cold ... March .
Snow is a lot more .

[ Events ]
-------------------------------------------------- -
Bonds / Karuizawa New Art Museum of two solo exhibition of six

In Karuizawa New Art Museum will hold an exhibition on the theme of " bonds " . The bonds , it is what set off spinning in relationship of something all the time . There is a meeting , bonds are born out of relationships with a variety of things . Museum of Art , is a place where various things meet. Who viewed people and work , work and work , the work meets the new self . New meaning is created by foreign things meet , We will build a new relationship also between the person and the person who shared the same space . And creating a space for artists to attract international attention currently is full of personality to each exhibition room of six , and the mediation of the bond of two people in the exhibition . As a writer that decorate the opening , Hiroshi Senju ( first chamber ) , Katsura Funakoshi ( second chamber ) Saito Makoto ( 3 rooms) , Yuichi Inoue ( 4th House ) , Yoshitomo Nara ( 5th House ) , Yayoi Kusama ( first will exhibit the work of 6 rooms) .

Karuizawa New Art Museum ( Karuizawa New Art Museum ) first to sixth exhibition room ( second floor )
〒 389-0102 Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Karuizawa Karuizawa-machi 1151-5
tel :0267-46-8691 fax :0267-46-8692 URL: [[http://www.knam.jp/]]

September 23, October 3, 2013 ( Thu) - 2014 ( Tue. )

Opening Hours
10:00 to 17:00 from April to June
10:00 to 18:00 July to September
11:00 to 17:00 from October to March
( Admission until 30 minutes before closing)

Every Tuesday ( August Everyday open )

Admission fee
General: 1500 yen , 65 years of age or older , brilliant students : ¥ 1,200 middle and yours truly : 700 yen
※ In the case of visitors , 200 yen discount each of the above Admission for groups of 20 people or more
※ preschoolers free , ( half price of each admission fee ) that have disabilities discount
-------------------------------------------------- -
It is warm today , but I do not know what would happen to come .
Please be careful not to disturb the physical condition .

So , this week will be enough for this !

2014 /2 /21    Heavy snow
Shoveling snow is now truly disgusting in this snow. Everyone is exhausted state.
It seems possible that the current road conditions are now To passable, highway runs normally, but when you go into a little aside, there is one lane of the road still.

In addition, the snow began to melt during the day, so we are frozen, please pass in safe driving with caution.

I want you getting warmer a little next week as snow melts.

So, this week will be enough for this! !

2014 /2 /14    Heavy snow warning has gone out .

Soon , big chill came in earnest , although we expected a decrease in temperature ,
It has helped us so not cold so snow is increased . Although I 'm a great number of snow shoveling is increased ... .

-------------------------------------------------- -
Kazakoshi Park outdoor ice skating rink
The current fiscal year sales of outdoor ice skating rink ( ice Karuizawa Park hotel will be at 18:00 on Sunday, February 16 . Increasingly We hope you will take advantage of many . Futsal field of business and roller-skating rink is it becomes the start of mid- April . )

Opening Hours

7:00 to 20:00 on weekdays
9:00 to 18:00 holiday

General ¥ 800 / time ( townsman ¥ 400)
Elementary and junior high school students ¥ 400 / time ( townsman ¥ 200)
Elementary school less than free
Rental skates ¥ 500 / time
Charter scheduled for February
· 2/2 ( Sun) - 11:30
· 2/8 ( Sat) - 13:00
· 2 /13 ( Thursday) 18:30 to 20:00
· 2/ 15 (Sat ) 14:00
· 2/16 ( Sun) - 13:00

For the outdoors, there is a case not be available depending on the weather and temperature . Please note . It is also available , there may be times when you can not be utilized by the sudden change of weather in the middle of the morning .

Please check , so we have at any time inform the official Facebook page of Karuizawa Ice Park at (https://www.facebook.com/karuizawaicepark). By all means, thank you to the page to " Likes " . For availability of the link , please contact us at ( 0267-48-5555 ) Call it with a new one, check your Facebook page .

Page of Kazakoshi Park outdoor skating rink
-------------------------------------------------- -

This weekend , take care in snow , Please come with safe driving .

So , this week will be enough for this !

2014 /2 /7    Is February .
[ Events ]
-------------------------------------------------- -
I met Valentine special event encounter ♥ Tour
Official site [[http://karuizawamonogatari.jp/blog/?p=1017]]

Valentine in Karuizawa < official site >
Date: February 8 ( Sat )
Location: Ya~kesaki park

I will heap up to captain Kotetsu excitement Karuizawa Winter's Tale .
Let's climax together with attendance at Valentine fancy dress !
I present a " badge can original staff " is a person that was coming in fancy dress !

[ 16:00 ]
" Small heart full Marche doors open "
I want to sell product sales , etc. named after Bussan goods Valentine Bussan goods Sakae in Karuizawa .
Please enjoy get a warm drink .

[ 17:15 ]
" Valentine HANABI "
Fireworks in the night sky that is perfectly clear is about 15 minutes , but it is beautiful best .
There is a petit gift hot drinks .

[ 17:30 ]
"Love is the middle Karuizawa Love Messages"
The theme of 2014 is ~ ~ met encounter ♥ Tour
Captain Kotetsu excitement Linkman Karuizawa Story

We introduce hearty messages were received from everyone across the country Ya~kesaki park special stage .
We look forward to a nice episode . Details including how to apply to it later I announce it .
I will vote for you at the venue , such as the de prize de work digits Award laughs de El Award crying new excitement de prize de - lovely Award easier .

I will distribute 200 pieces of examination lottery tickets at the venue : examination method . I will vote for you of 200 people in the hall .
Prize - town hotel voucher other pair

[ 18:10 ]
"Love is the middle Karuizawa special live "
" Over Rinyun of . " Mini live " over Rinyun of " winning two of you St. Paul's Church of 2013 in the " public ceremony " event Karuizawa mayor Award Best of the Best Award in Karuizawa Love Song Award 2013 in I was married . It is a live full power of Love !

[ 18:30 ]
" Middle Karuizawa jury lottery is love "
It is a raffle gift hits the one that had voted to review messages in lottery tickets .
Prize - large LCD TV Other

[ 18:50 ]
Icicles fine noodles illumination line free shuttle bus service

Yagasaki park ← → Shiraito parking
Two flights of 17:30 / 17:00 ※ shot tickets and distribution of 100 people

-------------------------------------------------- -

This weekend , forecast to become to weather the tempest in Koshinetsu has come out . Please come with safe driving ! !

So this week , Enough !

2014 /1 /31    I will also end in January .
Once again , Karuizawa this week , it was easy to spend many a warm day and to say it's the middle of winter .
Temperature seems to repeat the volatility in the future . Because influenza is popular
Please be careful enough in health management .

I found an interesting service .
When you get to Karuizawa Station, a comfortable hotel empty-handed from there !

If you can leave your suitcases to Karuizawa Station tourist office by 12:00 noon ,
We deliver to the accommodation of the town before 18:00 on the same day .
From thought to want you to enjoy a more nimble , a journey of Shinshu ,
This service Yamato Transport Shinshu , prefectural tourism Association was started this spring .
By all means, please take advantage of .

1000 yen uniform : service fee

3rd floor north exit Tourist house Karuizawa Station : Reception location
This ~ It is convenient .
Please enjoy a comfortable journey to find a convenient service in various ways .

So , this week will be enough for this !

2014 /1 /24    In good weather today, yet warm! !
But still, the second half of January.
Cold, so will continue until February every year, please do not let your guard down.

Snow since it is less Karuizawa of this year, it is easy if there is no snow shoveling.
In previous years, but such time the burden on the waist is struggling at the peak by now ....

Cold is also a little more patience.
Let's do our best to imagine a warm spring! !

So, (and also short this week!) Around here this week

2014 /1 /17    Still, cold followed!

2014 /1 /10    Cold wave
Well , winter finally production . The best part of Karuizawa , is cold in the future .
It may be interesting while enjoying the outside air temperature , such as stick Ite , even a walk .

There ! Is such a tour !
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Snowfield Picnic / Picchio

What's snowfields of Silver snowshoe proceeding smoothly even on the snow in the ( Western snowshoe ) .
You can enjoy one's heart's content if there is a snowshoe also a place you do not usually proceed .
You can follow in the footsteps of fox and rabbit , you can observe the appearance of wild birds ,
Tea time on the snow also moments of bliss . It is a tour that you can enjoy nature in winter .

March 23, 2014 ( Sat) - December 21, 2013 (Sun)
※ 14 ~ 17 January will not be held 20 to 24 .
13:00 to 16:30
( Elementary school students accompanied by parents ) elementary school - adult
6 people
( Rental charge included snowshoe ) 6,000 yen
Rainy weather
Sign up
Official site for more information : [[http://picchio.co.jp/sp/2013/10/post_384.html]]
Please make your reservation before 11:30 AM the day . However, even if I can not accept it due to capacity , etc.
Because there , please book ahead of us .
Or if the circumstances of the snow , and I am allowed to change the place and time , because there are days that can not be held
Please note .
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Are you sure would not be the best tour to enjoy the winter in Karuizawa true! !
By all means, anyone who wants what we do please let us know what you think by joining ! !

[ Karuizawa tourism app ]
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
Karuizawa tourism app , I was released Ver5.0-30.
At the end of last year , which had been forgotten to tell , but it is modified version of the only splash .
Since there is no change on operations , there is no problem even if you use it as it is .
Thank you , Karuizawa tourism app in the future .
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

It is the season when cold Gets in Your body more .
Be careful to health management , let 's survive the cold ! !

So , this week will be enough for this !

2014 /1 /6    2014 has begun ...
Last night, after the minimum temperature of -11.1 ℃ 10:32 PM, temperature will rise a little, minimum temperature this morning was -9.2 ℃ 6:54 AM.

For those who come to ski slip to Nagano, It is a great condition! ! By all means, please visit us also in Karuizawa.

Well, I also started this year.
Because it is cold season, please spend it with attention to the physical condition.

So, first time New Year, Enough!

2013 /12 /27    New Year's Eve
Could you if spring cleaning the house ... . Could you if you try to do tomorrow day after tomorrow .
Even if re-covering the shoji , cat to become torn from the side ... .
Well, because we do not want to do , I just find a reason to not do .

At home normal , or do they finished the spring cleaning yet?
The greet the new year with a whole new feeling it but it is a good thing is very mood .

Well , the year-end and New Year holidays of Karuizawa , seems to be various planning by each shop .
Come and you come to Karuizawa , but please try to participate .

In addition , a decrease in temperature will be violently now .
Road conditions can become easy to change , please come and see me in the safe driving fitted with winter tires .

One this year , as " Karuizawa on dot-com " and " Karuizawa tourism application"
Thank you for your patronage , much less the top .

For everyone , so that it will be a good year , next year I would like to wish sincerely .

So , this week will be enough for this ! ! Please welcome Yoiotoshiwo it! !

2013 /12 /20    Karuizawa in the snow ...
This weekend , the three day weekend once again .

How is it to be a little early Christmas ?

[ Events ]
-------------------------------------------------- -

Karuizawa highland church Christmas Candle Night 2013

Candle light flickering illuminates the night, so give us warmth . Even your " feelings " , wrapped warm and someone who is near , you can feel happy . And will lead to someone following the happiness , and also chained . The forest of light starlit sky watch , it is flowing a number that I think the important people of the time .

Chris Bell and pine tree , lights shine on the venue , you can enjoy a stroll Christmas lantern and candle making , Christmas card message , the sacred forest .
Please refer to the official website [ http://candle.karuizawachurch.org/ ] for more information .

-------------------------------------------------- -

Skating rink in the forest

The skating rink in the forest , located in the forest adjacent to the " Karuizawayachounomori " . In the link using the water of the swamp flowing out of the forest of wild birds , the wind to cross the forest and the voice of a bird hear them, as if wrapped in a vast forest and close the eyes the eyes .
While enjoying a sense of openness and sense of oneness with nature , please enjoy the skating .

December 20, [period ] , 2013 ( Friday) - February 23, 2014 (Sun)
[ Time ] 10:30 to 16:00 ( 15:30 last accepted )
Re-entry possible shoes 300 yen ※ If the same day loan [ fee ] admission ¥ 500
※ Please wear gloves always at the door .
※ The time and holding period , there is a case to be changed depending on the situation of snowfall and temperature .

Starry sky link

Skating rink in the evening for a limited time . Gentle light of candles will sparkle .

The 25th (Friday ) - 12 May 20 December [period ] 2013 ( Wed)
January 1, 2014 ( holiday) , the 2nd ( Thursday) , the 11th ( Saturday ) , the 12th (Sun)
[ Candle lighting time 17:00 to 20:00 ]

Short lessons

Short lessons for those who want to skate for the first time . I will teach you the elementary slip and how to how to wear skate shoes .

(1 day, the 8th , the 15th , the 22nd four days , the 11th , the 18th , January 25, 2014 / February ) Saturday February [ Dates ] and January
[ Time ] about 30 minutes from 14:00
[ Age ] or more elementary school students
I will be included in the [ fee ] admission
The [ sign up ] (reservation is not needed)

Kids area

Kids area for children of pre-school is open new . You can enter your left shoes Parents . (Requires admission )

The [ Contact ] Picchio TEL.0267-45-7777
[ Official site ] http://www.hoshino-area.jp/ecotour/backnumber/2013/11/09_1513.shtml

-------------------------------------------------- -

It is Karuizawa it has become more and more cold , but by all means , but please experience the Karuizawa of winter !

So , this week will be enough for this !

2013 /12 /13    Christmas season ... soon.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
Karuizawa tourism app, has released Ver5.0-29.
Is the illuminations version.
In order to stay warm the cold winter, please use.
Please use the Karuizawa tourism app in the future.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Well, I think towards the end of the year, everyone also thing started to spend every day busy Koushitomoni.
In the busyness and cold, please be careful not to break the body.

So, this week will be enough for this!

2013 /12 /6    Karuizawa Public Information December issue

2013 /11 /29    The current state of the plants in Botanical garden as of November 29th.

2013 /11 /22    Season of illumination soon

2013 /11 /15    Winter

Is it become cold this winter ?
How can good news if you can become a mild winter ... .

Cold , I 'm to Fukitoba to have a good time at the family .
What cold , and Ne might come change in temperature of the heart .

[ Karuizawa tourism app ]
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
There was no change or modification , especially this week as well .
Thank you for " Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

There , December is coming soon .
Always , there is a December out there and notice .
( December that I feel for some reason , such as those to get to ... I envy . )

We have been running low this year .
Cold because you have more , please pay attention to your body .

So , this week is Enough !

2013 /11 /08    Autumn leaves and soon ...
Cold morning and evening becomes severe such Karuizawa , freezing temperatures are now to be seen .

Glass freeze the car in the morning , sight was bleak was seen .

Please come with warm clothes when you come .

[ Karuizawa tourism app ]
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
There was no change or fix this week .
Soon , I'm trying to Utsurikawaro season illumination .
Maple mark was approached at the end soon .

Thank you for Karuizawa tourism app in the future.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

In addition, the season will rush in winter .
So as not to disturb the physical condition , please pay attention to health management .

So , this week is Enough !

2013 /11 /1    Autumn has deepened .
I have seen here and there is Halloween party yesterday .
Not particularly chilly , you will not became a good party ?

Well , this week

" Let's Walk a tourist guide " and " Karuizawa foliage Festival / 2013 " co-sponsored
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
Date: 3 days ( Sat ) November 2 (Sunday) November 27 ( Sat ) October 26 October (Sun)
Hours: 10:00 to 13:00
Karuizawa post office before and Karuizawa rotary alternating before : reception location
Way of Karuizawa you feel or Karuizawa rotary - cloud field pond : course
Duration: one hour or so
Entry fee : Free
Contact: Karuizawa Tourist Association  0267-41-3850 
※ It is canceled in case of heavy rain .
Organizer: Karuizawa Tourist Association ([[http://kanko.town.karuizawa.nagano.jp/]])
Board of Karuizawa tourism guide

Impressions of the participants :
● It was interesting to hear the story of everyday people information that live in Karuizawa .
● " many times has come to Karuizawa , but . , Which was good to be able to know the Karuizawa you do not know up to now."
● "consisting in '20 to have a villa in Karuizawa , but . Feel like can be guided when a friend came in to this "
● I also wanted to come to a different season .

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

I have a . Come and have a taste of with the history of Karuizawa the late autumn and Why ?

[ Karuizawa tourism app ]
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
Karuizawa tourism app this week , there was no change or modification in particular .

It is very beautiful foliage that had worried What with the typhoon when I colored . By all means, please leave the memories of tourism application . And Let's share in everyone you go through direction the location !

Thank you for [ app ] Karuizawa tourism in the future.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

It is Karuizawa was getting cold .
Please likelihood to have a warm preparation so as not drawn and cold .

And the tahini , this week Enough !

2013 /10 /25    The typhoon ...

This week, I think the rain as were many. Fog had come out at night.
It will become a little depressed in the weather does not clear.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
From last week, and added a foliage reporting and display of fall finally by multiplying this week
We released.

I added a "tourist guide system" button on the splash screen.
We hope you enjoy the sightseeing of Karuizawa.

Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

It is good weather and sunny nicely is more next week.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /10 /18    After the typhoon had left ...
From the 17th , cold wind has been blowing . Minimum temperature today AM5: was 2.7 ℃ to 57 .

In the footsteps of winter approaching gradually , it will be a little defensive , but the temperature during the day is higher still , let's enjoy it Now!

[ Karuizawa tourism app ]
-------------------------------------------------- -------------
There was no change or modification of our application of this week .
In the future, thank you [ the application ] Karuizawa tourism .
-------------------------------------------------- -------------

Soon , in 2013 has also finally running low in November also close .
Since it entered the cold time , please pay attention to health management .

So , this week is Enough !

2013 /10 /11    Weather did not stabilize .
Today , was about okay in short sleeves during the day in fine autumn day . Feeling is good .
This climate will last forever as it is , you need to be happy ... so .

Three days off in a row this weekend .
I feel three consecutive holidays is like a lot this year . Weather forecast in Karuizawa is like a sunny also marked as the 3rd uncommon , but does not understand weather in the mountains , more that had been ready for the rain gear a little might be good . Please be careful not disturb the physical condition .

[ Karuizawa tourism app ]
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
From last week , and added a foliage reporting and display of fall finally by multiplying this week
We released .

What leaves this year or will be ? I 'm looking forward to it.
Let's share and points of autumn leaves everyone in the world ! Thank you for your cooperation .

Thank you for [ app ] Karuizawa tourism in the future.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

2013 /10 /04    Is October rush .
There are the following events , which will guide you fall in Karuizawa .
Please try to ask many questions to guide Mr. means . You should spend a good time I'm sure .

" Let's Walk a tourist guide " and " Karuizawa foliage Festival / 2013 " co-sponsored
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
: 3 (Sat ) November 2 (Sunday) November 27 ( Sat ) October 26 October (Sun)
Hours: 10:00 to 13:00
Karuizawa post office before and Karuizawa rotary alternating before : reception location
Way of Karuizawa you feel or Karuizawa rotary - cloud field pond : course
Duration: one hour or so
Entry fee : Free
Contact: Karuizawa Tourist Association 0267-41-3850
※ It is canceled in case of heavy rain .
Organizer: Karuizawa Tourist Association ([[http://kanko.town.karuizawa.nagano.jp/)
Board of Karuizawa tourism guide
Impressions of the participants :
● It was interesting to hear the story of everyday people information that live in Karuizawa .
● " many times has come to Karuizawa , but . , Which was good to be able to know the Karuizawa you do not know up to now."
● "consisting in '20 to have a villa in Karuizawa , but . Feel like can be guided when a friend came in to this "
● I also wanted to come to a different season .
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

[ Karuizawa tourism app ]
 In our application of this week , there was no change or modification .
Thank you for " Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.

So , in Karuizawa the long night of autumn ! !

So , this week is Enough !

2013 /09 /27    It was close to the end as well in September.

From nowhere and at night, the smell of smoke in the wood stove will have.
The cold winter is coming. You can not help hope and as there are in the mild winter this winter ... somehow.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
  Our app this week, there was no change or modification.
Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.

Please take care and so that it does not disturb the physical condition due to sudden temperature changes.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /09 /20    After the typhoon, the weather is stable.

Also Karuizawa of September, I show a good look quaint, unlike the summer.

The figure of Asama, season, weather, time zone, sometimes you can be brilliant, you can show me a rugged look and feel easy.

The Asama of dawn, Is there when you show facial expressions, such as seems to be "Na's sleepy Oh" in particular.
In addition, Asama evening of moonlight, or looked visible stands out against as Fugaku that come out at the very beginning of the movie, as angry ... somehow.

When my son goes to nursery yet. Look at the Asama visible from the car, "(When I can not be said clearly still) Asama% X *?% Is'm come with me ..." ....
Mount Asama is a big present and living in Karuizawa.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
  Our app this week, there was no change or modification.

In this three day weekend, museum circulation bus, the bus location system, service will end. Thanks you for using many year.
  Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.

Well, it is three days off in a row this week as well. Mind and body and to refresh, please spend a pleasant weekend.

This week's Enough!

2013 /09 /13    It is three day weekend!

Karuizawa of this time, I went to the shop that spits out the good food, and enjoy the autumn of appetite and Why?
Next to her in Italian, Chinese ..., in various ways, so you can enjoy the French, but please try to find a shop of your choice of their own means.
When it is dining guide, bad weather of some must not care! !

[Karuizawa tourism app]
  Our app this week, there was no change or modification.

Version5.0-24 of August 1 is current, Nante there is no change ... more than a month.
Useful features and some fun features, etc., I would appreciate your contact and there.

Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.

Weather this weekend is doubtful, but I want you to have ... somehow.
By all means, but please to enjoy the fall in Karuizawa.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /09 /06    Weather is unfavorable.
The morning and evening, when temperatures dropped to or in close to the limit in short sleeves, but still are you still in short sleeves, the summer is or was because I do not want to go ....
It is the season of autumn appetite, food is delicious feel even more now.
We are going to eat a lot of fall of this year. In the multi-purpose eating out, you really ~ Let I have worked the shop this year
2013/10/10 (Thu) 5th Karuizawa test
5th test test [primary] [Grade 2] [3] class
The Karuizawa test, the test is to be performed in order to learn Karuizawa, have you re-discover the charm of Karuizawa.
  It is a thing that questions such as the nature, history, culture, architecture, biology and literature Karuizawa, from a wide range of fields, and to certify the depth of knowledge.
  Exams an annual venue in a given, will end Womochimashite 6th of 26 in FY 2011.
For details, refer to the [[http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/news/3256/]].
[Karuizawa tourism app]
  Our app this week, there was no change or modification.
Soon, plan to add functions to add data, and various are out, but hands do not busy I have worked in various ways.
Come and fall of this year also thank you the "Karuizawa tourism application".
Well, so please to enjoy the autumn of appetite in Karuizawa, which has been Akimei.
So, this week is Enough!

2013 /08 /30    You have come to fall
Everyone that two semester begins, please do want a new feeling.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
  Our app this week, there was no change or modification.

Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" continue.

I think that it let us to introduce the event also, from next week.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /08 /23    The wind has changed.
[Karuizawa tourism app]
  Our app this week, there was no change or modification.

Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" continue.

Change in temperature, so you may become violently, but please spent the attention to physical condition.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /08 /16    This week is a great person.

Time is too long to move the car, even after I have you need a place far much trouble
Etc. that can not be achieved even half of you want, or I Kokorogurushiku to watch.

I think by all means, and if you can come and see me play and make a some measures.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
There was no particular bug fixes and functional changes this week.

This year, traffic of 3G and LTE seems to have occurred in crowded this time of year.
In that case, have you at ease with the available shops Wifi all means, it is recommended.

Following on from last week, we will introduce how to use one of our application.

First, please turn on the GPS if possible.
This app If you have rising, first, if I have to select and "Spots"
Please performs an operation to bring to Android mobile devices have some information from the server.

1. Ask the community a question. , Let us report the traffic jam! , Leave memories in this position! , Let's go to this place!

The center of the screen, this feature, or scroll through the central square mark
Is achieved by at location button, and after the movement, tap center mark.

When you tap, a menu will appear, please select the action you want to do.

Come and when traveling, to have you using our application in Karuizawa,
Thank you for your attention.

Karuizawa, and crowded while longer, in a hot day, so may be followed,
Please note

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /08 /09    It has become like the summer weather.

Well since last weekend, we expect those who are tourism, to become even more.
You may be feeling the heat is increased in many people. Please be careful and to dehydration.
Please take to diligently moisture. Please be careful your child riding a stroller in particular.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
There was one review bug fixes this week.
It was corrected immediately after use in a group function, has launched the Karuizawa tourism application, because there was a bug that drop go to the map screen, tap the characters Submit button by tapping the group button.
I did not stay very sorry throne by any inconvenience this has caused.

Today, I try to itemize, the functionality of our application for the first time in many years. By all means, I would appreciate your use of the various functions.
First, the battery level, so we recommend that you ON the GPS, but please keep in to be able to use the GPS only for a little while.

1. Search by category spot
In our application, by searching the conditions first, you will select a category. The first screen, button by category. Is displayed.
After you tap this button, please use. If you do not know what you may be tap, especially if you can press the "Spots", spot color and we are listed.

2. View spot detail
1. list of spots in you search the transition to the next screen, it is displayed in the list. Tap a spot that is displayed here, please try to display more information. Detailed information is displayed. Photos will also be displayed, by tapping the picture, zoom is also available. Scaling the back button, and I'll get back to the original screen detail hidden. Also, since you can also navigation to the location, I think than go to mislead the destination?

3. You are here display mode scroll mode
By pressing the button You are here, you will location mode. If you leave the current location mode, your position will be displayed in the middle of the screen. Their position and is usually, and it is in Louisa. When you walk in this state, Louisa is in the middle, so map will continue to scroll, it is obvious that you are headed to either the way it is close to every store.

When scrolling the map, scroll mode is the scroll mode. I think than to see your location, and good to see what there far.

4. Group function
After performing a search, tap the group button, or create a group, you can enter the group.
Group, if I decided to group name and password and the people of the user you want to use, I simply enter your name after.
You can use more convenient to the input of the e-mail address or phone number, but the minimum angle set in rabbits,
Group name
Your name (what nickname, favorite word, etc. or your own is OK)
Just enter the. This is useful when you want to move a Karuizawa in the course different from the friends name a few. You can either send a letter, or send voice.

5. Karuizawa museum circulation bus localization
I can confirm the bus position this year.
Select the course of the bus by tapping the button bus the bus image on the map is drawn, at the bottom of the bus button, you can see the latest position of the bus in the update button.
Once in a while, move in bus How are you? In order to rest the body a little, move-friendly father you are tired daily How are you?

Thank you for Karuizawa tourism app in the future.

The Karuizawa Come the summer of this year! !

So, this week is Enough

2013 /08 /02    It is a rush to August.
Well, Karuizawa in August, events jostling.
Since not write it too There are many, we will introduce two fireworks this time! !

New Karuizawa Yagasaki park fireworks display Friday, August 16
Evening of celebration water star mine of new light midsummer

Scheduled to begin around 19:30 Friday August 16
Location: Yagasaki park
※ In the case of Rain Delay, without postponement.

Shrine fireworks Tuesday 20 August
Scheduled to begin around 19:30 Tuesday 20 August
Location: Karuizawa
※ light rain or shine (rain the next day)


[Karuizawa tourism app]
This week, Version5.0-23 is I was going to release.

For bug fixes, has been revised because there was a path to fall in relation to one display. I am very sorry it has the inconvenience.

In additions, the update button at the bottom of the bus button, I did it to show in the toast the name of the bus route you are currently viewing.
I think that it is easy to see which route currently displayed whether the route by adding this feature.

Function introduction:
It is a (character flowing from right to left) news ticker on the map, but this news ticker, the (Android2.3 system, in. Android4.X tap, three points are displayed vertically in the lower left corner the menu button "Menu "Display or hide" will be switched is displayed on the tap after tap the minute part is) "→" Other "→" news settings "in the" News Settings dialog ", when the flow of the ticker troublesome and" non- I tap the display ". Then, tickers will no longer flow, you can see the map slowly. Please use it! !

Season, Karuizawa, Karuizawa in the new neighborhood in the future, you may traffic LTE, the 3G occurs. When you search the required data of our application in the shop with the Wifi is at a time like this, you can use comfortably.

We thought that he who used the best if you choose a category, have you know the function by tapping here and there after. If you find a path that fall, please report.

So, thank you, Karuizawa tourism app in the future.

The sea, the mountains, in the city. I think the families with children of school during a very busy time, but please spend with careful please.

So, this week is Enough! !

2013 /07 /26    Is summer vacation.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
  This week, version went up to Version5.0-20.

As I mentioned last week, this release, circulation in the town bus east and South around the museum and circulation bus
With respect to the display of position information confirming service, we often fix.

We apologize for the inconvenience to everyone in the version up to repeated, but it is for good service delivery
I would appreciate your understanding by all means.

Button has been increased another in the upper left corner of the map display screen from this version. My name is "update button".
(The button image of the bus is displayed, I called the bus button.)

Every time you tap, bus button, the display bus routes
I will switch in the order of "Ri museum tour bus + town patrol east and South surroundings" → "museum and circulation bus" → "Ri town circulation east and South surroundings".

When you tap the Refresh button to update the display bus you switch the bus button to the latest position of the bus.

Please use a certain amount of time even now comes, so we now can also perform the update button, the information that has been updated.

So, thank you, Karuizawa tourism app in the future.

In the hot summer, it is best to spend it in a cool place.
Please spend a cool summer in Karuizawa by all means.

So, this week will be enough for this.

2013 /07 /19    Soon, it ~ ♪ It is summer vacation

This year,

Museum of Art and Tourism circulation bus
Every day 23, July 20, 2012 (Sat) - September to (month), bus circulating in the museum in Karuizawa-machi within runs.

It is now in such a season again. One year is instant.

Last year, it has been introduced a service that can be found in "Karuizawa tourism application", the position information of Karuizawa museum circulation bus,
This year, this feature has been revived.

In addition, this year,
I can now confirm the position of the bus in the town loop bus east-south line around.

I think because it is Karuizawa you need much effort, movement of private cars also whether it is all right, but without worrying about parking, it's try to enjoy the summer slowly being shaken to the bus and Why?

Karuizawa tourism app Version5.0-12

Moth because it is the latest version, please please use.
In addition, iPhone, other PC, in the one of Android available, this service is, of course from a Web browser,


Because you can found at this URL, please please use.

I avoid the city hot summer, please come to summering in Karuizawa by all means.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /07 /12    Rainy season is dawning ...

[Karuizawa tourism app]

It also fixes this week, there was no change.

The "Karuizawa tourism application" and close to the spot, has the ability to notify you by voice.
If the mobile phone is in silent mode and notify you by Vibe. Because trembling slightly longer, if it is not necessary, "Menu" -> "Notification Settings" -> "When I approached the tourist spots", please check "does not know" in the dialog. Let us know you will not even come close to the spot in this, please please use.

This year, the service position information confirming system of Karuizawa Art Museum circulation bus is able to confirm with a "Karuizawa tourism application" begins.
Come and be purchased from free daily pass, please looking around here and over there also. Because did you come to Karuizawa, forget the flow of the usual time, but please spend a relaxed slowly.

Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.


Now, since we are waiting for summer vacation of your children,
So please come and see me summering in Karuizawa all means.

When you need to angle Karuizawa rabbit, you can leave with the flow of time unlike the city
That you spend slowly is the best. It will be a space to be able to spend in good health kit.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /07 /05    It's rainy ....

Or would have been approaching the end of the rainy season? Rain came more completely.
However, to enter the July, so it may wind warm, moist flows, you would not of been able to feel the summer?

When will the end of the rainy season this year ... what makes. Summer or become hot .... If you ruminate from now, you will feel very happy.

7/5 gold to 7/15 May 2013
Karuizawa summer held the bargain! Prince Shopping Plaza

Is in session. Event because it is considered to hold a lot, please join us.
Http://www.karuizawa-psp.jp/: details

Please see.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
It also fixes this week, there was no change.

If you are walking in the Karuizawa, and then take a picture from the Android mobile device. That location did so where?
Sometimes you forget where it is. At such times, please use the "memory function".

To conduct a map display, and if I turn ON GPS, you can see the current location. The menu If you tap it
It will open, tap "(will not be published)! Leave memories to this position", memories input screen is displayed,
I put a word in memory field, if you select the image, and voila.

The How in the memories of the trip?

Thank you for Karuizawa tourism app in the future.

With a little more, it is summer the sun is shining and people chan. Please enjoy the few remaining rainy season.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /06 /28    I would be hot sunny interval comes out ...
Again, I think that it is good because it might be necessary to coat a piece of thin, it's bring your just in case.

Well, I was introduced earlier,

Bar all round Karuizawa

The event is "Bar Karuizawa all round", combines "bus tour all round" and "global city" + town, and that let's go to play in various shops from one end of town!
  Official site: http://gurutto-bar.com
  Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/karuizawa.bar

There it is in session. Please join heartily everybody.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
Fixed especially this week, there was no change.

Continue to have you use, thank you.

Soon, rainy season also reached the middle, discomfort index is getting higher as humid in the city.
Want to eliminate in Karuizawa pleasant of morning and evening, such a discomfort?

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /06 /21    Rainy season ....
It has become possible to realize the rainy season in earnest.
Even sunny during the day, rain or started to fall in the evening, might be some effect of the typhoon, warm blasts, and can have a humid, elements of the summer I've been entered soon.

I do not like much, but let's wait for the summer and sunny sky nicely Overcoming this time also.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
This week, there is a modification of one review bug that play up to the store, I was upgraded to Version 5.0-11.

You have been corrected are likely to click the Louisa, the dialog display of concier etc. that appear from time to time, such as from the longitudinal direction, Android terminal goes sideways, and was going on, a bug that drop.

Of the use of "Karuizawa tourism application" when it was Version 5.0-10, please update to Version 5.0-11.

So, thank you to "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.

Rainy season because it will linger around for a while, but please enjoyed the rainy season.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /06 /14    It has become like a rainy season finally.
We'll see to do, weather a future rainy fog of Karuizawa also moisture also, it was a hate Until recently, but this year I have been getting miss somehow.

Fog occurs, which you are relieved is there ... is.

Rain and fog it with an ally, please enjoy Karuizawa tourism! !

[Karuizawa tourism app]
There was no particular bug fixes and functions change.

New features in various ways is also planned.

Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.

Well, Karuizawa, now became like a rainy season will come alive the nature of Karuizawa.
Away the hustle and bustle of the city, mind and body refresh!

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /06 /07    It is the rainy season, but the weather is surprisingly good Karuizawa.

● Bar all round Karuizawa

The event is "Bar Karuizawa all round", combines "bus tour all round" and "global city" + town, and that let's go to play in various shops from one end of town!
Official site: http://gurutto-bar.com
Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/karuizawa.bar
● What is town Bar?

The "town Bar", As-explanatory, and the thing to suit town? (MACHI) +? A (BAR Spanish) Bar?, Drink, eat large for the purpose of activation of the restaurant of the city and has been held all over the country now as walking events.
The "Bar Karuizawa all round", next whether the event what exactly? Let's look at how to enjoy it!
● How to Enjoy Bar all round

First, (2800 yen three spelling-adv 2400 yen / day) buy tickets at the ticket and participation store or dealer (such as Moto Teka coffee).
If you go to participating stores you want to take a look at the flyer and WEB, special menu 1 drink + 1 dish (food) is provided for each one ticket.
(Also available cyclic bus) move freely while viewing the map. I enjoy a drink or food pride at each store.
(Otsuri not out) also acceptable use as a cash voucher of ¥ 800 minutes second and subsequent sheets in the same shop.
Should the ticket you did not Tsukaikire, can be used as a discount coupon to go to the global participation tempo after the event. (Until attention! 2013/7/29 to the expiration date. ※ does not appear to Otsuri)
Join the "Rokekko!" In addition to that you know, such as operation status and bus information of the shop, zo the beginning of the gift and drinks beer, privilege that is advantageous is hidden if you get an egg!
● participating retailer

Please see the participating retailer list.
● ticket dealer

Participating retailer each shop
(Karuizawa police station near the forest in the deck you want omitted) group Teka coffee
Shop A-woto of Karuizawa quiche (Au~oto) (Nakakaruizawa station Kutsukake Terrace 2F)
● Sponsorship

Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. Marketing
Hokuriku Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd.
Karuizawa Kogen Beer (Yahho Brewing Co., Ltd.)
Karuizawa Brewery Co., Ltd.
Budget Car Rental Karuizawa Station store
Asama channel
● cooperation

Ltd. office Kitada
Karuizawa salad farm
GK Gil volatile
Drinking place Araki
Moto Teka coffee
● sponsorship

Karuizawa-machi Chamber of Commerce
Karuizawa Tourist Association
Karuizawa News building
FM Karuizawa
● organized

Bar Executive Committee all round Karuizawa
Karuizawa Karuizawa 1323-1452 Mototeka within
: 0267-41 -0946  phone

[Karuizawa tourism app]
There was no change or bug fixes especially this week.
Soon, it is a season bus orientation function of "Karuizawa museum and tourist loop bus" version, but this year ...?
Still, I do not know in detail, and this HP, and then contact on Google Play store as soon as it is decided.

So, thank you in the future.

At the beginning of the rainy season, still, I can Karuizawa tourism.
By all means, but please try to walk the Karuizawa rainy season. Encounter a variety may be waiting to plant to animal! !

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /05 /31    And I have entered the rainy season.
It is a thing short refreshing seasonal and cheerful.
I would be entering the rainy season also Karuizawa. Rain would increase a little from now on. I became a rain since mid this week.

It will be that people sunny interval of valuable rainy season, has come to tourism becomes the weekend is also satisfied.
Apparently, in the forecast, I seem to have on Saturday. Although it is a little suspicious ... Sunday.

June from tomorrow. Do not forget Orders! !

[Karuizawa tourism app]
I was a no change especially this week.

Please look forward to the next edition to put forward a plan in various ways towards the improvement of the following features, so we have boiled down.
Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.

Climate change in the future will be aware of it, we think rainy season until dawn, and do let us rediscover the goodness of Karuizawa by to spend slowly.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /05 /24    Young leaves of trees is very beautiful.
Young leaves of trees is shining brilliantly in the sunlight.
  It was a little chilly this morning, I can spend leisurely while in the fresh green eyes.
  [Karuizawa tourism app]
  Version up and bug fixes also was not especially this week.
  When you are planning your trip to Karuizawa, to remember where you want to go, the most useful is the "bookmark" feature.
  By performing a search, you can view the details from the list, there is a clip to the right of the title. By tapping here, spots are bookmarks.
  What kind of search is be carried out, bookmark, will appear in the search results list.
  Arriving in Karuizawa, if released from the bookmark the location that you visit, the remaining spot so you can quickly see, is a feature recommended.
  We would appreciate if you would have developed the use of my own.
  Thank you for this application in the future.
  The coming season, you'll get the temperature rises when it is downtown, resulting in fatigue accumulated during the week.
  To heal such a tired, please come to Karuizawa.
  So, this week is Enough!

2013 /05 /17    Cuckoo began to squeal.
Cuckoo began to squeal this week. Cuckoo summer bird. Karuizawa is also a farewell to the cold finally this bird is rather.
Soon, so you can leisurely tea on the terrace of a cafe, please go to leisurely.
[Karuizawa tourism app]
Version5.0-10 is has been released.

From this version, traffic information possessed by the Android MapView is now visible.
I think when I use it in conjunction with congestion reporting, and obtained or more accurate information.
"Menu" - and because it is a toggle display> in the "congestion information display On / Off", you and you can make quick display.

As we inform Twitter account "karuizawathread" in (Karuizawa tourism app), when there is an error in the spot event information in this publication during this application, please feel free to contact us from twitter.
In addition, spot events that you want to also posted if you can feel free to contact us at twitter, will be posted! !

Thank you for "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future.

Moments to spend relaxing on the terrace of a cafe in Karuizawa, will be a time of healing of your kit.
Please enjoy the early summer of Karuizawa slowly please.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /05 /10    GW was over.
GW was over.

The GW would have had you doing?
Karuizawa might was a little cold. It was getting warmer finally from yesterday, forecast does not stick We'll see will be to come.

The trees have spread the leaves in the warmth from yesterday finally. Karuizawa shining fresh green is now. I Please come to see the green of Karuizawa all means.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
There is no change, especially this week.

Situation in GW, 3G, LTE is hard to lead new Karuizawa, Karuizawa in the old seems to have been frequent, but in such a case, a cafe, etc. available to Wifi, please try using the app loose. I think that it can be operated comfortably.

In the future, thank you a "Karuizawa tourism application".

I became a season fresh green beautiful. By all means, but please come and see me Karuizawa it doubles as a forest bathing in everyone.

So, this week is Enough! !

2013 /05 /02    GW is the second half.
Well, it is the second half of the GW finally. Although I think the rest also large or all the time from the first half,
From now on, the GW production of Karuizawa. Is there a cold morning and evening, but it is still very easy to spend during the day
Came now.

Come and you come to Karuizawa, but please look around in various ways.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
Version5.0-09 is has been released.

In this version, bug hierarchy of categories, such as come out since two are adjusted during the search category, please use.

I think that if you can use a convenient feature to group those who ever been to Karuizawa tourist in a group.
Since the Enter your choice of name and your group name and password, and chat, contact in the voice are available, please use.

The menu, weather forecast, Shinkansen return ... is. For those that, if you can see the traffic information site, when you pay your power surely
Should be. Please use the many features please.

"Karuizawa tourism app" is, was able to celebrate the first anniversary thanks to everyone. I thank you In an effort to help you to take this opportunity.

There is a long way to reach the final point of this application evolving.
So that I have you use "Karuizawa tourism application" in the future, and for your continued guidance and encouragement, thank you.

I have been praying that the weather in the second half is good. Please to enjoy Karuizawa by all means!

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /04 /26    It was cold on Monday
The beginning of this week was a reversion to the winter snow is rather cold and -6.1 ℃ rest. Person who was replaced with normal from the studless tire of the car also seemed were many, but it did not seem so Tsumora the road.
Again, to GW I can not return to normal tires Karuizawa.

Home page of Karuizawa Tourist Association sama seems to have renewed, please and get the information by accessing more and more ^ ^

[Karuizawa tourism app]
Version 5.0-07 has been released.

If you do not require detailed information on attractions, especially, because the communication is not generated by this version, because it has to come with the rising time news and weather, traffic information site, and how quick I think.

Thank you for Karuizawa tourism app in the future.

It is a long-awaited GW rush. While attempt has been hope and want be in Karuizawa pleasant weather is ... well.

By all means, please come and see me Karuizawa tourism! !

So this week is Enough!

2013 /04 /19    It is Karuizawa you do not fit warm.
I was warm until later this week, when temperatures have dropped from last night around.
Forecast to be cold so we come out this weekend, please be careful everyone your body.

Earthquake seems to be happening more this week. It is a little worried.

Sakura seems to have started to bloom in Karuizawa finally.
I think even this is a faster than average. I would do such much bloom just in GW per always,
It is a little early this year. Please, go look at all means cherry tree in Karuizawa.

[Karuizawa tourism app]
Version 5.0-06 has been released.
I think because it was devised, such as how to display a little, if I have you use, and if you can to any comments.
Thank you for Karuizawa tourism app in the future.

I will rush to GW from the long-awaited end of next week. I Please come to stretch their wings leisurely survive the first half of next week.

So, this week is Enough! !

2013 /4 /12    Revert to winter this week.
Karuizawa revert to winter this week. Since I seem to get a cold and absent-minded, please note.

I'm sorry. Since the work came a little crowded, but I this week should be enough for this!

2013 /4 /5    Start the new year
Everyone freshman, new employees, congratulations.
Margin because it comes out a little when I get used to the new environment, it is patience until then.

Let's go without overdoing.

The Naraeru 4 / 2-4 chef "Children pizza classroom"
The 24th event in March 2013, Information, Gourmet, Nakakaruizawa Sen months waterfall
※ The photograph is an image. It is different from the one you make in practice.
"Children pizza Class" held! Call for Participation in

Will be held to enjoy the children, "Children pizza classroom" in Il Sonyo.
Let's challenge to make pizza a full-fledged along with the chef of Il Sonyo. Your participation with your father, the mother also welcome of course. To make memories of spring break, please enjoy aligned parent and child.

Thursday 04 April - Tuesday 02 April day degree
Set 9:45 time, start 10:00, 12:00 scheduled end
Place elm Terrace Il Sonyo
Until about five years elementary school target (guardian)
Up to 3 sets of the 1st constant employee
Per person ¥ 2,000 fee
0267-31-0031: TEL destination sign up
※ Reservation required by phone at least 3 days before
Official site http://www.hoshino-area.jp/ilsogno/backnumber/2013/03/18_1821.shtml

[Karuizawa tourism app]
This week, bug fixes and some modification of the appearance was entered.
Even if I say look, it is about the result of the event search, icon of the duration of the event has changed.

I'll explain a little group in one function.
In a group function, it is if you are participating in a group, but you can see and there is no use to some extent, to have joined the group, but the person, has become a withdrawal treatment from the group. Because it seems to be participating from the app, thank you so as not to make a mistake.

In this case, it is disengaged from the group once, please join again.

Thank you for Karuizawa tourism app in the future.

It is Golden Week With a little more.
How Golden Week this year, do you spend?
I do not know weather may or may not be stable, but by all means, but please come and see me Karuizawa.

So, this week is Enough!

2013 /3 /29    The beginning of the next week is rushed in April.
It was March of the climate which doesn't become stable variously, but it'll be April soon. There was variation in climate from the second half February to March, but I think I had very much warm days.

I'm busy variously in April, but I can exert myself by divine protection of the good climate. Impossibility is the giblets which aren't put on while consulting with the form.

NakaKaruizawa library open commemoration event holding 2013 year March 29 day event, information, life and NakaKaruizawa Sengataki

Then the NakaKaruizawa libraries which open on April 1st (Nakakaruizawa station and area exchange run terrace of shoes of facilities) hold an opening event.

< event on April 1st>

10:30pm-12:00pm A toque event ", 祝! Karuizawa library Author, Otohiko Kaga and toque at the heart" Mr. Otohiko Kaga (author: Karuizawa Kougen library director) A listener and Ms. Asako Yashiro (actress and Karuizawa
Kougen library director), 2 other actors of the young people.

Spring in 13:30pm-14:30pm "commemoration reading aloud meeting by Aoki Hiroko director"-Shinano-

A library Event by friend's meeting.

The 15:00pm-schoolchild target from which I "will learn English with a child" (guardian accompanying welcome) I'll sing an English song with※ children and perform in a small drama by English!

16:00pm Workshop "scheme and connection reading way" "溜 (purpose)" and "imagination" are used with※ "contents" as a clue. The trick which can grasp the content of the worrisome book and the structure of the whole
now sensuously by a short time is told. The work making link to "連読" "系読" reading by several copies is learned.

< event on April 2nd>

10:30am-reading aloud and guitar performance I read aloud more than Jimenez work "PURATERO and I": Aoki Hiroko director Guitar performance: Oshiri Masahiro.

13:00pm-14:00pm "Special of an opening commemoration story meeting by a story tree.

14:00pm-child movie screening party An original work: Tatsuya Miyanishi "You seem good." (90 minutes)

※ A story telling by a town volunteer is performed at any time in the children's house area.
※ Karuizawa related DVD is televised in the browsing area.
※ A historical landscape picture panel in Karuizawa is exhibited according to the establishment of "Karuizawa archive".

< opening event Opening memorial lecture>

A lecturer: Jiro Asada (author) Subject "An own book is told." 13:00 pm of April 21st-NakaKaruizawa library multi-purpose room ※ reception end. Thank you very much for a lot of applications.

< the regular event held every month at NakaKaruizawa library>

Aoki director's reading aloud meeting 14:00 pm 2nd Saturday every month-(about 1 hour)

Story telling of a story tree 11 3rd Sunday every month: 00am-12:00am

Reading aloud workshop Meeting, a library friend Reading aloud volunteer "great Ruri" 13 4th Saturday every month: 30pm-

※ An event of a free-for-all.
※ Time will be sometimes change by a holding moon.

< IRASUTORETAEMUNAMAE Work exhibition and talk show>

"The power of the dream" when it's strange but true, I come April 28th NakaKaruizawa library multi purpose room at the 14:00pm-.

A blinded painter.
However I'm writing a picture book, am having an exhibition and am doing painter's work even now.
It's strange but true.
I meet.
When believing the power of the dream, Miki is laughing.

[Karuizawa sightseeing application]
Telling you last week was forgot.

1. A report of illuminations by Louisa and a tap of a center cursor was possible, so I corrected.

2. I made sure that text color on the street will be indicated with the same color as a street.

It has been raised for the bug fix and the change.

Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future.

The season when vigor comes out a body and a heart as it becomes warm.
By all means, please come to Karuizawa.

Then this week is at this neighborhood!

2013 /3 /22    The snow of Mount Asama, would you've solved half? .
Temperature is not stable, I is the season of spring is felt comfortably.
School, I think their parents are spending time with their children is increasing becoming spring break.
When this, do not you come to Karuizawa parents and children? Karuizawa to enjoy cycling in the bike. Do a little cold or the wind yet? However, in order to enjoy the Karuizawa GW before the crowds might be a good time.

Release free pass Karuizawa Karuizawa could spin freely!
Information on Mar 18, 2013, campaign, Topics

And Shinano Railway between Karuizawa - Comoros, town buses will be sold at the station station Comoros Miyota Karuizawa Station and railway stations and Nakakaruizawa Shinano, free get on and off the "free pass Karuizawa" many times! Come, now is the season of crisp Please use, worry-free public transportation and parking congestion!

Karuizawa free pass
2-day ticket: 3,600 yen (1,800 yen for children)
1-day ticket: 2,500 yen (1,250 yen for children)

Contact Us
0267-41-3850: TEL Karuizawa Tourist Association

Please refer to the PDF below for more information.

Women also held the Annual Spring Events from 3/20!
Event March 18, 2013, information, shopping, Kyu Karuizawa

Sunday 31 March to Wednesday 20 March 2013 the Annual Spring Sun about Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
Time 10:00 am ~ 19:00 pm
Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza location
March sales closing days without rest
Http://www.karuizawa-psp.jp official site

Women's Association and spring Saori Takizawa manager special day

Friday, March 22, Cheng Sun
14:00 pm ~ 17:30 pm time
Karuizawa Dauphine Receptionist (New East)
10:00 am ~ the day
First 30 / women only constant employee
Fee Free
Fashion advice in the shop contents
Dessert Buffet in Karuizawa-Dauphine
Shooting and talk show & Memorial
¥ 1,000 products that you can use your voucher in the shopping plaza Privilege
Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Contact
TEL: 0267-42-5211
Remarks ※ reservation is not accepted, thank you reception desk at the reception location.
※ will be terminated as soon as the reception capacity.
Http://www.karuizawa-psp.jp official site


Karuizawa tourism [app]
We released Version5 last weekend.
, To prevent confusion, those who are will be available in Version4 has been to minimize the difference between the degree of the GUI.
I think the topic is introduced, as new features, to be able to convey to you the information of Karuizawa Zuku not directly with the string position information.
I may not understand, Please question concier.

So, thank you to "app Karuizawa tourist" in the future.

This year's pollen seems pretty terrible, even those who are not usually very severe, but it seems to suffer with itchy runny nose and eyes.
Still, I'll have a little influence? Please take care to please pollen.

So, this week should be enough for this!

2013 /3 /15   
The warmth and the coldness seem to come alternately, and Karuizawa isn't a little easy for a body.
"The coldness and... by which spring is the style only with the name" indeed street... of poetry. A Japanese nightingale will also stop to cry by this climate. When it's done a little more, a Japanese nightingale will be also to sing with good voice.

Still I feel very good on a warm day.

[Karuizawa sightseeing application] I have finished testing---------------------------------------- Version5 for the most part, what shall I make the information everyone of the user can establish (at present, illuminations), it can't be decided, and
it's being considered at present. Please soon wait for release a moment. Don't learn a lesson from this and also please take care of Karuizawa sightseeing application with future.

This weekend's weather forecast...? It seems good for the most part, but please be sure to confirm the weather forecast before going out. The wind blows suddenly, and the situation becomes doubtful, so a weekend prepares 1 of preparation of rainwear
and jacket, and is to Karuizawa! !

Then this week is at this neighborhood!

2013 /3 /8    It becomes springlike, and I have come!
Karuizawa becomes springlike a little, and I have come. The sunlight was warm, and the temperature was starting to go up the daytime.
It's pleasant-,-,-,-,-. Is the feeling of a reptile that you have come out of hibernation such feeling? But the morning and evening is cold, so still, please be careful about physical condition management! !

[Event] in
3/2122 TIC Tokyo, Komoro Karuizawa promotion holding!
Tourist association in an event, an information booth, promotion Komoro and Karuizawa holds a promotion in TIC TOKYO of Tokyo station Nipponbashi exit for 1 minute on foot (Tourist Information Center Tokyo) for 08 days in March in 2013. I'll deliver the latest information in spring of this year. Quiche, coffee beans, juice, jam and Karuizawa high plain
beer also appear! The YURU character "Louisa" will guide you the famous place where I hid and an interesting place including the year-round type Curling facilities I do ground opening of in this spring "Karuizawa eye spark".
Komoro tourist association and Karuizawa Tourist Association Common PR event schedule Thursday, March 21st-hour Friday March 22nd 11:00am - 18:00pm place Marunouchi trust tower N house The contents (in front of TIC Tokyo) in front of the main entrance Please refer to a handbill PDF file conversantly.
Karuizawa half marathon meeting volunteer recruitment!
2013 year March 02 day event, information, leisure and wide band

Please cooperate with Karuizawa half marathon 2013 meet volunteer.
The course was changed big taking 2010 25 time commemoration meeting as an opportunity, and "road race in Karuizawa" which was being held at Kazakoshi park as the event site for 24 years from 1985 was remodeled in a meet of half marathon and a family pair (2.1km). The country has high evaluation from a citizen runner in the whole country in holding
of a marathon meeting at eminent holiday resort and Karuizawa-machi.
Much more everybody's cooperation of many volunteers is needed as follows in case of holding of a meet. I would like to ask you to cooperate in meet operation by all means.

The volunteer recruitment number of people 450 totals. I'll also welcome a group and an application by a group, a workplace and school.
※ Application deadline Friday, March 29th

Volunteer kind of work About 150(1) course arrangement ones (the lead which are a player and an audience on the course route, safety ensuring and guidance to a vehicle)(2) water only※ meet Sunday, May 19th of the day 200 people ( Offer of water at a reservoir and an isotonic drink. 5 course routes),(3) hand baggage keeping 50 people ( Of player's
hand baggage, it's kept and delivered. In a start finish meeting place,), 50 people corresponding to a(4) finisher ( For a finisher, towel drink running the whole distance certificate delivery. In a start finish meeting place,).

< news>(1) I give a meet original staff jacket cap to you.
(2) I give "the volunteer passport" to you.
A discount and a privilege of a present are received at various facilities in the town and a store (during fixed period).
(3) A congress secretariat buys a volunteer personal accident insurance.
(4) There are no fare, hotel charges and provision of a box lunch.
(5) A volunteer workshop is scheduled for May 7th-the 10th twice. (Please attend one of once.)

Please refer to a PDF file for details about a volunteer and an application. Please refer to this page about the meet holding outline.

< question> Karuizawa half marathon congress secretariat TEL : 026-236-3371 (10:00-17:00 Except for※ dirt, day and holiday) E-mail : karuizawa@shinmai.co.jp official site: http://www.shinmai.co.jp/karuizawa-hm/

[Karuizawa sightseeing application]
It's Version5 it was expected to release in several days more last week, excuse me. It seems to be after release during next week.
I'm truly sorry. Could everyone use it at Karuizawa in spring by all means, I'd like to decide to take it out as soon as possible.
Also please take care of [Karuizawa sightseeing application] with future.

Now, everyone who became springlike a little, and felt like going out somewhere.
Please come to Karuizawa to play. I'm waiting! !

Then this week is at this neighborhood!

2013 /3 /1    It's plunge in March....
This winter lowest temperature - 15.8 ℃ was recorded on Monday, but Karuizawa recorded 9.5 ℃ of+ in start of being for 27 days warmly after that, and was 12.2 ℃ of+ and the weather of the spring today.
Spring has come there. Maybe the difference in the long time temperature becomes intense, so please be careful about your health.

Tokyo 藝術 university design 4 exhibitions-Masaaki Miya, Shibusawa Lord and Arimoto Toshio Masataka Oyabu 

Tokyo 藝術 university school of art family of arts and crafts split up into a family of arts and crafts and a design family in 1975, and Masataka Oyabu ground on in developing upbringing simultaneously with painter activity for half a century as a head professor of a design family. The student who had Oyabu's guidance, for hundreds of people and, I'm also playing an active
part widely by the domestic and abroad various genres at present.
Postwar confusion was talking big in 1960 's when avant-garde art movement was popular to ending and the hot artists who groped after new fine arts sincerely were talking big in all part. The artists which belonged to the concrete society of fine arts in Kansai were the good example, but the people who tried also to reconsider the value of traditional Japanese designing
by Kanto area and aim at the reinstatement by the worldwide view were here. That's artists from the Tokyo 藝術 university design which makes Masataka Oyabu the center.
They were the young in twenties that I was learning in Oyabu by Tokyo 藝術 university and was trying hard to improve myself together in particular in Arimoto Toshio, Shibusawa Lord and Masaaki Miya and others. Of the difference in the age by which Arimoto, Shibusawa and a prince are 23 years old in turn, it was the same generation mostly, but oldest Arimoto died of the
youth of 38 years old per 1985 years, and Shibusawa also entered the rank of the dead preciously in April in 2012. A prince is playing an active part as an international artist while carrying a duty of Tokyo 藝術 university social cooperation center chief and Japan Art Institute council at present.
An exhibition of 4 people including these 3 able successors is held to apply Masataka Oyabu's design thought from the roots and make the modern significance clear in Karuizawa New Art Museum this time. 4 exhibitions which made the individuality stand out respectively (exhibition hall) will be to make beautiful consonance sound at a place by Karuizawa.

A schedule Friday, February 8th-hour Sunday March 31st 11:00am - 17:00pm place Karuizawa New Art Museum (Karuizawa new art museum) 〒 389-0102 Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 1151-5 tel:0267-46-8691 fax:0267-46-8692 URL:http://www.knam.jp/ The closing day Weekly Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ※ March 20th (water and 祝) opens The charge The public/more
than 65 years old for 1000 yen and Ko Ou/800 yen Onaka freshness/500 yen Study child/no charge-lessly.

Senda Yasuhiro Installation exhibition Myrkvir MYURUKUVIZU-awareness and the scenery-

Special plans in Karuizawa New Art Museum winter will hold "Senda Yasuhiro Installation exhibition Myrkvir MYURUKUVIZU-awareness and the scenery-".
Senda Yasuhiro (it was CHI Yasuhiro and 1977-) was often producing an installation (the expression art which makes sense whole installation site and space and experience it) work using various places. Senda's work is working on a somesthesia and is always giving us fresh deep emotion while handling Hikari and space.
Senda Yasuhiro of whom the achievement which will be increasingly from now on expects the territory where I deal with spatial production of a stage design, architecture and a commercial establishment widely. Senda's installation work produces and exhibits it especially in the 6th room of KaNAM this time. You produce a peculiar context called Karuizawa by Senda at giblets
place "MYURUKUVIZU", or, deep deep forest. And it'll be to be able to feel the spreading scenery in the consciousness in immediateness.
Even if Senda is seeing a "the same one and the scenery, it's different in something to pick it up from there and take it depending on people. In other words, it can be said itself is the only one and that the scenery is in the inside,", (than Senda Yasuhiro formal home page) is being explained. Please taste the only sense to permeate profoundity of the individual who
senses a work by all means.
Further "from Tokyo 藝術 university design 4 exhibitions-Masaaki Miya, Shibusawa Lord and Arimoto Toshio Masataka Oyabu" is held at the same time by the 5th room from the 1st room. Arimoto Toshio who turns the spotlight on the design thought Masataka Oyabu has pursued and a root of Japanese mind and is a pupil, Shibusawa Lord and Masaaki Miya will be the valuable chance
to follow the succession while exhibiting the respective works. Please enjoy yourself all together.

□ Senda Yasuhiro formal home page http://web4m.web.fc2.com/

A schedule Friday, February 8th-hour Sunday March 31st 11:00am - 17:00pm place Karuizawa New Art Museum (Karuizawa new art museum) 〒 389-0102 Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 1151-5 tel:0267-46-8691 fax:0267-46-8692 URL:http://www.knam.jp/ The closing day Weekly Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ※ March 20th (water and 祝) opens The charge It'll be the public/more
than 65 years old for 1000 yen and Ko Ou/800 yen Onaka draft beer/ticket which are 500 yen of※ "4 exhibitions" and commonness study child/no charge-lessly.

[Karuizawa sightseeing application]
It's expected to release Version5.0 in these several days.
The interface isn't changed so much after all, so far, if, the convenience is almost similar. I considered saying it wasn't confused in particular. ., topic could be introduced and have the users know information besides the location and the event information now. I think when everyone would know animals and plants in Karuizawa, a great person in Karuizawa and a biography.

More information will be added now, so the "Karuizawa sightseeing application" which is information filling increasingly, we'll also appreciate your continued support.

It's also the evidence that spring is near that the difference in the temperature became intense. Pollen also seems to be flying, so by and by, a person with hay fever prepare a mask, please! !, please also enjoy a little unstable weather! !

Then this week is at this neighborhood!

2013 /2 /22    Is it the coldest period this season?
Karuizawa is considerable chill. Still the lowest temperature doesn't also reach 15 ℃ of-by upto 13 ℃ of-.
What happens to further down for chill...? A little worrying place.

[Event]-----------------------------------------icicle illuminations Even 2/24 is 2013 year February 09 day "beauty, village" diary, an event, an information booth, KyuKaruizawa and KyuKaruizawa.

Winter event Karuizawa "icicle illuminations".
I receive a reputation from many persons, and it's the 2nd time of holding this year.

Shiraito Highland Way by which a place leads to a tourist spot on the Karuizawa north side "Shiraito Falls".
A period is money to 2/24, dirt, a day, a holiday and lighting up time seventeen o'clock-nineteen o'clock.
Please refer to this for more information.

The dolls which are made by the art, the event, the information and the doll show where Shiozawa, hotchi and Kazakoshi park" mind" are moved-art universe which makes Germany the center-Germany and its circumference and loved widely from a wide bed for 15 days in February in 2013 have the feature in the expression.
I'm laughing, seem the place where feeling of the person who sees can find to have various expressions seems to feel sad and it may be an attractive one.
A mother would like to give a good doll to her children, and the dolls which attract these people begin to be made, a little, improvement, 加, can. Good of its quality could get the reputation and give it to children of all over the world now. The improvement is also continued at present, but the expression
a doll doesn't flatter and polite production don't change and are done importantly.
By this exhibition, a German-shaped, KETE where a manufacturer is typical existence, Kruse's doll and a doll of the PONGURATTSU wife who becomes popular from many collectors are exhibited. I'll introduce the nutcracker, the pipe doll and the carpenter toy made in the German ERUTSU area, and I approach the
culture and history.

A schedule Friday, March 1st-hour Monday June 10th 9:30am - 17:00pm place Erz Toy Museum Karuizawa A map The closing day Weekly Tuesday It's changed by a※ holiday, 有. Please check it by following official site for more information.
The charge An adult: 900 yen Junior and senior high school student: 500 yen Below the schoolchild: No charge [forest art museum of a picture book and Erz Toy Museum Set ticket] An adult: 1100 yen Junior and senior high school student: 700 yen of note※ above "2 house common set ticket" is valid only for
the day, effective.
※ The person who bought a discount set ticket gets the person who has a discount ticket for a forest art museum of a picture book and Erz Toy Museum and enters 2 houses (A set ticket and a single house discount ticket can't be used.)
※ I'll discount a group group of an entry 10 % by more than 15 people in a single house.
※ A single house entrance fee will be the half price for the person who has an obstacle (Please show a person with disabilities pocket diary.)
※ The last entry is before 30 minutes in the closing time.
A official site http://erz-museum.org Reference E-mail : info@museen.org TEL : 0267-48-3340 Fax: 0267-48-2006.


[Karuizawa sightseeing application]-----------------------------------------this week was also released in particular, and there were no bug fix.
If a question about the function has a doubt, rapidly, please inform a karuizawa group of a condition shell or the group function.

Then also please take care of Karuizawa sightseeing application with future.

There is a freeze on the road by this coldness. It's attention enough in driving of a car in night and early morning! !

Then this week is at this neighborhood!

2013 /2 /15    ... by which it often snows
Karuizawa becomes frequent in snow patterns. ... by which it's also snowing today.
On the way where disappearance is being repeated and isn't being paved since going off and falling since falling, 泥濘, please, the muddy position. At such time, boots come in handy. It's most to put on something excellent functionally.

[Event introduction]-----------------------------------------entry deadline imminentness! Karuizawa half marathon 20132013 year February 12 day event, information, life and wide area

As soon as I reach the recruitment capacity, it's an entry deadline.
Please confirm the latest information at any time on following formal Web site.
■ Point of this tournament!

(1) I'll also handle charity entry!
For Eastern Japan great earthquake reconstruction assistance, I'll handle a volunteer support donation at 500 yen. The person who can approve choose the head with a charity as the time of entry, please. ※ I'll use the subscription for a rehabilitation
support activity in a disaster area of Eastern Japan great earthquake by Karuizawa-machi social welfare council.
(2) the course where Karuizawa of fresh green can be enjoyed fully!
(3) it's well-received!! the part of a family pair (2.1km)!
(4) the participant T-shirt by which Mr. Yorito Fumihira is designing
(5) a running the whole distance prize is also presented!
(6) a number card is mailed beforehand!
For details, this, http://www.shinmai.co.jp/karuizawa-hm/point/index.html

A schedule Time Sunday May 19th 9:00am-application starting As soon as 10:00AM (transfer and the internet) will be application deadline in the order of arrival and the capacity on February 1st on Friday, deadline.
Transfer:※ postmark effective internet: Friday, March 29th of the day, Friday, March 22nd Capacity Half marathon 5500 people Family PE A 250 sets, 500 people The charge Half marathon of 5000 yen With a half marathon charity 5500 yen A
family pair of 3000 yen With a family matching charity 3500 yen of special handling charge is added to at the time of a※ application.
※ The ante after an application isn't repaid.
Application destination Please refer to following official site.
A official site http://www.shinmai.co.jp/karuizawa-hm/index.html Reference Karuizawa half marathon congress secretariat Telephone. 026-236-3371 (10:00-17:00 Except for※ dirt, day and holiday) FAX.026-236-3370 E-mail karuizawa@shinmai.co.jp
〒 380-8546 657, Minamiagatamachi, Nagano-shi, Nagano -----------------------------------------in Shinano Mainichi Shinbun company division.

[About Karuizawa sightseeing application]----------------------------------------- This week's application, in particular, without change.
Convenience of the next edition is devised at present, the operability by which good user interface isn't found, is more left with before and doesn't change, when, difficult.... Can it be taken out in spring or...?
I'll exert myself.

Also please take care of Karuizawa sightseeing application with future.

※ Our Thread Co., Ltd. develop it and the Android application registered with a Play store don't move or please inform the defect which falls of DOSHIDOSHI. Sincerity vs., I'll deal.

It becomes a lot that it snows, and is spring near for having come?
The difference in the temperature becomes intense, so please wear tightly.

Then this week is at this neighborhood!

2013 /02 /08    The weather ...
Well, the weather is unstable quite Karuizawa, back and forth warmth and cold temperatures.
Is it how everyone spend?

First of all, it is an event then.
Saki park also endgame illumination arrow months
Diary "beautiful village" - February 08, 2013, event, information, leisure, Kyu Karuizawa, Kyu Karuizawa, Uncategorized

15 cm of snow descended official snow dances in 2/7 to Karuizawa.

The next day melt away quite a bit of spring weather still feel

The snow was almost melted the next day on the main road.

Arriving Karuizawa weather will change day-to-day still

Please foolproof measures such as tires and cold winter.

Below for more information on the official page


Let's use the bridal bath!

The moon was very popular! Nora Nakya waste!
Karuizawa wedding is full of charm!

In a joint wedding bridal fair Karuizawa, we have provided a free bus bridal Megureru two courses in Karuizawa. Around the two and both, I Megureru all venues in Karuizawa. In each venue, because there is a stop time of 10 minutes, let's observe a minute!

Day, the 11th, 10 09 date: the moon Bridal Bus 2

From 14:30 from 10:10: Tokimeki course
I want to tour the venue seven

From 14:30 from 10:10: Romance course
I will tour six venues
※ If I go around the course both get the documentation for all venues!

Joint wedding bridal fair official site Karuizawa

Form wedding bus is here

If you would like to ride, please apply by phone on bus two courses.
※ course details, please see the flyer Fair joint.

Contact Secretariat Association Karuizawa wedding
TEL: 0267-41-3850
Please join us.

"This week's app Karuizawa tourist" was especially without upgrading.
It is a little sluggish, so we have many things boil down now, it will be released by the time the taste was carefully Shimiwataru ^ ^;
Thank you "app Karuizawa tourist" in the future.

It seems there are also vogue flu, I get attention to your body, please enjoy the energetic Karuizawa.

So, this week should be enough for this!

2013 /2 /1    And ... warm.
Something, Karuizawa cheerful warm spring-like today. I will get warm and sleepy. Although the weather is that downhill, so warm day is coming and I am very happy. To respond to changes in temperature because it is a little hard, I'll take care not to catch a cold.

Became dull growth of icicle in this warmth, etc. icicle has disappeared or is there appears to be occurring, spring real'll become a long way, I will try to look forward to the growth of icicle. There was a picture of some icicle from last week, had been in Ritsu~ito karuizawathread of Twitter. Please look through the timeline of karuizawathread travel.

Event that is taking place on a whim is ... a little warm in Karuizawa.


Held from 2/1 Karuizawa VALENTINE IN!
Event February 01, 2013, information, life, wide area
And an important person, a hot Valentine in Karuizawa!

Up to 2 / 14-2 / ​​1, will be held Valentine in Karuizawa various events. During the period, summarized Tachiyoreru restaurant until 9 pm, BAR, cafe, and relaxation, we are also available night maps. Please refer to the page of the Winter Festival for more information!


白糸の滝 held icicle lights! Up to 2/24
Art on Feb 01, 2013, event, information, life, old Karuizawa

In 白糸の滝 will be held again this year to the popular icicle lights every year. 2/1 on the first day chocolate gift to the first 100 people from Cafe Aura sky! In addition, we will service toll free at Cairo is opening day. 2/10 is a free shuttle bus service from the park is the venue Yagasaki Valentine event. On this occasion, (for details see website below) and enjoy the sight of the waterfall mysterious world.

Sunday 24 February to Friday, February 01, Cheng Sun
Held on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays only during
17:00 pm ~ 19:00 pm time
白糸の滝 Highland Way Shiraito location
Http://www.karuizawa-shw.com official site
We will stop in the case of bad weather Remarks.
0267-31-0070: TEL Contact
FAX: 0267-46-8688
E-mail: info@karuizawa-shw.com

From 2/1 2013 Half Marathon entry Karuizawa
Events on January 30, 2013, information, life, wide area

■ point of the tournament!
Also available (1) charity entry!
Great East Japan Earthquake for reconstruction assistance, we are happy to help volunteer donation of 500 yen. If you can agree, please select the event with the charity during the entry. ※ Please make donations to help reconstruction assistance activities by the Council of Social Welfare Karuizawa, in the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Course where you can enjoy the fresh green Karuizawa (2)!
Very popular section (3)! Family of pairs (2.1km)!
T-shirt design participants preferred Mr. Fuji Bunpei (4)
Also presented awards finisher (5)!
(6) number card mailed in advance!
Learn more

Sunday 19 May Cheng Sun
9:00 am ~ time
(Fri) 10:00 AM February 01, the start of application
(Internet transfer)
Application deadline deadline as soon as first-come-first-served basis, to capacity.
Postmarked the day ※ (Friday) March 22: transfer
Internet: March 29 (Fri)
Half Marathon constant 5,500 employee
500 pairs 250 pairs A Family
5,000 yen Half Marathon Fees
¥ 5,500 with Charity Half Marathon
3,000 yen pair family
¥ 3,500 with family pair Charity
※ additional fee at the time of your application.
※ refund of the entry fee will not after you sign up.
Please refer to the following website to which your application.
Official Site [[http://www.shinmai.co.jp/karuizawa-hm/index.html]]
Secretariat Contact Karuizawa Half Marathon
(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10:00 ~ 17:00 ※)
E-mail karuizawa@shinmai.co.jp
〒 380-8546
657 Minami-ken town Nagano
Within the Company, Shinanomainichishinbun

"This week's app Karuizawa tourism" is
Since communication occurs has been slow to return processing from memory killer, we made the change and review of logic, except that you do not need to communicate.
Has been released. Although work is progressing towards the Version5, but we reported last week countdown stage and is likely to take a little more ^ ^ thank you "app Karuizawa tourist" in the future.

Karuizawa is a recent rapidly changing weather and temperatures as well. Please take care to health management.

So, this week should be enough for this.

2013 /1 /25    Good year of snow or....
It often snowed from dusk last year in Karuizawa this year. This month's anytime but 14 days which was a heavy snow isn't estimated so much, this year is probably a good year of snow, isn't it?
The daytime temperature rises, so Yuki will come undone a little, but Yuki who came undone freezes in the evening, so please be careful about driving in night in particular.

I also touched last week, but icicle....
The icicle which grows into the time of intense cold of Karuizawa is very nice. If there is a picture of a good icicle, please bring it near by all means!
YO I'll introduce by this page. (If they gather much, No.1 is decided with a picture of an icicle in spring, ^^) rapidly, please send to karuizawathread in twitter by a DM!

Wouldn't you like such event to experience such Karuizawa! !

Picchio which is doing research of wild animals and plants using Karuizawa as a foothold and is doing preservation activity as well as is doing an ecology tour and environmental education is preparing the numbers of the tour that this winter can also meet a natural wonder.

A question and an application of following tour are to "Picchio".
Official site :http://picchio.co.jp/sp/

1/26 limitation Forest of snow The full moon walk schedule Saturday, January 26th Time 20:00pm - 21:30pm The contents A forest of snow which is compared with the full moon and beams seems to be the different world. It's fascinated with the full moon which suits a reflection in the water at the small pond where I wonder at white of snow which flashes and the shadow of the blackness
and the trees which develop and pause in a forest, only when, that it goes through a forest, there is a moonlight terrace. Though I'm bathed in light of the easy full moon, circle a bonfire, and please have a hot drink and a baking marshmallow. The special holding tour of the Ichiya limit that Picchio escorts.
The charge of 5000 yen Capacity 7 people A target A schoolchild-an adult A note It's canceled at the time of※ stormy weather. I'll consult about cloudy weather and the time of light snow.
※ Please make a reservation by 17:00 on the day.
But, the capacity can't sometimes receive, so please make a reservation rather early.

The starry sky watching schedule which flashes Saturday, December 1st-Friday, March 15th ※ Monday, January 21st-Thursday, January 24th and Monday, January 28th-Thursday, January 31st are a good sleep.

Time 18:00-19:30 (12/1-1/15) 18:30-20:00 (1/16-3/15) The contents Winter sky in Karuizawa where the stars flashes in the air which became clear and Mt. Asama covered with snow in immediateness. I wrap myself up in a warm sleeping bag and look at a starry sky with the hot wine in one hand by such ideal location. When listening to tour guide's explanation, and consciousness spreads
over that direction in the galactic system to the stars from a planet beyond Mt. Asama from a forest of the wild bird spread in immediateness. Wouldn't real Hoshi who can't taste at a planetarium like to enjoy night which falls and the moment when a space expanse is felt?
The charge of 5000 yen Capacity 6 people A target An adult A note Please make a reservation by 2 hours before from※.
※ Please consult about the child's participation.

Snowfield picnic schedule Saturday, December 22nd-Friday, March 15th ※ 1/22 Tuesday-1/25 Friday and 1/29 Tuesday-2/1 Friday are a good sleep.

Time 13:00pm - 16:30pm The contents I take a walk through a silver snowfield by the snow shoe to which it's advanced easily even on snow (Western snow shoes). When there is a snow shoe, 存分 which thinks can also enjoy the place which isn't usually advanced. Some time teatime on snow follows in footsteps of rabbit and kitsune noodle soup and observes the form of the wild bird, and
when it's also paradise. The tour that winter nature can be enjoyed fully.
The charge of 6000 yen (including rental fee of a snow show) Capacity 6 people A target A schoolchild-an adult A note Please make a reservation to the day's※ 11:30am.
※ About 2 kilometers of walking distance

Icefall private inquiry schedule Saturday, December 22nd-Thursday, February 28th ※ Tuesday, January 22nd-Friday, January 25th and Tuesday, January 29th-Friday, February 1st are a good sleep.

Time 13:00pm - 15:00pm The contents The state by which Otaki of Karuizawa Hajime "Sengataki" froze excellently is magnificent. Please enjoy the natural form the midwinter while taking a walk through a course of about 2 kilometers of round trip.
The charge of 5000 yen Capacity 7 people A target A schoolchild-an adult A note Please make a reservation to the day's※ 11:30am.
※ About 2 kilometers of walking distance

Chocolate foudue party schedule in a forest Sunday, December 23rd-Sunday, April 7th ※ Tuesday, January 22nd-Friday, January 25th and Tuesday, January 29th-Friday, February 1st are a good sleep.

Time 13:30pm - 15:30pm The contents I get the fire going and challenge by the family from preparations of a party in the forest. I have a favorite snack put TORORI chocolate with a marshmallow and banana for chocolate foudue! Do neither a heart nor a body enjoy the hot party time by snack making at a forest?
The charge 3800 yen for an adult 4 years old-2000 yen for a schoolchild Capacity 7 people A 4 years old of target-adult (Please participate in schoolchild below by guardian accompanying.) A note Please make a reservation by the day's※ 11:30.

This seems quite able to experience Karuizawa-, doesn't it? Since participating by all means, how is it?

Now, this week's "Karuizawa sightseeing application" was only correspondence in Version4.1-38 AndroidOS2.2. By and by, Version5.0 is the countdown stage.
Version4 and change have GUI no relation, so I think you can use it continuously.
Please download it in the dawn when Version5.0 was released.
Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future.

The forecast that it seems to snow from a weekend to next week more, so please load a winter tire and come by safe driving, ^^

Then this week is at this neighborhood! !

2013 /1 /18    A beautiful icicle is seen.
A heavy snow retired from Karuizawa where the coldness is also in the best condition on the 14th, and a heavy traffic jam also generated number 18 long time. Isn't it a wise policy to rest for a short while at such time and return? Whether it's everywhere after all, the warming up also seems to have been havoc, so....

After that, a heavy snow is also left in a road, a sidewalk and each house. I miss, go out, it's eaten, it can't be said winter in Karuizawa. It's a performance from this. It'll be a big icicle from a roof of each house, and Yuki who could melt is making a natural beautiful view. Please feel winter in Karuizawa at the surface by the eye by all means, ^^

The following event is also held at Karuizawa-.

From 1/19, chocolate style holding! Hotel Bleston Court to which Suites Hotel department also reports an impression by an event, information, a gourmet and NakaKaruizawa Sengataki food for 15 days in January in 2013 holds "Karuizawa chocolate style". ASHETTODESERU together with the material of Shinshu and chocolate and the chocolate Suites Hotel classroom
which fits Valentine "chocolate laboratory" are various, I'll propose how to enjoy oneself. Please enjoy some sweet time at winter Karuizawa.

When a spherical planet made from chocolate is broken, surprisingly, a French traditional snack as" FORENOWARU" is served from the inside, and ASHETTODESERU where chocolate "and" SHUPURIERU in the lounge expressed a winter starry sky in Karuizawa will come. Please enjoy chocolate fabric of the light food texture, chocolate ice cream, effective fresh cream
of kirsch (one kind of liqueur) and sauce of a sour cherry with crisp chocolate.

A schedule Saturday, January 19th-Thursday, February 28th Time 10:00am - 18:00pm A place Hotel Bleston Court The lounge The charge \1,200 (including tax, according to service charge) A official site http://www.blestoncourt.com/event/hotel/?NEWS=29.

A chocolate Suites Hotel classroom only on the 1st "chocolate laboratory" The "chocolate laboratory" to which hotel pate Shie will tell how to make chocolate Suites Hotel directly is held. Later of Suites Hotel making is in a chocolate party by participant all the members. Please have time slowly with the chocolate pate Shie was making for this day.
Suites Hotel made with yourself will have bring it back and is also Valentine present to an important way.

A schedule Sunday, February 10th Time 10:30am- /13:00pm-place Hotel Bleston Court The lounge The charge Mr. one person \4,500 (including tax, reservation-required) Application destination It's the capacity system, so please make a reservation in following telephone rather early.

Hotel Bleston Court Telephone: 0267-46-6200 A official site http://www.blestoncourt.com/event/hotel/?NEWS=29.

Since participating by all means, how is it?

Now, this week's "Karuizawa sightseeing application" is only a bug fix and thin change.
It isn't so different until operation, so please check it.

Version4.1-37 * I'm truly sorry. There was a bug which is the model with Android2.2 and falls by rising, so I corrected.
Version4.1-36 * I changed it so that I might stand up and ring sound in case of writing in of the first time of group.
Version4.1-35 * whole communication with a server made sure that progress will be indicated.
Version4.1-34 * was return from a memory killer, and the search history wasn't restored, so I corrected.
Version4.1-33 * There was a bug at a closed part, so I corrected.
Version4.1-32 (One number has risen too much.)* correspondence for data change. There isn't change on the GUI in particular.

Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future.

I'm careful of snow and a freeze on the road enough and receive, and please come to cold Karuizawa by all means.
Then this week is at this neighborhood! !

2013 /1 /11    It's cold....
The coldness was biting further, and Karuizawa the mood is also going to go off at New Year's where came.
Karuizawa main street will be also on weekdays completely quietly, and when it'll be also night, is it from silence? A person comes to long.

It's such Karuizawa, but still, there is also an event-.

1/11-20 A prince Winter The Sale holding!
It also seems that the winter park and the winter illuminations which can be enjoyed with your family during a period are held.
You'll be here with your family by all means, and how about Tei?
See Karuizawa Prince shopping plaza official site [ [http://www.karuizawa-psp.jp]], and please confirm the details, ^^

Karuizawa winter festival 2013 [I have enough Karuizawa winter clothes.]-TOGETHER- Same... A official site: [ [http://karuizawamonogatari.jp]] (Karuizawa winter festival operation committee) Lighting up time :16:30pm-21:30pm during a period
Inquiry: Karuizawa Tourist Association secretariat Telephone: 0267-41-3850 Since you'll be also here here, how is it?

"Karuizawa sightseeing application" much was changed from the end of last year, it was added and a bug fix was performed.
"One recommendation spot" started as the big item, and was shown to the screen which is immediately so far, but it's only a memory and a present location to be shown to a map screen by the present version.

And on the first screen, a category choice screen, it seems to be indicated, it is, so please search for something by a category search first. Anyway a "recommendation, spot" button near to the occasion for would like to use the group function,
it's pushed, no, thank you.

Whether everybody of the user who searched for a spot by "Karuizawa sightseeing application" could participate in the function you did year-end introduction of any time, it was added "OK!" But I have that.

When a tap can have do a finger mark when liking the store searched for by a gourmet, at the store "OK!" But it sticks. A reason and a liked place can also be written in as a comment, so next could by all means, you also use it for the person
who goes to the store, one of the functions.

I think you're confused a little by the "Karuizawa sightseeing application" changing every day, but understand, and also "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future by all means, please.

Then this week is this neighborhood....

2013 /1 /4    Year dawned.
Happy New Year!
Thank you again this year.

Well, what was your New Year this year? It would be Cais family, all the relatives, bells on New Year's Eve was busy, shrine, variously. Every year, while the atmosphere of the New Year has faded, still, but it is also required of such rites. Because here's the Japan anyway! !

Without so cold, I think may have been the calm New Year? At this rate, I'd like a warm winter, we will work hard from now on I will not lose to the production of cold, cold!

So, this week should be enough for this!

2012 /12 /28    It's the end of the year....
Behind the place where this year is also left, a little, how does everybody have time?
There is no Karuizawa of this year in an ordinary year, and it's cold winter. When a new year has begun, I don't know what happens, but when thinking cold winter and preparing, there is no fear. Please be careful about your health. (It's snowing in Karuizawa current as of 17:32 for 28 days. They seem to estimate a little.).

New Year's is also an event variety variously at cold Karuizawa. There are also events which are being performed at a cafe besides the famous place, so please search for various spots from "Karuizawa sightseeing application" and check a home page!

This year "Karuizawa sightseeing application" was released. Addition of the functions was also repeated after that and it was still incomplete, but it was possible to come here.

Though it's presumptuous, I'll borrow this place, and I thank the users using and everybody who cooperates.

Thank you very much.

I'll also insist that an upgrade is repeated in a motto and come aiming at the application useful for everybody next year, so please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application".

"It was under care for one year this year. Please meet a good year.".

Then I'll meet you in this HP next year! !

2012 /12 /21    Cold....
It's cold this year. The temperature rose a little last weekend, I increase in the coldness after that.
The morning and evening car is pure white by frost, and whether the windshield is with this, too, frozen....

Such cold day, as expected, the bath.

It's said that Tonbo-no-Yu is a Chinese lemon bath now-. Well. With freeness, be flooded in a hot spring, and please open from the cold season and daily complication, NA.... You who think as what! !, please go right now.

For more information, to this [ [http://www.hoshino-area.jp/tonbo/backnumber/2012/12/05_1711.shtml]]!

Now, there was no... in particular for this week's "Karuizawa sightseeing application".
It's made variously for version 5, and it's crowded, I pile up variously, and.... Feeling... version 5 seems to be next year. Don't learn a lesson from this and also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future.

Say that it's cold. By all means, please enjoy cold Karuizawa fully! !

Then this week is around here!

2012 /12 /14    This year's winter cold ...
-10 ℃ voice of previous years, from the beginning of the year I hear near the end of the year, this year in Karuizawa, I'm trying to be close to the temperature of -10 ℃ anymore. It's cold ....

Temperature range so that as soon as the snow piled up snow clouds comes, please come in your car tires studless.

The stars look good in Karuizawa, a sunny day is like now Geminids been keeping everyone in Karuizawa also enjoy astronomy show become very spectacular. Karuizawa night sky, like go to the universe as Koma argument now, I am blown away, such as day-to-day worries. Please do enjoy the winter night sky in Karuizawa.

In the winter sports season rush, in such a Karuizawa, various events are held. Skating and eventful skiing, snowboarding, and curling. Come cold in Karuizawa, please be hot! !

Well, this week "app Karuizawa tourism" is
I was released.
And bugs, but many had been out, I'm going to generally have been fixed. There was something, please contact us without hesitation better evaluation, features and concier.


Feature in the

One. In search of categories, subcategories are now displayed.
2. Tap the button at the map display detailed view spot, so as to more easily understand the position of the spot, the arrow pierce point.
3.2. If, when the zoom size of the map display shows the wide area, it may be hard to see spot overlap. At a time like this, please try to tap the tabs on the map icon on the left-most portion of the tab display. Repeat the current zoom and zoom size, I'm able to be easily located and detailed confirmation of the place.

Since the three went, I hope you'll try to use.
Thank you "app Karuizawa tourism", in the future.

Karuizawa area I was approaching -10 ℃. Although the temperature goes down more and more, so as not to lose to temperature, I would and will do our best! !

So this week, in this neighborhood.

2012 /12 /07    I burst in December at last....
It's December at last. It was also finish of going out this month this year. It's early, isn't it? Whether 2012 only started the other day, the moment, already 2012 is also the end. I'm also homesick
for the time when I was feeling cool by a cafe in summer and was having tea....

It snowed several times at Karuizawa this week. When coming, I'll recommend to load Studless tire. Snow still melts now, so there is a possibility which freezes in a morning and evening. Please
be careful.

Now, at Karuizawa

The 3rd time Kusakaru cup Karuizawa Curling experience meeting

I'll grasp happiness by Curling! /The previous fiscal year's 1 set marriage

A schedule Saturday, February 16th.

Time The time to meet :9:30am JR Karuizawa station north entrance Kusakaru bus terminal Curling :10:40am-Scup Karuizawa Party :17:30pm-Sala KARUIZAWA HOTEL.

Capacity 30 boys/30 girls.

The charge A man of 10,000 yen/a lady of 5000 yen.

Application destination Telephone: 0267-42-2041 (Fukui) Telephone: 0267-24-1090 (Yoda)< PC> http://www.kkkg.co.jp/event/event_form.html< cell phone> http://www.kkkg.co.jp/event/event_form_mobile.html

A note Everyone can participate in more than 20 years old of※ As soon as it'll be the※ capacity, application deadline! The application be rather early!

A official site http://www.kkkg.co.jp/news/update/webdir/45.html.

Handbill PDF Marriage activity Curling in Karuizawa 2013

Cold winter is limited to winter sports, isn't it? !

This week's "Karuizawa sightseeing application"?


Subcategory indication Bug fix

But it's released.
Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future.

When a weather forecast is seen, the forecast that more chill will be severely from this weekend has been issued.
Please load a winter tire and come by safe driving.

Then this week is at this neighborhood!

2012 /11 /30    From tomorrow, December...
It'll be early and be December from tomorrow.
The coldness was also becoming severe, so I think the person changed to a winter tire has increased, too, but what would happen to this year's snow?

Now, at Karuizawa where such Yuletime was met

Couple limitation Christmas bus tour free holding!

A schedule Saturday, December 8th and Saturday, December 15th.

Time 16:00pm - 19:30pm.

A place Please come to the JR Karuizawa station north exit Former Karuizawa Station person Memorial front.

A course It dismisses in fromKaruizawa station-hotel Bleston Court-Villas des Mariages Karuizawa-favor Chalet-Kyukaruizawa rotary-KYU KARUIZAWA HOTEL OTOWA NO MORI-Yagasaki park.

The charge Free.

A note Please apply for a※ couple by 1 set for 2 people.
※ Rain or shine Please apply by※ Thursday, December 6th. (Please inquire about it in the telephone directly after that.)

Question and application destination The application form KYU KARUIZAWA HOTEL OTOWA NO MORI: 0267-41-1181

A official site http://wedding.karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/xmas2012/index.php.

But it seems to be held. Since applying by a couple and seeing by all means, how is it?

Now, this week's "Karuizawa sightseeing application" released Version4.0-24.
It's said to be Yuletime and is the Christmas version. There is a beautiful place by the illuminations in Karuizawa, so there is a report from everybody, only, they seem able to go, it is. By all means,
please enjoy yourself at Karuizawa at Christmas.
There is change in the GUI variously, but when a spot was chosen, a in-depth screen is shown by tab indication. By all means, please enjoy and see your own how to use.

Also please take care of Karuizawa sightseeing application with future.

Please change the season when it snows and the tire to a winter one now and come by safe driving.

Then this week is this neighborhood, excuse me.

2012 /11 /22    It's winter.
By and by, I came to come across the temperature of the morning and evening and the minus indication.
The windshield of a car freezes in late evening and early morning, and I think warm-up running is very wasteful.

Now, Karuizawa platinum sale 11/22-26 is holding Karuizawa from today.
A place: Karuizawa and Mr. Prince shopping plaza, time: 22-24 days is 10:00A.M. To-9:00P.M. 25-26 days is 10:00A.M.-8:00P.M. and even, it is.
The closing day: One during a period, good night, it's said that they don't have that and I overlook and cry! !

After dropping in at Karuizawa platinum sale, by all means, please also go to KyuKaruizawa district. You can be satisfied with Karuizawa with a quiet atmosphere
from a crowd in summer! !

This week's "Karuizawa sightseeing application" released Version4.0-18.
1. In rising or rising from a sleep.
When it was difficult for a network to connect, indication failed in transmission of an image file like before, and became strange, so I corrected.

2. The beginning hides a tab of the side indication, and it's a crosswise direction.
I made sure that it can be used widely. When a flick makes the left gray part the right, a tab appears. When closing conversely, it's to steal
a flick from right end of a tab and becomes hidden.

I think change in the GUI becomes frequent, but if it calms down a little, I think I shall register a video of use method, so also please take care of Karuizawa
sightseeing application with future.

The coldness came much more. Clothes and safe driving warm for going out by all means, please.

2012 /11 /16    ... it became cold.
The coldness in the morning and evening was winter all, and water of the bucket put in the outside several times froze.
Whether last night was also about 10 o'clock at night, snow was drifting in the wind. An arrival of a General Winter.

Now, this week's "Karuizawa sightseeing application" released Version4.0-17.
A mark of colored leaves is congested with this edition, marking, it'll be, I corrected an obstacle.

1. A facial image of the group function was becoming thin with time, but there was a model which becomes black at a picture of an
animation wind, so I corrected.
2. Images of colored leaves corrected the one which became a congested mark in back rising of software of a memory killer and a task
killer course.
3. OK of the category search, there was a phenomenon with which a button can't be pressed any more, so I corrected.
4. Cash of a splash screen was lost. (Wherever a tap makes a main map screen, I move.) 5. I searched for a check button of the search
and added it to the category search around here.
6. I eliminated wasteful communication of the whole indication.
7. I eliminated communication of a bookmark.
8. The centre mark and the overlap of a spot were made spot priority.
9. I corrected so as not to leave the history after category choice.

Also please take care of Karuizawa sightseeing application with future.

Much more the coldness comes. Please be careful about a cold sufficiently and have time.

2012 /11 /9    There were a lot of gentle days this week....
The coldness was also settled for the time being, and there were a lot of days I tend to spend this week.
It seems a little cold from next week. Rather early, is a preparation for the winter tire safeness of a car? I find the day turned on in a freeze prevention
 area not to be also so far. Does winter of this year become cold, it's much by anxiety and an expectation now.... 

Now, Version4.0-09 was released by this week's "Karuizawa sightseeing application".
There was change about a character transmission of the group function by this edition.

1. To make the correction easy about the remark, I came to stick the last remark on the character transmission dialogue.
2. When a tap did person's other remark spaces, I decided to copy a character string in a clipboard to give the convenience when replying to person's
other remarks.
3. You request, the entry field by which I had was set to more than one lines, so I think the visibility is raised remarkably.

It's the consistency which makes the character transmission active by the group function, but still, addition of the functions is expected by the group function.

Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future.

Still, there is an event-. Winter festival 2013 will be from December 1st of next month.
Please also come to sightseeing from event jostling to Karuizawa by all means in November this month.

Then by safe driving! !

2012 /11 /2    Late fall....
It was confused at last week's severe chill a little, but it was being accustomed to the coldness gradually. There was a gentle day, so couldn't the daytime enjoy autumn?
By and by, colored leaves also try to be overblown. I worried what happened to the beginning, but I have heard the voice to which I say "It was very beautiful." by a spot of colored leaves.

I'll go to Karuizawa to the winter now. Without 1 in Karuizawa telling winter, other ones can't be told. Because there is severe winter, the sunlight in spring is felt thankfully.

Cold Karuizawa, whether there wouldn't like to be a ramble...? Even if I'll introduce, you have to be steady, so I can't recommend you the prevention cold season so much, but....

It's such Karuizawa, now, still, there is an event. Come to Karuizawa, and by all means, please enjoy an event.

Now, there was change for "Karuizawa sightseeing application Version4.0" this week. The function which selects carefully a little about colored leaves and makes the added information by which the indicated function (the server side) is congested information hidden.
The bug had also gone out, so I corrected. When noticing, a condition shell is somewhat good, so I should be very much obliged if you can contact.

I decided to inform you of renewal information on "Karuizawa sightseeing application" in twitter from last weekend. When you can search for "Karuizawa sightseeing application" in twitter, I think the user appears. The latest information can confirm that you follow
this user up.

Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future.

A weekend?

11/2 and 3 I'll walk with a tour guide! (No charge) a schedule Friday, November 2nd-Saturday, November 3rd Reception time 10:00am - 12:00pm (It's left at any time.) Gathering spot In front of the Kyukaruizawa rotary police station The required time for about
1 hour The charge Free The contents A course: Kyukaru rotary-Kumoba Pond or the way of KyuKaru feeling Sponsorship Karuizawa Tourist Association and meeting of Karuizawa tour guide A note It's cancelled in case of※ heavy rain.
※ The preliminary application is unnecessary.
Reference Karuizawa Tourist Association 0267-41-3850.

From 10/30, "the landscape a church sees", a painting exhibition date Tuesday, October 30th-Monday, November 5th A place Karuizawa Tourist Hall 2F Time 9:00am - 17:00pm (in the first day, from noon, in the last day, until four p.m.) The charge Is it

MO is held. How about participating by all means?

Then this week is this neighborhood, excuse me.

2012 /10 /26    ... winter is approaching certainly.
Now, chill was more developed from last weekend, and the lowest temperature was 0.1 ℃. The windshield of a car froze late in the evening, and I came to start the engine and have to heat up in the car.

Now, Usui-touge running 184 and Karuizawa resort marathon race are held by October 27th and the 28th at such Karuizawa. There is traffic control, so please be careful. Please refer to below for more information! !

Home page [ [http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/karuizawa/index.html]] Usui-touge traffic control [ [http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/usuirun/course.html]] Karuizawa traffic control [ [http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/karuizawa2012/course_map.html]]

It's appearance of "Karuizawa sightseeing application Version4" at last. A GUI was change.
A Android terminal corresponds to a flick in left and right in case of the upper and lower flick and the length in case of the side. You were preserving the category searched for from a retrieval screen as the history one after another, so it could
be thought to click the tab when I'd like to see, now.

[ [http://android.thread.ne.jp/kankou/karuizawa/]]

Please see this for more information.

And when someone does a character transmission in the group function, an information icon is shown to a group button, so you don't have to overlook a message from the friend who often forgets it. Also please take care of the "Karuizawa sightseeing
application" which still keeps evolving now.

"Karuizawa sightseeing application Web edition" is a part of the clan in another "Karuizawa sightseeing application". It has been still developed, so a defect may be left, but it'll evolve like Android edition, and I come, so please take care.


When you judge this from a browser of PC,Android,iPhone, it becomes available, so by all means, please try it out.

And next week will be plunge in November.

"The day when 1 days every month are Karuizawa-machi nation and an art museum"

A person with the address or Mr. student of Karuizawa high school is presentation of a license, an insurance certificate and a student ID (All except for that is bad.) in Karuizawa.

Karuizawa museum of art council joining house 9 house Sezon Museum of Modern Art Karuizawa Kougen library Tazaki Museum PEYNET museum Karuizawa Museum of Picture Books WAKITA MUSEUM OF ART RUVAN art museum Karuizawa Erz Toy Museum Hiroshi
Senju Museum Karuizawa.

It's said that it's the entry no charge which is so. As a privilege.

When I visit the hall on a day in an art museum, you can participate in a stamp rally.
At one house you like when it has complete set of stamp in the whole building, (one can), a soft drink, service.
There is also a present for a postcard of the joining house.

How is it to touch art this chance by all means?

For more information.

Reference Karuizawa museum of art council and secretariat WAKITA MUSEUM OF ART Telephone: 0267-42-2639.

In MA! !

Then this week is this neighborhood....

2012 /10 /19    Chill... in the morning and evening which is to the extent I think it's a late fall.
More autumn deepens this week, and the look also shows signs of winter completely, and I have come.
The autumnal tints of this year, by and by, performance. Until around what time it continues this year...?

Now, it's such Karuizawa, but Usui-touge running 184 and Karuizawa resort marathon race are held by October 27th and the 28th as I also told you last week. There is traffic control, so please be careful. Please refer to below
for more information! !

A home page http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/karuizawa/index.html Usui-touge traffic control http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/usuirun/course.html Karuizawa traffic control http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/karuizawa2012/course_map.html.

And "Karuizawa sightseeing application" function change is being performed for Version4.
That you wait a little more Play From a store, it's possible to download it, it'll be.
The next edition comes to look like a Android application a little. Also "Karuizawa sightseeing application" now by all means, please.

  And "the 5th time ShinKaruizawa lucky stamp rally Sponsorship/Karuizawa chamber of commerce and industry ShinKaruizawa branch" (for more information, [ [http://www.shinkaruizawa.com/]] to here) is held until Monday, December 31st
from Saturday, October 20th. When eating and drinking and shopping are done at the store where ShinKaruizawa participates, you can have a stamp, so when I collect 3 of this and apply, surprisingly, it's said that they can
have Shinshu local specialties by lot! !, please participate by all means. The cafe and "KAFEKONBERUSA" where I often go to an application ticket Make, You can have this, so please visit any time! !

Then when coming to Karuizawa around here this week, it's by safe driving! !

2012 /10 /12    I have lowered the temperature ...
Chill came about, much less think rather than fall, and I did not rush into winter.
In my case, I feel the season on a futon sleeping recently, blankets and comforters. I have slept in two total. (In addition, I'm feeling a little cold cat has not come through.)

During this time when the air temperature in the morning is now 6 ℃, put one on the cold involuntarily, I finally became two. And thus necessarily become of Old Man Winter is coming ... not far.

It is somewhat short-fall. What is it that would affect the change of the seasons ... became so rapidly.

Well, such is Karuizawa, until March 11, September 08, "fall foliage festival Karuizawa" is actually held.
Please feel the autumn deepened and gotten join us so we introduced in detail here on the homepage of [[http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/archives/11610]] ^ ^

Once again, "app Karuizawa tourism" has been updated. If you try to display the detailed information by tapping the mark of the spot, if the cache has not been completed, but this time, I had been Mataseru Details dialog until the display takes time image acquisition, Version 3.3 Change the function would display first corner, just a rabbit description, it displays the image later, from -19, we will not use your Mataseru to everyone.

Once you have completed the cache in Wifi the house, image display, but not particularly care to cage you're in Karuizawa, to everyone who installed the app "sightseeing Karuizawa" After arriving in Karuizawa will inconvenience was. I think this feature have been added, from version 3.3-19, and can be used without problems or even those who have not completed especially cache.

One point, I will assume Notes, launch the "app Karuizawa tourist", the splash screen
Is displayed when the "Next" (located on the back screen Asama) taps the button

"This is retrieving data from the server."

Of progress, when you can wait until you close to nature without pressing the "Cancel" button as much as possible, and traffic congestion maple mark mark is displayed correctly. Generously to our patience, everyone has gotten to use, thank you.

While we only covered up version of "app Karuizawa tourist" attractions, events may be found, and people have their cooperation, added and changed daily, the information, and aims to "Applications" better. I would appreciate your contacting you for using function "concier" Should you have is something.

Please use the "app Karuizawa tourist" Come to accompany Karuizawa tourism in the future.

So, this week in the safe operation, please spend a good weekend.

Contact me from now people come to tourism to avoid confusion! !
Sun, 28 October 27, 184-run Usui Karuizawa resort marathon will be held. There is a traffic regulation, please note it. Please see below for details! !

Homepage [[http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/karuizawa/index.html]]
Usui traffic control [[http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/usuirun/course.html]]
Karuizawa traffic control [[http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/karuizawa2012/course_map.html]]

2012 /10 /05    This week which has started from typhoon passage...?
It was the season which is to the extent it was a little hot for the first half, this week, but another typhoon approached and we came to have the inclement weather, and I was in trouble about clothes. Where is the coldness against which you're pressing gradually now? That it'll be also sparkling at the end this month, is the influence being seen? It becomes only slightly blue..., doesn't it?

Now, "Karuizawa sightseeing application" but it's explained again about the group function, isn't it? Last time just touched and has passed a little, so....

First if he thought he used it to be included in a group on some days, everyone of a group was in the state which isn't indicated.... I have often heard the thing which says so. When 2 days when (a tap doesn't do a group button) in the state which starts "Karuizawa sightseeing application" until Friday, last week and doesn't use the group function passed, the member became automatic in the leaving state from a group. It was said that a leaving person went out immediately in 2 days, and it was extended
for one week, so before passing for one week, a tap do "group button", please. It won't be in the state everyone of a group doesn't see by doing it this way.

It's when you participate in a group, and one week has passed, "group button" "is left" behind the tap to participate in a group again, a button, tap. A tap do a "group" button again, and input "the group name" "password" "the name", and a tap button up, and please begin "participation" from the place where you enter a group. You can talk with everyone of a group once again with this.

Even while I'm the person who participates in development of "Karuizawa sightseeing application", present "the group function" is being used. There is an active exchange of views I'll take something better, and in order to go on "Karuizawa sightseeing application" every day by this group.
(There is also a chat, and it's used very happily.) even if you use "the group function" for such look, I don't mind at all. I have use it by all means, and I should be very much obliged if you can utilize for a daily life.

Help of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" and Google Play The place where I don't catch up goes out by the explanation of a site, but I think as the proof that everybody is advancing aiming at the application which becomes easy to use happily happily, and I would like to ask you to understand.

It's strange "here by the condition shell function! !,", and, please make it a "such look! !,", an opinion of etc. is being also accepted at any time, so please use the condition shell function any time.

Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" and our Android application with future.

Well, now contacts and asks for the person who comes not to be confused by sightseeing immediately! !, Usui-touge running 184 and Karuizawa resort marathon race are held by October 27th and the 28th.
There is traffic control, so please be careful. Please refer to below for more information! !

Home page [ [http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/karuizawa/index.html]] Usui-touge traffic control [ [http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/usuirun/course.html]] Karuizawa traffic control [ [http://www.sanspo-jigyo.com/karuizawa2012/course_map.html]]

Then please also spend a good weekend by safe driving this week.

2012 /9 /28    It'll also end in September this weekend..., won't it?
The September is early and also tries to end. This month was a moment.
When it's run after and I notice work, autumn deepens, and I have come. Karuizawa is already autumn. There are also a morning and evening and a case that I wake coldly. ... by which this week's minimum was
8.6 ℃. When looking up, the sky started also to feel the air in autumn and the arrival which is autumn at last by the five senses.

Now, you'll introduce an event in October by and by. WAKITA MUSEUM OF ART's

Possibility of the tree that all about wood we think re-style in art and design [the design of the tree] judges from symposium 2012 + Design in Wood Symposium 2012 + Finland/construction and the design.
Potential of the woods seeking from architectural and design point of view

■ Session
Saturday, October 6th in 2012

■ Schedule
13:00-16:30 (A question and answer are included.) The 16:30- * symposium end back and conversazione (courtyard)+ atelier exhibition 18:00 Closure.

Because it's the hard world, later, to touch wooden warmth by Karuizawa and become warm feeling may also be how to enjoy oneself Karuizawa. When coming to Karuizawa, please arrive by all means.

A sense of the season be enough Karuizawa and please spend one o'clock of autumn.

When coming, it's by safe driving!

2012 /9 /21    When I look up at the sky and see cloud....
Well, it's still summer sky, isn't it? A thundercloud often occurs. I'd like to look at cloud in gentle autumn freely by and by.

It's such light ZAWA, but is autumn deepening slowly...? Since felt air shows signs of autumn a lot, I'm in a surface, it was also quite hot for last week's three-day weekend. What it is, a season goes back and forth. A body will also come with this. Please be careful so that physical condition isn't destroyed.

Now, "Karuizawa art museum sightseeing circulation bus" but this season's driving will end with this weekend. The person who doesn't get yet take it by all means, please. Is an event from summer to early autumn also a break with this?

And the bus localization function "Karuizawa art museum sightseeing circulation bus" version of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" also ends. For a long time I'll have patronage, and thank you very much. Now, I'll upgrade it and come aiming at better sightseeing application. We'll also appreciate your continued support. (If I have that for wanting such function, it's even good from the condition shell function of the Karuizawa sightseeing application, so please bring DOSHIDOSHI near. I'm waiting.).

Now, but surprisingly, the "Karuizawa sightseeing application" by which the bus localization function has disappeared could report "colored leaves" now from this week. When a mark of colored leaves is put on the location where the colored leaves were checked, I find out that its location is a spot of colored leaves. Please communicate by everyone and mark nice "spot of colored leaves" by all means. There is this function in a condition shell screen, so please use it! !

Then please also spend a good weekend by safe driving this week! !

2012 /9 /14    It has shown signs of autumn.
A wind changed this week. It quite shows signs of autumn and is cold by morning and evening short
sleeves. I was also needing a futon.
To Karuizawa's turning red now I dash. Whether it becomes cold quickly or autumn is felt, and and
whether winter is coming gradually...? It's a little pleasant, isn't it? That winter is remembered,
all over a heart, I fall.><

When autumn comes as expected, it's appetite, isn't it? Every kind of ingredient will be felt
well now, so requiring care! !, it's better to walk Karuizawa at such time. When I walk while feeling
an autumn wind, doesn't a feeling refreshing body also become light surely? When you're staying
at morning and evening Karuizawa, please be not sure to leave 1 of anything to put on.

Now, next month will be a soba noodle made from newly harvested buckwheat season! A lot of events
are held.
Please be in Karuizawa and be enjoying a food by all means.
I'm also waiting for colored leaves.

Then this week is also by safe driving! Please spend a good weekend.

2012 /9 /7    Is it the sign of the autumn finally?
There was still a hot day for some days in the daytime the first half in a week, but the sun which showed signs of autumn to the weekend was rising.

I think autumn in Karuizawa can also be written finally with this. Voice of bugs stuck to an ear now, and I came to find a morning and evening to be
cold when I'm walking outside by short sleeves indeed.
(They're the frogs to which last crying is being told with the hibernation at the front to stand out more remarkably than voice of a bug around the

Now, it's such Karuizawa, but "Karuizawa art museum sightseeing circulation bus" is also over in about two weeks.
I have take it once by all means, and when I can receive impressions by mail, it's lucky.

Early summer has also ended, so store introduction will be carrying over next year. It's done from the beginning, but....

It's this week of "Karuizawa sightseeing application", I work hard at promotion activity this week, and, in particular, without change.
I have also come to the crash report, but I'm busy and don't afford the price now. I'm sorry. If it's done a little more, it's being corrected and a
function rise is being also advanced one after another-. It's expected still to evolve. Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application"
with future.

Now, please also come by safe driving this week.
Then please spend a good weekend.

2012 /8 /31    It's summer....
A hot day also continued good this week, and it was one week when I have no wordiness only with summer after all.
I'll look forward to to what kind of one week's passing next week. Does it become so cool that pooling and boating on the river won't be also done by and by? Or....

Excursion weather for which Karuizawa is ideal whichever I'll take. It'll be to be able to have a good time.
I use to make Nagai baud as much as possible at a cafe. The one of the one time passes is early, oh, mentioned, and.... ... which looks at oneself again and also falls a little.

Now, it's such Karuizawa, the ^^; which forgot introduction in a store last week I'm sorry. This week, "Nakayama cigarette store", make. If I come with a cigarette in this store, it's wonderful.
Leaf... of ordinary cigarette, hand-rolled cigarette and pipe. Choice green. From the beginning's time when I'm this year actually, too, in a hand-rolled cigarette, hammer RI, much more.... ... which can't be breathed in if it won't be a hand-rolled cigarette any more. Please carry Hajime Toashi and confirm a lot of the kind of cigarettes! !

And but this week's "Karuizawa sightseeing application" changed the navigator function and the retrieval screen to the location which are a bug fix and centre mark mainly this week.

I'll explain about a retrieval screen. "Search" classifies tourist attraction and event information according to the category, and narrows down, and is the indicated function. Because I'm just depressed in a lot of the spot even if all spots are indicated, they're the spot through which one would like to live for example the one to which tourist attraction can be narrowed down by "cafe" and "gourmet". Additionally isn't there a spot at the place around here? When looking for it, please search by "spot around here". Spots are red circles and blue circles, etc. on the map, and is indicated. The red circle and the blue circle are difficult to judge from a zoom lens on a map, so I'll adjust scaling by a pinch inn pinch out and do a tap. Then in-depth information should be indicated. Or a tap button up and the "search result" in the lower left make tourist attraction move to the screen center, and a tap do the red circle and a blue circle, and please show detailed information. The function by which the telephone and a home page (HP) are navigation can be used.

Now, when making it this and coming to Karuizawa this week, by safe driving, please.

Please also see next week, I don't have that-,-. Oh, but, oh, oh....

(... which also ends in Mr. turban shell look.)

2012 /8 /24    ... of the summer holidays.
  Now, the children's summer holidays also become scant by and by,and I have come. 
(... with which in Karuizawa and an elementary school have started
from this week's medium size) still, Karuizawa is a tourist season.
Free, if, a person who likes done time may prefer now.
  But the weather enters this week and a hot day continues, and the person who came may be a little surprised at sightseeing.
Because there are no such days in the one from 滅多, by all means,
please be satisfied together with this heat.

  There was a chance to take "Karuizawa art museum sightseeing circulation bus" many times for an adjustment by the bus localization function of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" which has started from last week, outside and the one which isn't learned about are one day-free It's a railroad ticket. When an adult of 700 yen and a dwarf of 350 yen will be paid, even how many times a day is getting on and off free! When a round trip in a far art museum is considered,
  you get it very much. When it becomes congested.... Thinking you!!, you were to do sightseeing there, I'll go patiently slowly! !, use it, and please go sightseeing profitably by all means! ! 

  "Karuizawa sightseeing application" the bug has been left variously by the group function and an indication part, but it becomes stable fairly from 3.111 released this week, and I think speed has also become comfortable by reconsidering logic. I'll apologize for being not in time in the next term most crowded each other at this place. I'm truly sorry. 
Also please take care of the "Karuizawa sightseeing application" which still evolves with future Please. 

2012 /8 /20    A weekend....
This weekend will be also Karuizawa thronged with many people. Such Karuizawa will face in autumn now, and, colored leaves season and a soba noodle made from newly harvested buckwheat season and, still, event jostling! Please come to Karuizawa to heal a body! !

Now, it was said to be test practical use from August 20th, today's, and the location of the art museum circulation bus could be seen now in real time. Of a main screen, I "will search"> please check it in "Karuizawa art museum and sightseeing circulation bus south course" and "Karuizawa art museum and sightseeing circulation bus north course" and see.

It's a main screen for more information, "menu button", would, an indicated site "can judge the location of the art museum circulation bus from> "help" in real time", please refer to it.

Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future.

2012 /8 /17    Heat of late summer....
Karuizawa was very crowded with a Bon vacation this week. The guest the way is congested
and who is sightseeing is much, too. The state that a cafe and a heavy traffic jam
and 3G are even difficult to be heavily congested and take for a cellular phone
as well as a net frequently occurred.

The sun was poured on Nitchu brilliantly, but I think I tended to spend a wind coolly
relatively. How was the person who has come to Karuizawa? Come to Karuizawa by
all means, please.

Now, this week's store, "Paradaise", make.
[ [http://www.karuizawa-on.com/paradise/]] I often go with my son in the nice store
deep in the store where American miscellaneous goods were lined in a row, too, I
seem to be enjoying itself more than a child Σ (´∀`;) By all means, please drop
in. I undertake to be able to enjoy oneself from a child to an adult each other,

YO which still introduces today

"Paradaise" make, to go [ [http://www.karuizawa-birdie.net/]] "KARUIZAWA BIRDIE",
make, but, I have that. Since doing dressing up of a pet for the memory of Karuizawa
by all means, how is it? It'll be that "chick" of a sign kitty receives. Please
go by all means.

And and now that I have come to Karuizawa, please also go to an art museum.
[ [http://www.wakita-museum.com/]] without the fact mistakes by which inside of
the building can be the quiet atmosphere and be flooded with art carefully. You'd
also be able to call to polish the sensitivity sightseeing Karuizawa! !

Now, today of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" [ [http://android.thread.ne.jp/kankou/karuizawa/index.html#spot]]
Is it the event information in a middle stage of the help to which I can refer
by this address?
If a tap makes some "search" buttons the screen upper right, and a retrieval screen
is indicated, "the event which is being held", a tap button up, please. The menu
screen by which many events were listed is indicated. If a blue facial mark is indicated,
and I'm on the left side, it shows that today is in the period of the event. A tap
list a blue facial mark, and please take out details. If it seems to match your
feeling, please participate and be enjoying summer in Karuizawa by all means.

Well, it was so and it was forgot to tell you last time, but whether "Karuizawa
sightseeing application" searches for a spot and event information from "search"
renews positional informations once per 5 minutes. When you'd like to know who is
where by the group function a little conversantly, a tap do a "search" button, and
please renew information from a server, ^^ and a GPS are being used, so please set
a Android terminal to whether you make them end when being not used, in a sleep

Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" with future.

Oh, test practical use of the convenient function will be begun next week (, it's
test practical use to the end! !), so, please look forward to it by all means.

Maybe it becomes long, so today, next week! !

Then please also spend a good weekend by safe driving this week.

2012 /8 /10    The pleasant climate.
This week was gentle and refreshing and appetite was too excited and was one week of overeating at Karuizawa of the climate appropriate for Karuizawa very much.

Now, in the store which has started from last week, you're introducing. This week is Mr. KAFEKONBERUSA. [ [http://www.cafe-conversa.jp/]] a very fashionable cafe. Android I introduced last week actually A free workshop is being also performed in Mr. KAFEKONBERUSA.

If it's a thing at Karuizawa, a master is quite detailed person. How is coffee while chattering? The meal is also good and it also seems that I have the menu of the summer limitation, so by all means, please enjoy summer in Karuizawa while having a meal. Indeed the meal I have at a terrace is luxury in high plain! !

"Karuizawa sightseeing application" this week is version 3.0 exactly, it has been just released, so I'll introduce a new function.
[ [http://android.thread.ne.jp/kankou/karuizawa/index.html]] this is a help page of "Karuizawa sightseeing application".

The group function was added from version 3.0. If you'd enjoy sightseeing noisily with Nakama and others who got along well for this function, the included function. For example when one at the suitable course to take of a 5th group of of close friend split up into several points, I confirm the respective locations each other and contact, and. You're able to exchange with the localization when it was different by a father and
a mother at the suitable course to take, by the character as the contact means and send recorded sound with the family. It's only the charge for packet communications of course, so it doesn't require a telephone charge.

A group name password is decided by a group to use the group function.
When the name is the name I know by a group, even a nickname is under the name for the pet dog, too! The group function inputs these 3 and is that a tap does a participation button, and is begun. Well, and please make the GPS On! !, a positional information can inform everyone of a group that Karuizawa sightseeing application is moving in this state. You can communicate by a transmission of the character and a transmission
of sound, so it's very convenient.

Use the group function, and please enjoy Karuizawa sightseeing by all means!

Then please also spend a good weekend by safe driving this week! !

2012 /8 /3    The Karuizawa summer height
A hot day continues nationwide this week, I don't have that. Please warn everyone sufficiently for heat exhaustion. Even Karuizawa is hot without an exception. But there is Karuizawa. It's high plain, so when I rest in the shade, it's chilly by a pleasant wind.

There were a lot of thunderstorms until last week, this week was the gentle weather. When the feature of this year's thunderstorm waits rain to be settled once, a refreshing wind blows across after that, so because you were here hard just as it is, please kill time and relax by all means. This is the attraction which leaves the pother in the city and spends time different from
daily life-,-.

A store is introduced by my dogma and prejudice from today (*∀), isn't it?

The beginning is Mr. Furutsuki hall where a parfait as Asama large explosion is famous. [ [http://www.karuizawa-on.com/kogetsudo/]] details in a store find out that you see a home page-,-. The parfait is a parfait of the... volume perfection only the person who ordered can taste. Since challenging and seeing once by all means, how is it? Because the meal is also good of course,
please go by all means with lunch and dinner. Because it's a store in summer Maine, it's the store which is season now surely.

"Karuizawa sightseeing application" will be introduced from this week!

A used person might use "Karuizawa sightseeing application". It seems to seem. The better function is added and the thing evolving every day is made a motto.
(When the users who used can have be happily, it's the gate where we're simply all staff programmer favor....)

Is it said that a used person could use it as crisply as possible, Android It was made as an application.

In "It can't be changed to the most new model by tying for two years,...." and my your elder brother who grieves....
For example Karuizawa sightseeing application also moves crisply in Xperia of AndroidOS 2.1Update1. When doing cash of data available time, you're in Karuizawa, and it's useful tightly while confirming the picture. The method of representing is also as simple as possible. A used person's not bothering, it's considered. An image would like to emphasize making by hand a little,
and it's also a homemade wind, ^^;

It has become long for now, so I'll make it this this week and explain how to use next week.

Also please take care of "Karuizawa sightseeing application" of adding the functions schedule filling now. m (__) m

Then this weekend will be also by safe driving! Please spend a good weekend! !

Smart phone Android We'll hold a terminal free workshop from August 8th, next week. Please participate by all means. Please see [ [http://android.thread.ne.jp/kouza/android.html]] for more information! ! 

2012 /7 /27    Karuizawa sightseeing application and bug information.
There was a malfunction into which a picture disappears by picture cash. Please upgrade the person who uses 2.20 promptly in 2.21. After choosing "cash clearance" and putting out cash by the menu of the main screen if it was upgraded by 2.21, please redo from "initialization button" of the splash screen again. I'm truly sorry to give you trouble, but I would like to ask you to do this processing promptly. Future, please take care of Karuizawa sightseeing application. 

2012 /7 /27    Vigor in the sun etc.
The weather that seemed to be summer this week continued a hot day. At last, vigor in the sun.
Children's summer vacation starts, and vigor in Karuizawa. The coming families seem to be done the bicycle in the rental well and to be moving. It is often seen to ride on two person getting on bicycle.
In Karuizawa, two person getting on bicycle is OK.
When it gets on the bicycle built for two by all means in the case when it came to Karuizawa, it might be happy.
It knocks against the person, the car hangs to the pavement a little in the place where the temporary stop position is difficult, it stops, and pass carefully, please when it is crowded when it rides on the bicycle.
Hereafter, it is a season of Karuizawa. Please enjoy summer in Karuizawa. We will sincerely wait.
Then, traffic for the weekend increased and it came. The people and pedestrians who ride on driving the car and the bicycle also must cooperate in the traffic safety earnestly.
Then, please spend a good weekend.

We have released version 2.2 apps: Karuizawa tourism.
This is an effort to be shared by everyone of traffic information available.
~ I will be more straightforward to understand in real-time traffic information, and get along with a comment. There is also a function of the secret, yet, here is a secret. I will contact you to everyone If you have opened to the public, but please come stay tuned ^ ^

So, thank you and the future, the app Karuizawa tourism.

2012 /7 /20    It's summer..., isn't it?
The rainy season also probably seemed over in Karuizawa of this week, and a hot
day continued clearly.
Heat shuts itself up in the inside of the company, and I feel hot, oh, it was mentioned,
and thirst of the throat was benefited for roasted barley tea.
Now, there is also something special for the coolness in the morning and evening as
expected at Karuizawa it became so hot.

The vigor which is one day in case of the refreshing style of the morning, I'm charging
it. It'll be this morning quite coolly from last night, and 15.6 ℃ is being recorded....
A little bad forecast seems issued tomorrow, so maybe a weekend also becomes cool.
When it doesn't even rain, it may be sightseeing weather.
A God will go out and pay attention to heat exhaustion on a clear day, won't he?
Please don't forget a hydration.

Now, then it's said that WAKITA MUSEUM OF ART [ [http://www.wakita-museum.com/]]
has a harp concert on August 26th according to the talk this also heard in rumor
of a wind. It's said that this concert can probably ask one without reservation
only with the entry ticket, so by all means, please listen to the sound of the harp.
I think it's healed surely.

By and by, the summer holidays of looking forward to of children were drawing near
there right now.
Without the things by which parent and child's bond deepens by touching living in
the country by a parent and child and troubles, would.
Please, please deepen the family's bond at Karuizawa in summer! !

Then please also come to Karuizawa by safe driving this weekend.
I'm waiting more than a heart.

 Please spend a good weekend.
I'm truly sorry. There was a fatal bug in an edition from Karuizawa sightseeing application version 2.00 to version 2.10 by an event search. Please upgrade to version 2.11 of the latest edition. (Please upgrade the customer who could come to Karuizawa to do sightseeing by a Wifi spot around here.) I'll apologize for causing trouble to everybody using very much more than a heart. Future, please take care of Karuizawa sightseeing application. 

2012 /7 /13    which the rainy season was also getting tired by and by.
Now, it'll be quite fine and the daytime is also that washing progressed a lull in the rain in the rainy season this week. It also seems that children
could swim much at a pool at an elementary school in Karuizawa.

A customer of sightseeing came to see a weekday much finally.
It's Karuizawa of a big crowd until the summer holidays will end now.

An event is jam-packed in this July, and many events are introducing Karuizawa Tourist Association [ [http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/]] to a home
From your child, a year, ME, it'll be to be able to enjoy oneself to the way.

The Karuizawa sightseeing application of which I informed [ [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.thread.karuizawakta]] was also
released by version 2 neighborhood this week last week. Tourist attraction is linked with event information, and it becomes easier to use, so please
use it.

Well, I'm producing by these application, company and Thread Co., Ltd..
I have see [ [http://android.thread.ne.jp/kankou/karuizawa/]] how to use from here, and I should be very much obliged if you can utilize.
(If there is a thing which isn't understood by Karuizawa sightseeing application, please question from Karuizawa sightseeing application about anything
at all.) also please take care of Karuizawa sightseeing application with future.

This weekend will be a three-day weekend. There is worry of the weather, but please spend some fun time at Karuizawa.

I said a three-day weekend and the traffic volume was increasing in earnest. When coming to Karuizawa, safe driving, please.

2012 /7 /6    The good climate.
It also seems that the performance performed every year is held this year by WAKITA MUSEUM OF ART http://www.wakita-museum.com/-. A performance of a cello can be heard and.... I asked rumor of a wind. I heard that it was performed at the middle of August in sucker's look rumor. Please inquire by all means.

Without the things which become a fitting performance in the style of the high plain and troubles, would. I played Mr. Ohagi of a classic guitarist to see several years ago, too, it was good-, wasn't it? You could spend very full time. The distance with the played one feels a sense of togetherness. It was wonderful.

It'll be the month of the event variety in July. Please spend some time when you may participate in a fun event by all means. Well, it's so, Karuizawa sightseeing application probably upgrades, and it's said that it also corresponds to an event. Please utilize https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.thread.karuizawakta right or wrong and Karuizawa sightseeing Prix and enjoy event participation! !

When I even looked back to now in the rainy season, this year, the first half was rainy, and chill in the morning and evening was severe. It rains in a morning and evening, but even if there is sunlight, and the daytime clouds, a middle stage is hot and is the climate I tend to spend.

The traffic volume increases increasingly on a future weekend, and I'll come. Please come by safe driving.
I'm waiting for everybody's coming sincerely.

2012 /6 /29    Rest in the rainy season?
It was also raining to some degree this week, but there was also a lot of lull in
the rain and pleasant Karuizawa could be enjoyed fully. A morning and evening still
feels the coldness in having passed a summer solstice.

That the person who comes from a large metropolitan area in Tokyo can feel very coolly.

When coming, I think it's better to control it by a jacket.

This weekend's weather forecast may be able to see a lull in the rain much on Saturday,
but there seems to be being rain a little on Sunday. Whichever I'll take, the weather
in a mountain is variable, so preparation all ready go out, please.

Congestion will be also expected this weekend. If being here until it's sent and kidnaping,
please cross RU person by safe driving.

Then please spend a good weekend.

2012 /6 /22    This week ...
This week the weather will change violently, Karuizawa was a lot of fun.

I thought it hot week in sunny from the start, a typhoon the next day came. Although this typhoon intensified in both rain and wind, especially without any damage, the next day, the scenery showed me a more vivid in Karuizawa. Although the cloudy today, came out still occasionally break, is very pleasant.

10:37 now, so not too bad also forecast weather forecast for tomorrow also, I think probably be pleasant in Karuizawa. (You weather in the mountains, but please look at the weather forecast well.)

Decorate the rose is beautiful now in Karuizawa. There are also rose in my house, and me well in bloom every year. Smell is good with it. What a perfect score is not it healing calm to smell? It seems to hold the Lake Garden Rose Festa [[http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/archives/9641]] from this weekend, what is not fun lovers of flowers visited and see?

Well, because congestion is expected this weekend, please, please come with safe driving.

So, please spend a good weekend.

6012 /6 /15    It's a weekend.
It was really pleasant in the morning in Karuizawa of yesterday, there was chilliness a little from the evening. I think it's better to control it by a jacket as you don't destroy physical condition.

It clouds today, but the sun is a little seen and light, so don't you have the weather until early time in the afternoon?

Congestion will be also expected this weekend. When coming, please come by safe driving.

Then please spend a good weekend! !

2012 /6 /14    Clear day in May.
Today's morning was a clear day in May. (Maybe I have been a little out to cloud, but I'll overlook now! !) it was
very pleasant.

When there is such lull in the rain on a weekend, I think surely, the person who came to the sightseeing is met, too....
It doesn't work, does it?

The trees were brilliant at today's sun, and little birds were also active actively. It would be the sun of a favor
in animals and plants.

I'll request of a God saying there will be a lull in the rain this weekend somehow.

A bulletin board Karuizawa word-of-mouth communication bulletin board was also malfunctioning by the one which is
Karuizawa in this page.
I'm truly sorry to cause you trouble.

I corrected and checked the operation at present, so I should be very much obliged if you can use it casually.

Then future Please take care of Karuizawa-ON.com.

2012 /6 /11    Beginning of the rainy season

2012 /6 /8    Today is sightseeing weather.

2012 /6 /1   

2012 /5 /28   

2012 /5 /21   

2010 /06 /18    I can inquire about it by customer's words.
It's during a trial, but I can inquire about it by a language.
Please question from a green button of the upper right.

2010 /5 /23    Karuizawa half marathon
Karuizawa half marathon

May 23rd in 2010  Sunday.
2010 held Karuizawa half marathon.

Clean air and a green tree in Japanese resort and Karuizawa met a runner.
It's also opened in autumn of this year, so please participate with the person who likes to run very much.

If information enters, I'll inform you.

2010 /04 /26    The preparation of Golden Week is advanced.
There is a season of consecutive holidays of spring that is called Golden Week in 4/29-5/5 in Japan.
Karuizawa becomes warm, and is busy with the preparation now.
There are a lot of shops that begin from this GW at the season though there is a shop closing in Karuizawa in winter. The town inside is vigor.

You can enjoy the spring of Japan in Karuizawa.
it is said that there is four seasons in Japan. But it is very short in spring and autumn though in the city.
The spring of Karuizawa is a very fresh, comfortable season.
Now though the flower in Magnolia is full-bloomed
Cherry blossoms might come about to just look when making it to good.

Still, the temperature became under the freezing point last week. There might be a cold day.
You might bring the jacket to one extra piece.

As for the car, congestion is expected.
If you come from Tokyo in the expressway, the Usui Karuizawa inter might be avoided, and it gets off in Matsuida Myogi of one in this side or it be earlier to pass and to return.

When shopping ends by prince outlet, you stroll on the north side of the station and see?
The north side where a high-level villa and a fashionable shop are scattered is original Karuizawa though the outlet became famous recently. The cycling is also pleasant.

The GW inside stops though the earth making the electric wire construction of the high street around the station still continues. Temporary is paved and it is easy to pass.

2010 /3 /9    The heavy snow which is most this year fell.
I think of snow as about 40 cm.
70 cm of heavy snow came down to a night in 2004.
Since that, there were no heavy snows.

This snow is the heavy snow which became moist.
The snow wasn't also so cold weather, and changed to rain in dawn.
After that the weather was clearing up.
Though snow melted hard, gloomy every day continues for a while again by this snow.

2010 /3 /2    Today is thick fog.
A warm day continued for 3 days at the end of February.
Since doing this time beyond 10 ℃, the temperature is very rare.
Almost all snow in the town melted.
But it snowed a little again in 2/28, and snow was 1-2cm.

Today is thick fog.
In spring, in Karuizawa there are a lot of days of fog.
It's fantastic in the appearance and very beautiful, but when a car drives, attention is needed.

2010 /2 /19    Introduction in the thankful store which is also open in winter, vol2
When it's introduced, it may be warned "Fress gasse is the set menu restaurant."
It's also the set menu restaurant, but a main occupation is a store of homemade sausage and ham.
The restaurant in Karuizawa is generally expensive but inexpensive here.
The miso soup is also different in material every day by the same menu.

There are several stores famous for sausage, ham and bacon in Karuizawa.
A delicatessen, Fress gasse, a sausage shop and Shinshu Ham, it's old by order.
Fress gasse is also a store popular with the people who know Karuizawa well at the inside.
A flashiness popular with so-called tourists isn't a store.
The store which is supported by a local person or the people staying at a villa.
It has passed for nearly 30 years since the business was started.
Of a mascot girl, prettily, an impatient aunt is still activity.
Grandchild's mascot kid will meet everyone at the seat in front of the television, too.

The location of the store is the side in Oga hole along R18.
It's open until around 19 o'clock in the evening.

2010 /2 /14   
The couple chosen by solicitation held an opening to the public wedding
ceremony at winter Yagasaki park.
Please see two people who seem happy.
Karuizawa is putting the emphasis on Wedding business, and is famous.

A town mayor and Karuizawa Tourist Association chairperson worked for an observer.
It's Mayor its Sato to come out in the right.

The wedding at the beautiful natural inside is fashionable.
The wedding at Karuizawa is also useful for the different purpose.
1. It's possible to reduce relative's noisy attendance.
2. It's possible to show off.
There is a person who holds a ceremony at Hawaii at a destination similar
to Japanese, too, isn't there?
It's roughly divided into 3 styles for a Japanese wedding.
The Shinto way, a Buddhist way and the wedding performed at a church.
There are many nice churches in Karuizawa, and the christianity system
wedding looks good of course.

2010 /2 /13    Introduction in the store in KyuKaruizawa which is also open in winter.
"Marukan dining room" is a domestic dining room.
The ordinary meal Japanese is usually eating is had.
The price is low at Karuizawa.
A daily set menu set is recommended.
A kitten of Bengal cat will meet now.

2010 /2 /12    Canadian Whistler where Winter Olympics is performed is Karuizawa and a sister city.
By the way, the present road condition in Karuizawa is quite terrible.
Chill entered after rain several days ago.
After that it's the cause for which road condition is bad that it keeps snowing. 

2010 /2 /8    I was collecting data on a prince ski area.
Please see Activities

Prince's staff corresponded kindly. 
The 1st is the unlucky weather.  I took a picture of a ski area on the 2nd. 
A picture from the top handed a camera to a person of a kind male skier and had him be taking a picture. 

2010 /2 /7    I went to winter Shiraito Falls.
I went to winter Shiraito Falls.
It was beautiful.
This day was about 5 ℃ of-even in the daytime in an ice day, but it's groundwater,
so the temperature is also here 11 ℃, and water from this waterfall doesn't
The way of the way and Shiraito Highlandway were clearing the snow from the
road, but it seems slippery and I'm afraid.
It's winter, so it can be used without waiting for a parking lot.
Still than it was expected, it was crowded, and there were a lot of people
who have come by bus, too.

2010 /2 /1    It's snowing.
KumobaIkeAfter a long time, it's snowing. 
It's about 5 cm in seven o'clock in the afternoon of present.  It's still vigorous, so they seem to do more snow. 
It seems to keep snowing until dawn by a weather forecast. 
Please be careful about driving on the road. 
A studless snow tire is indispensable to come to Karuizawa from Tokyo. 

2010 /1 /20    Karuizawa is about about 12 ℃ today.
Karuizawa is about about 12 ℃ today. Karuizawa is about about 12 ℃ today.  Snow was also melting one after another.
There is no snow on a highway.  But you can't be careless.
When the temperature falls once again, the water which melted would freeze again.

2010 /1 /18    The lowest temperature of Karuizawa was -15 ℃ in a morning 1/16.
The coldness which is most this year was recorded.
I think that it's warm this week by a forecast. 
Still the coldness vs., please work out and go out. 

2010 /1 /12    A road is slippery.
A road is slippery more than an ordinary year this year. 
The car which can't be slippery and move any more and the car which falls in a side ditch seem to occur frequently. 
A trunk line is also clearing the snow from the road with that, but when I enter a branch line a little, snow is still left, and a road freezes.
Please come by a studless snow tire. 

2010 /1 /12    English Karuizawa site opening
Information on Karuizawa will be sent now.
It's machine translation, but an effort is made so that information may be transmitted as well as possible.

2010 /1 /9    The cold wave comes.
Karuizawa seems to become cold at the end of this week.

2010 /1 /1    A Happy New Year!
The cold wave seems to come to Karuizawa of the new year.
Please come by warm clothes and take care about driving the car.

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