Karuizawa travel plan
Karuizawa regular sightseeing bus  Asama Heights  Refreshing course (movement schedule  April-November).

You can go around Karuizawa casually by motor coach.  Foreigners can use this tour, too.
The guide uses Japanese only.

Track 2 of Karuizawa station north entrance, 10:00 shots->  NakaKaruizawa->  Restrant Minenochaya->  KitaKaruizawa (KitaKaruizawa home house)->  Kamabaru Kannon->  Asama volcano museum and Onioshidashien (I have lunch freely.)->  Shiraito Falls->  Karuizawa
cultural heritage  Former Mikasa Hotel-> 
KyuKaruizawa->  Karuizawa north entrance 15:30 arrival (2009 year tour  It moves in April-in November.)

The blue character: Getting off tour

2009 charges for an adult of 4000 yen    A child’s fee is 3000 yen (Meal expenses are not included.)

Cancellation fee before 7 day is free.
                     A day before departure : 10 %
                          Departure day : 50 %
                          No refund after departure.

Kusakaru traffic(Automatic translationReservation system.

Reservation method: Telephone  0267-42-2786 (Japanese) 
                              e-mail         bus@kkk.co.jp (Japanese).

Railroad ticket store: Kusakaru Terminal desk

Traveling route for 2010, services and charges are announced in Spring 2010.


Sightseeing sedan Taxi (4-5 passengers) and wagon taxi (Max 9.)

This taxi sightseeing is suitable for those who like to go sightseeing freely.
The driver familiar with the area and therefore could avoid a heavy traffic jams. 

They could also introduce places with beautiful landscapes in every season.

1 hour: 6850 yen per sedan taxi.  After that, 30 minutes for 3350 yen (For reference)

1 hour: 9750 yen per wagon taxi.  After that, 30 minutes for 4800 yen (For reference).

Matsuba motor vehicle traffic corporation Japanese guidebook (Automatic translation)
Karuizawa sightseeing taxi limited company   Japanese guidebook. (Automatic translation)

Model course

The tour of Asama Heights (3 hours) 
        sedan taxi: 20250 yen  wagon taxi: 28950 yen (the reference charge)

From Karuizawa ->  KyuKaruizawa->  Mikasa vacation home area->  Kose hot spring->  Shiraito Falls->  Restrant Minenochaya->  Onioshidashi garden->  Mansanbou->  Karuizawa arrival

        Onioshidashi highway (toll road: Extra charge)  You can see wonderful Mt. Asama from there.

The tour of circle high plain of high peak hot water (4 hours and 30 minutes) 
        A taxi of 30300 yen  A large taxi of 43350 yen (the reference charge)

From Karuizawa ->  High peak and circle high plain of hot water (enjoyment of an alpine plant)->  Karuizawa arrival

        You can go to high plain of altitude 2,000m easily by car.  The scenery is wonderful.
        June in particular, lots of Japanese azalea bloom in the plain. And July-August, you can enjoy the full bloom of wild flowers in the highlands.
Besides that, we also have other various courses.  (charge change accordingly)
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