From the end of every year November, at the end of January of next year.   Karuizawa winter festival

At the outside town hold illuminations at winter night in Karuizawa at each place, and where it are an event at Christmas and a curling meeting, various events.

From the end of every year April, at the middle of June.   Karuizawa WAKABA festival

The event which holds a meeting of cross-country, a gate ball meeting in Karuizawa and observation of a wild bird, and is colorful.

At the middle of July.   Nagakura fireworks display

Fireworks event at the beginning of Nagano-ken.  It's closed at Yukawa River near the Nagakura shrine enshrined in NakaKaruizawa.  Yukawa takes Niagara, too.  A guy can give a ball number 4 number 3.  A street stall is about 10.

At the beginning ofevery year October-at the beginning of November.   Karuizawa Festival of colored leaves

It's a lot in special treatment HA of a hike, a tennis meeting, a mushroom picking event and a discount in an art museum.  "More refreshing events in Karuizawa" are also put into effect.

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