Painting can be enjoyed quietly and comfortablyWonderful works by Oil painter, Kazu Wakita,
A concert is also held in August and Karuizawa residents are looking forward to it too.

There is a café located inside.  It's also recommended to couples.

Close in Winter.


Saison Museum of Contemporary Art

The modern art museum is located in the woods.  Kikutake Kiyonori designed it.
There are also fascinating collections from both domestic and abroad. It is worth a visit.
It's an art museum where it can be enjoyed by all ages.

For those who do not usually visit an art museum should give this a try.


PEYNET museum  (Automatic translation)

Full of paintings by French artist, Raymond Peynet. Most people patronized at least once.

Building was architected by Antonin Raymond.
It was built in summer 1933 and was named, "Karuizawa, the summer house".  It is also a cultural heritage in Karuizawa.

Peynet’s paintings are full of feelings.  They are not only pretty but also paintings of sadness and despair. It is a must see.

It's an art museum where it can be enjoyed by all ages.


Tazaki Museum  (Automatic translation)

Works by artist of Western painting, Kousuke Tazaki are exhibited in a modern building.
Mt. Asama and Mt. Fuji were drawn.  Feelings of the painter who love mountains was shown in his paintings.

The clouded building form of Kyoto station, which was characteristic designed was a work by Hiroshi Hara.

It is also a recommended place for couples.
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